1 Page Profits Review: A Fraud System Or Not?

Today, we’re going to take a look at 1 Page Profits. What it does, and is it worth the investment. All will be talked about in this 1 Page Profits review.

“Making money online” is one of the more trending terms of today. And it’s for a good reason.

As the COVID-19 pandemic goes on, several people are doing their best to help themselves cope up with this extremely stressful situation. Especially when several establishments are closing down, leading to rampant unemployment.

It is for this very reason that several people are seeking alternative methods to earn income and make a living. Thankfully, several opportunities exist online.

Thus, with the right opportunity, one doesn’t need to leave the comforts of their home to make money. And it’s very important, especially in our current pandemic situation.

1 Page Profits is a software system that claims it can give another opportunity for you to make money online. It promises to give “multiple income streams from 5 top converting, done-for-you profit pages” on “full autopilot.”

And it promises income results even if the user is a complete newcomer in affiliate marketing, with no technical skill.

This all sounds fantastic, but are the claims legitimate? Is 1 Page Profit the answer to your online income needs?

Stay tuned to this 1 Page Profits review, before you make a decision on purchasing this.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent 1 Page Profits review. I’m not affiliated with ParaMountZ, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is 1 Page Profits?

1 Page Profits is an income software system that claims to be “a breakthrough for automated $300+ commissions from free traffic”. It promises to achieve this by allowing you to create 5 done-for-you sales web pages pre-loaded with decent-paying offers from different marketing networks.

Then, it claims it only needs a “one-touch button” press to drive sure-buyer traffic to your sales web pages. This, in theory, will then net you a healthy amount of commissions.

Finally, 1 Page Profits claims that it’s beginner-friendly. So even those with no technical or affiliate marketing knowledge are able to earn from this system.

Who Created 1 Page Profits?

The creator of 1 Page Profits is Brendan Mace.

Brendan Mace

He’s a well-known digital marketer and online entrepreneur who has made similar sales products in the past. Among those products are: The Spyder System, and Loophole 2 Profits.

You can check out more of him via his official websites.

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1 Page Profits Review: Product Details

Note that most of the information presented here comes from the official sales page of 1 Page Profits.

Main Features of 1 Page Profits

  • Five Powerful Profit Pages For Multiple Income Streams – These stunning single-page money sites are built to maximize conversions. Industry-leading designers, copywriters, and sales experts joined forces to create the ultimate “trigger page” that turns your free traffic into profits. Set & forget simple, these fully automated pages work for you 24/7.
  • Top-Converting, High Paying Offers – Make More & Make It Faster – Forget settling for pocket change, these products pay you $500 to $1000 per sale. All five were hand-selected for their proven track record of sky-high conversions. And they’re evergreen, meaning customers keep buying & commissions keep rolling in.
  • 100% Free Traffic On Tap. No More Ads or Expensive Specialists – This is the “missing” link in so many programs, but it’s a key ingredient for success. With 1 Page Profits, you can get 100% free traffic that works like magic for these affiliate offers.
  • Premium Hosting Included. For Zero Monthly Overhead Costs – Sure, this will save you $1000s each year. But it’ll ALSO save you the time & stress of setting up your own hosting. You can have your campaigns live and ready to make cash within minutes of logging in.
  • Step By Step Training. Be Up & Running In Minutes – 1 Page Profits is so easy to use, most beta testers didn’t even watch our training. But your success is what matters, so we’re walking you through the setup and sharing tips to maximize your results.

What’s Inside 1 Page Profits?

Upon logging in your credentials at 1 Page Profits, you’ll be presented with this dashboard.

1 Page Profits Review - Dashboard

You’ll be presented with a number of options. However, only the first two (Campaigns, Instant Traffic) are available for use instantly. For the rest of the options, you have to purchase additional upgrades to unlock them (more on that later).

For now, let’s go to the “Campaigns” option.

1 Page Profits - Campaigns

The “Campaigns” option is where you manage your marketing campaigns. Here, you can create a new campaign for your website, or you can manage existing campaigns.

To create a new campaign, you just click on “Create New” and it’ll bring you to the “New Campaigns” page.

