10 Best Amazon FBA Courses – Expert Opinion!

Today, we will be looking at the 10 Best Amazon FBA Courses. For this article, I will be breaking down the 10 best Amazon FBA courses I have reviewed. Specifically, I will be basing the ranks the quality of the course, the price, and finally, whether it can help you become successful or not.

I have spent a some time looking into the Amazon FBA business model, and even though it is not the most profitable one out there, you can still make some good money in here. Of course, competition is fierce, as to be expected.

The main reason why these courses exist is so that people like you can be guided better. After all, the main reason why most people fail with their Amazon FBA business is because they do not know what they’re doing.

Because of the tough competition in Amazon as well as its ever-changing policies, you would have to think twice whether or not you want to start your business there. There are a lot of cases where seller accounts get banned just like that, but trust me, even if you think you have went by all the rules, it is still a possibility.

Other than that, there is quite a low income potential in Amazon. Actually, most sellers only report like 10% profit margin from their sales. And those sellers have been in the platform for quite a while. Imagine how much a newbie seller could possibly make.

Having explored a lot of money-making methods in the past, I have discovered the best method that works for me. This is why I recommend what I do to people, but of course, it is still their choice. The profit margins are higher than being an Amazon seller, too.

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I started my online business journey back in November 2017, with lots of zeal and motivation. Simply put, the journey wasn't easy. As I was put into a very bad situation several times.

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Should You Enroll in an Amazon FBA Course?

FBA works

I think this is one of the main reasons that brought you to this 10 Best Amazon FBA Courses article today. You are wondering whether you need to enroll in a course before you start an Amazon FBA business.

Well, to be honest, there is no correct answer to that question. It is all a matter of preference at this point.

If you are 100% sure of starting an Amazon FBA business, then I think it fits your best interests to enroll in one. After all, it helps to know the basics, as well as a more in-depth knowledge of the business model. You also need to be more knowledgeable about how Amazon works, as you will be operating under their rules and policies.

However, if you are on the fence regarding the business model, then I think you should do further research before diving in. In fact, if you want to learn the basics, then I suggest looking for online resources instead.

In fact, I can confidently state that most content in Amazon FBA courses are available online, if you are patient enough to look. The only unique things that these courses offer are training with a coach, as well as weekly/monthly calls and livestreams where you can talk with the course creators.

Like I said before, Amazon FBA is a pretty complicated business model. Not only would you need to know the basics, but also how you can operate a business which is hosted by a company with strict policies and tough competition.

So, is it worth it getting your knowledge from a course? Yes and no. It depends on your needs and preference. Choose whichever option you think will benefit you more.

And without further ado…

10 Best Amazon FBA Courses

1. Blue Sky Amazon

Blue Sky Amazon Course Review intro

Founder: Sophie Howard

Course Quality: 5/5

Price: $3k+


What makes Blue Sky Amazon a good course is that it teaches you something unique. Sophie is all about curating a selection of good products that could sell well, and scaling your business in the long run by staying profitable.

I love how this course does not only show you how to make money as an Amazon seller, but also give you a glimpse of what the future awaits. You will be learning how to look for people who can work for you as virtual assistants, as well as how you can set up sales funnels in order to drive customers to your store.

Most courses encourage the dropshipping business model, and to be honest, that isn’t really that profitable. On the other hand, Sophie encourages sellers to be creative and think out of the box regarding the source of their products. Her course has a module dedicated to it about obscure product sources that not many people bother looking at.


  • You can create a brand that is sure to last if you put the strategies to good use.
  • The course is quite extensive, jam-packed with knowledge that will not only be applicable to Amazon but to other eCommerce ventures.
  • You will be introduced to product sources that are not usually paid attention to by other sellers.


  • The course is quite expensive, and not everyone has that much money lying around.
  • It is not designed for beginners with no experience in sales.

2. Seller Pro Academy

Seller Pro Academy overview

Founder: Jonny Bradley

Course Quality: 5/5

Price: $1,200


Jonny’s course is a pretty comprehensive take on the Amazon FBA business model. It is a step-by-step guide that will hold your hand all throughout the entire process. You will get guidance with every step of the way, from building your Amazon store to scaling your business.

The lessons you will be getting include having the proper mindset of a business owner, product research and sourcing, and making effective use of ad campaigns. Fairly standard, yes, but like I said, this is an extensive course.

Each module focuses on a different aspect of the business, and with 19 modules included, it covers almost everything you need to know. It is designed to go through the most basic of topics to the technical aspects.

If you are looking for a course that will show you how to make it big in the game, then maybe you should consider this one.


  • The course is quite extensive, and covers a lot of processes involved with selling on Amazon.
  • You will be learning how to scale your business, as well as how you can keep track of your finances.


  • The course requires a pretty hefty investment.
  • It is not designed for beginners, as even though the introductory module is about the basics, it can be quite technical for someone with no experience.

