10 Minute Millionaire Scam Or Legit?D.R Barton Jr. Review


Looking for a review on 10 minute millionaire insider by D.R Barton Jr?

Sit tight in this review we are going to talk about whether it is scam or legit.

I came to this after some regular readers of beastepreneur requested me to do review on it.

I spent almost a day to reach my final verdict about 10 minute millionaire.

10 minute millionaire is a newsletter.I am recently reviewing many newsletters just like 10 minute millionaire,they were a fast fortune club,Ted Bauman newsletter,freedom checks and american superpower checks.

They all look to be pretty similar.

So,what’s different in 10 minute millionaire?

To find this out I went to their website and gave my email.

After this I am getting emails daily of these guys and they always trying to sell me something.

Without wasting time,let’s go in detail of the owner D.R Barton Jr.

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10 Minute Millionaire Review

Before talking about whether a 10 minute millionaire is scam or legit,I want to go in depth of this review.

So,I can make all things clear for you.

This is the newsletter I came across in the money map press.

In 10 minute millionaire,owner claims that you will learn trading, different aspect of trading which will make you a lot of money.

The best thing about this is that you only need 10 minute to set this business.

The owner says that he is going to tell you the secrets to make big dollars online.

In 10 minute millionaire,you are going to learn the very rare secrets nobody knows in this online industry.

Yes,there is also very quality stuff in this newsletter,which we will talk about later in this review.

D.R Barton did a really great job in giving quality in exchange for money.But will it work for you?

Who is the owner of this program?What you are going to get in return for money?

While marketing this the owner says that everything is done for you in the back end.

Yes I like these kind of investments,because as a marketer I know how these systems can help you.

Usually it gives me relaxation and 25% less work,when all is done for you.

Just like this,in 10 minute millionaire you are going to get a series of trading,all you have to do is spend 10 minutes a day to earn big dollars.

I am in the online industry for more than three years and my personal experience is that there is nothing on the entire net that is going to make you rich quickly.

In Fact overnight success is just a myth.

How 10 Minute Millionaire Works?


In 10 minute millionaire you are going to learn trading.

As I reviewed a lot of trading programs and courses,one thing I found to be similar.

And that one thing common in all of these courses is RISK!

One thing people have to understand is that trading has high risks.

But in 10 minute millionaire you are going to get an education from the experienced D.R Barton Jr.

He got very good experience in trading,and consider to be very successful in this niche.

The owner is going to teach you what are the mistakes he made while trading during these years.

How you have to trade,Some great tips and tricks from the owner.

Being said that trading has some high risks,D.R Barton managed this series simply to follow for you guys.

Will It Work For Newbies too?

This is a very good question by you.

As I said that the owner got some really good experience,but there are lots of errors in this newsletter.

But the strategies that D.R Barton showed here is very simple to follow.

Owner got experience in this field.But there are lots of cons according to me in this newsletter.

This newsletter got some really good techniques of trading.Trading is not as simple thing as some people think.

So,D.R Barton Jr. designed this program for newbies too.

Even if you are totally new to investing in games and have zero experience,this newsletter seems to be very simple to follow.

I have read all the reviews on google at this time and all of those are negative.I think it is not right to bash products like these.

YES,you can tell your opinion,but just for promoting your product,it is not correct.

I am going to tell you why they are taking negative things about 10 minute millionaire.

10 Minute Millionaire Scam?


So,the question that is in your mind is whether a 10 minute millionaire is a scam or not?

I am going to talk about why there are a lot of negative reviews on the internet.

There are few reasons behind it.

Three of the main reasons in it are these…

First is that trading has high risks.The program while marketing completely forgot this to mention.

Other than this they are saying it is too easy to make huge dollars with them.

Second thing as I mentioned above is that they are saying you just need 10 minutes a week to make a life changing income.

This claim is a straight lie.As this is lame thing and I don’t appreciate these kinds of marketing.

I reviewed a similar newsletter called 22 minutes to millionaire.They named this because of marketing tactics.Because almost 99% of the time people want to get rich quickly.

It is not going to happen.It did not happen for me.

It did not happened for anybody else,so it is obvious that you’re not going to get rich overnight.

Third and the last concern is that 10 minute millionaire is not up to date.

Also D.R Barton Jr. has not any kind of previous experience,which he claims he has.

These are the things that one should consider before investing in something.

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Inside 10 Minute Millionaire And It?s Cost?

So,how does this newsletter or we can say course cost you?

Well this product is marketed heavily and each video shows that this is for $299 a year.But if you are very new to D.R Barton Jr. he has got something really special for you.

If you want to join a 10 minute millionaire as a newbie it will cost you $79 per year for the first year.

After the first year the price will be the same.

Which is $299 per year.

This means that newbies will get a whopping discount of %75.Good deal right?

However it has some upsells too.

Means that if you want to buy some other tools too,which in my opinion are necessary to get success.It will cost you $590.

And if you want to get inside in it for two years,it will cost you $129 for the next two years.

And after this the price it will be normal again,which is $129/year.

So,let’s go inside.What you are getting in exchange of this price?

1 – Series of 5 videos on digital bootcamp

2 – Mobile alert systems

3 – Weekly check in sesion

4 – Pro cheat sheet

5 – Pro personal income ledger

6 – Access to their website

There are lots of other stuff which in my opinion is good enough in return of money.

As I said that D.R Barton Jr. did a good job in keeping the quality of this system.

My Final Verdict

SO,do I recommend it or not?Well I found lots of lies that the owner made during marketing.Like the name 10 minutes millionaire.

You are not going to be millionaire in just 10 minutes.

In fact you have to work hard for year and years to become a millionaire.

Also the price of the first year is $129.It is not a small amount if you want to change your life.

But if you want to do practical things to make money online,than it is not the way to go.

Because I have done trading myself.

It has high risks.You can try or I can say test your luck if you have extra five grands in your pocket.Otherwise it is not the best way to go.

In fact if you are running out of money than I would recommend you to go with my number one recommendation.

The problem with 10 minute millionaire is that they are just giving you ideas for $299.

Rather, a newbie wants to learn by hand.

Trading is like betting,if you are out of luck,you lose money

This is not how make money online works.

Rather you have to invest in system or course after which you can make passive income.

A solid business model,that will give you time freedom,long term,scalable and sustainable business model.

There are many reasons for which I highly not recommend this business model and 10 minute millionaire.

That’s it for today’s review.

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