New Campaign

Here, you are presented with several offers for your campaign. There are 5 in total, and a 6th one only available through an upgrade.

Once you have created your marketing campaign and customized your website, it should now look like this:


Once you created your affiliate marketing campaign, you can now go to “Instant Traffic”.

1 Page Profits Review - Instant Traffic

Here, you can share your links across several social networks of your choice. This is the source of your traffic.

1 Page Profits Sales Funnel/One Time Offers

While 1 Page Profits is a usable app by itself, you have a choice to upgrade your subscription by purchasing any of the upsells presented:

  • Frontend: 1 Page Profits ($12.95) –  Our software allows you to publish done for you affiliate presell pages for top clickbank products and generate free traffic.
    NOTE: This is the frontend app. You’ll need to purchase this first before availing of any of the upgrades below.
  • 1st OTO: Platinum Edition ($37) – The “Platinum Edition” of the software remove all the restrictions. Not much is known about what’s inside the Platinum Edition so far.
  • 2nd OTO: Done-For-You Funnels ($197) – Done-For-You High Ticket Commissions + “$1k System” Webinar connected to your ‘1 Page Profit’ pages.
    NOTE: This probably unlocks the sixth campaign shown in the “New Campaigns” option.
  • 3rd OTO: Recurring Software ($67) – Based on the description, it can be assumed that this is the automation upgrade.
  • 4th OTO: Unlimited Traffic ($197) – This unlocks the “Unlimited Traffic” option on the dashboard.
  • 5th OTO: License Rights ($167) – Unlocks the “License Rights” option on the dashboard, allowing you to sell 1 Page Profits as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.

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Should I Get 1 Page Profits?

It would seem that 1 Page Profits is a useful software system for making money online.

But one should still be careful when buying products like this. And as much as possible, read some independent articles about this software, like this 1 Page Profits review.

That being said, here some of the things that I like and don’t like about this software system.


The software works as intended. It’s a beginner-friendly page builder, and it shows.

The marketing campaigns offered by this system are completely legit and potentially high-selling as well. Assuming a visitor buys one, of course.


There are just too many flaws in this income system that’s worth mentioning.

  • The promises on the sales pages are very misleading. $12.95 dollars for an income-generating app is cheap. But it doesn’t really offer everything that’s said on the sales page.
  • The frontend app ONLY gives you the basics of the basics needed to create something on this app. All of the promised claims on the software, like the unlimited traffic and the so-called “high paying” offers, are only available through upsells.
  • Due to this, the ENTIRE software system is more expensive than intended. And most of the upsells actually provide no value.
  • While the software system provides free hosting and domains for your website, there’s a chance that the vendor may stop supporting this product anytime. If this happens, your funnel and website will be gone for good, and all the traffic you built with it.
    Top Review Domain
  • It’s a strong possibility because these income systems are fleeting and quite unstable. Once the money stops flowing into these products, most of them are immediately dropped.
  • This income system uses ClickBank offers. To be fairly honest, it’s actually much easier, reliable, and even cheaper to do these yourself by being a ClickBank affiliate on your own.
  • The traffic and backlinks generated by this software come from EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE sources.
  • Most of the offers that are DFY here come from random niches. This means you’ll be having plenty of trouble marketing them if you use those offers.

Finally, the author of this system, Brendan Mace, has also been labeled as a scammer by many reviewers. Here’s a video, for example.


1 Page Profits: Final Verdict

So, is 1 Page Profits a scam? Not really.

At the very least, the product works. You still get a website builder to contend with.

But is it worth buying this software system? Not at all.

As with other income systems like Profit Product Creator and Passive Profit Funnels (both of which Brendan Mace himself also promoted), the system is just full of empty promises. You really can’t make a huge amount of commissions using this software. In fact, due to its highly overpriced nature, you’ll end up losing a lot more money than you should.

What’s important in an income system is value. It should give value to the users who are willing to try it in the hopes of them making money online. For this reason, if you want to learn how to earn income online, it’s better to join in a system that ACTUALLY empowers you and teaches you the ropes on how to do it.

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