3. FBA Masterclass

FBA Masterclass intro

Founder: Tom Wang

Course Quality: 5/5

Price: $6,997 CAD


Tom provides you with training not only on the processes involved with Amazon FBA, but also with the tools you will be using. It focuses on generating traffic to your store with the use of PPC (pay-per-click) methods.

You will also be learning how to improve your store’s rating by providing quality customer service, as well as how to keep track of your earnings and expenses through bookkeeping.

There are 13 modules in total for this course, and to be honest, each module is pretty extensive and useful. You get some lessons that other Amazon FBA courses do not offer, such as how to resolve problems with the help of Amazon support center, as well as how you can get good reviews.

The only drawback? The course is quite expensive, and it is not really the best one you can find in this list.


  • This course has over 300 lessons in store for you. This is what makes it quite comprehensive, as other courses do not provide extensive focus on the topics they are teaching.
  • Tom is a successful Amazon seller, and he cares deeply for his students. You can leave feedback on his lessons, and he uses that to improve and update the course.


  • The course may be extensive, but it is also quite expensive. I think that is what turns off people the most from enrolling in this course.

4. The Rainmaker Challenge

The Rainmaker Challenge intro

Founder: Stephen and Chelsey Diaz

Course Quality: 3.5/5

Price: $47


Stephen and Chelsey, who are famously known as The Rainmaker Family, have an Amazon store as one of their income streams. As they are already quite well-known before then, their Amazon store has gained a lot of traffic, making them fairly successful with that venture. That is what made them decide to design a course.

The course aims to teach people how to run a successful Amazon store using their strategies. To be honest though, I think they are a couple who has gained confidence in their business not because of their so-called strategies, but because they already have an established brand before venturing in it.

Anyway, the course is designed to be completed in 7 days, but you need not be pressured in doing that. You can revisit it as often as you like. Also, it is quite cheap. $47 is an amount that would not really hurt most people, especially if they have the capital to run a business of this scale.

The drawback though is that the course is not as extensive as the previous ones on this list. There are also some upsells hidden along the way.


  • For $47, you get access to the entire course. Sounds promising.
  • You get some pretty valuable knowledge from the course, even though some of the content can be found elsewhere for free.


  • There are no unique strategies included in the course, meaning that it might not be the one that could lead you to success.
  • It has a lot of hidden upsells.

5. Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes intro

Founder: Robert Rickey, Stephen Sommers

Course Quality: 4.5/5

Price: $997


Marketplace Superheroes is not only a course. It also includes tools which you can use to take your business to greater heights. Robert has actually developed a software which can help you find in-demand products easily. No more need to spend many hours just looking for products to list on your store.

The main focus of Marketplace Superheroes is on selling the best products and getting them shipped to the customers as quickly as possible. To be honest, this has been one of the concerns when it comes to online shopping – some stores take too long to process and ship orders.

This course aims to teach sellers how to be more responsible when it comes to giving customers the best products and service. This is what makes them unique, as they are focused on what really matters.


  • The course is focus on acquiring and delivering the best products for customers. It aims to provide satisfaction to the people who matter.
  • The tools included will definitely make your work a lot easier.


  • The course is quite pricy for newbie Amazon sellers.
  • As the course is focused on products and logistics, it lacks in depth when it comes to other aspects.

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6. The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula intro

Founder: Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

Course Quality: 4/5

Price: $2,497


The Wholesale Formula is composed of 90 videos which are all about helping you understand how the business model works. With that much material, it makes the course a pretty extensive training program.

Dan and Dylan started their Amazon business in 2011. It took them quite a while to get used to it, and they successfully found some easy-to-learn methods which helped them make money on Amazon. They seemed to be doing quite well, and want to share that success with others.

Along with the course, you also get access to the a private Facebook group, as well as to an introductory course which will teach you how to train your virtual assistants.


  • The course is pretty decent, and will cover a lot of topics that you need to know about, such as sourcing products and growing your business.
  • Dan and Dylan are credible and qualified to teach a course like this one.


  • The price you need to pay for this course is quite expensive, but the material included do not seem to be worth that much.

7. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine intro

Founder: Rich Henderson, Mike McClary

Course Quality: 3.5/5

Price: $5k


This course offers you necessary knowledge in terms of what you need to learn regarding product research, finding the best supplier to work with, and driving traffic to your store. The training it provides is quite comprehensive, as it covers all bases.

Other than that, Rich and Mike are also quite qualified with teaching a course like this one. Rich has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, and is also an expert on SEO and affiliate marketing. Mike, on the other hand, works full-time on his business as an online marketer.

The course is composed of 9 modules, with each one focusing on a topic that is relevant to the Amazon FBA business. I noticed that it is quite focused on product research and logistics, which is fair, considering that those are two most important aspects of the business.

However, it seems like it the course materials are not really that comprehensive, and could be quite shallow.


  • You get training on the product research and logistics, which are the two most important aspects of the business.
  • Rich and Mike are both credible and very capable of providing you with a good quality training.


  • The course is quite overpriced and does not offer extensive training.

8. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course logo

Founder: Jim Cockrum

Course Quality: 3.5/5

Price: $29/month, $499 for lifetime access


Jim has been in the industry since 2000. He has been helping people grow their business, and I think he could be considered one of the pioneers of eCommerce. He has been working from home in 2002, and I am pretty sure that he has seen his fair share of businesses come and go.

Jim has the lifestyle that most of us have been dreaming about – working wherever and whenever he wants, and is enjoying financial freedom. That makes him more than qualified to teach a course that will share his techniques to his students.

Jim has appeared in a lot of publications through the years. His extensive knowledge on eCommerce and accounting seems to be his main tools. Also, his course does not really focus on Amazon alone, as you will also be learning about eCommerce in general, as well as some useful accounting skills.


  • The course is pretty comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics regarding Amazon FBA.
  • Jim has a lot of experience of this niche, and is dedicated to helping you succeed.


  • There is no technical support. This means that if you run into a problem, you cannot contact anyone to assist you.

9. Just One Dime

Just One Dime intro

Founder: Seth Kniep

Course Quality: 3/5

Price: $997 (basic), $3,997 (premium)


Seth claims that he found success on Amazon pretty easily, and that the main reason why he started selling there is because he does not want to work for someone else. It seems like he has left his job and has decided to do this full-time, and so far, he is loving it.

He also works as a personal coach, and he decided to create the course to introduce people to the methods he used in order to be successful. You will be learning product research, as well as marketing and advertising in order to get your store’s name out there.

Just One Dime also offers a DFY (done-for-you) service, where you entrust your Amazon store to them and they run it for you. All you need to do is pay them for the service and finance the store.

The main drawback of this course for me is that it is quite shallow, and that it might not be enough to teach you what you need to know.


  • You will get an understanding of how Amazon FBA works, as well as how to choose which products to list on your store.


  • I don’t think that course will teach you extensive knowledge. It is focused only on the basics.
  • The DFY service is encouraged, which defeats the whole purpose of the course.

10. AMZ Formula

AMZ Formula

Founder: Joshua Crisp

Course Quality: 3.5/5

Price: $997


This course is composed of 8 modules. Just like the other courses in this list, you will be learning all about product research, navigating the Amazon Seller Center, advertising, and growing your brand.

I think the course will be able to walk you through the basics, and is beginner-friendly. However, it doesn’t seem like you will be learning some unique strategies which will make you the profit you have been dreaming of.

Surprisingly, Joshua’s course is one of the cheapest in this list. I mean, $997 is still a lot of money.

A major drawback of this course though is that the refund policy is quite shady. It turns out that you will not be eligible for a refund for purchasing it on a discounted price.


  • The course is beginner-friendly, and can be finished in 8 hours.
  • You will be learning all the basics of the Amazon FBA business model.


  • Despite being focused only on the basics, the course is quite overpriced.
  • The refund policy is ridiculous.

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Which Course Should You Pick?

To be honest, most of these courses teach the same thing. Also, it seems like most of them are at a price point which is not affordable for the average joe.

In this part of the 10 Best Amazon FBA Courses article, I will be stating some guidelines which you should consider when it comes to picking a course to enroll in.

With all these courses focusing on the same things, how do you choose the best one that will give you your money’s worth?

Here are that things that you should be looking for.

Creator’s Reputation

First and foremost, you should find out if the creator of the course is legit. Make sure that you are not being scammed out of your hard-earned money. Learn to look for the signs of a scam, and be extremely vigilant.

Good courses always cost a lot of money. In fact, if something is very cheap, you should not expect quality from it. However, there are some courses that cost cheap, but offer quality material. That is a rare occurrence though.

Pricy courses, on the other hand, can be scams. I am not saying most of them are, but I have encountered a lot of them in the past. They charge exorbitant amounts for a course that has very shallow content, and information copied straight from the internet.

This is why it is important to look at the reputation of the one selling the course to you. Do they have a record of scamming in the past? What can you find about them on the internet?

Learn to be cautious. It helps, honestly.

Comprehensive Materials

Like I previously said, there are a lot of courses about Amazon FBA that only teach the basics. Sure, you can opt for them, but you shouldn’t expect that much. In fact, if you are trying to save money, then you can learn from free online sources instead.

A basics course is only designed for beginners, and will not teach you important things such as strategies in order to get ahead of the competition. This is why you shouldn’t shell out thousands of dollars for courses like those.

Look for a course that will be giving you a step-by-step guidance towards every process you will encounter. Also, look for materials that will not only inform, but give you what you need to apply to get your business to grow.

Support System

It helps to have a good support system behind you every step of the way. After all, it could be scary to start a business. You will be facing a lot of rejection, and you might think about quitting every now and then.

This is why there has to be a support system designed to help you alleviate your fears and answer your questions. It could come in the form of a group forum, or a coach that will give you some advice.

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