100k Cloner Review: Does It Live Up To Its Name?

Today, let us review another app called 100k Cloner. Will 100k Cloner be the answer to your marketing needs? Read further in this 100k Cloner review.

One of the challenges in affiliate marketing is coming up with your own succesful marketing campaign. While you can ask fellow affiliates for any tips on what you SHOULD do, results will always vary depending on how you’re handling it. It’s simple, really. One method that might’ve worked for one person, may or may not work at all with the other. And sometimes, it can take several trials and errors to find a suitable marketing campaign that works for you.

100k Cloner claims that it’ll save you from the hassle of doing that. The app comes with several done-for-you marketing campaigns that can promise an equivalent of 100 thousand dollars worth of commissions (hence the name), all done with just a single click, with no technical training or expertise required.

Sounds good to be true, right? But can its name back up its claim? Will 100k Cloner really help you in earning that amount of money from commissions alone? Read on for a full, independent 100K Cloner review that will help you in your decision.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with 100K Cloner in any way.

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100k Cloner: Overview

100K Cloner is a cloud-based app which can help you generate a huge number of commissions from several online buyers, regardless of your niche.

The tagline on its sales page says…

“1-click clones the site that made $105,208 ClickBank commissions.”

Which perfectly sums up almost everything about this app. 100K Cloner claims to use the developer’s own, $100k-earning marketing campaign as its own base, and then lets you “clone” that campaign for your own affiliate website, all with just a few clicks.

Of course, as the app relies on ClickBank products to generate its commissions, you’ll want to create yourself a ClickBank account first before getting this app (as well as a WarriorPlus and JvZoo account, see later on as of why.)

Features & Benefits Of 100K Cloner

100K Cloner Review - 100K Cloner Package
  • DFY Review WebsiteClick once to pick a proven niche and click again to choose from the most profitable affiliate programs. Click again to replace the affiliate link with yours. Then click “Cloner” To launch your instant turnkey site!
  • Built-In 100x Free TrafficThere are up to 100 little-known traffic sources which you can share your site to. This also means that your offer will be displayed in front of 2.5 billion visitors a month.
  • 100% DFY Complete CampaignsThe creators personally profited with every one of these evergreen affiliate campaigns, then preloaded them into the app, ready for you to profit.
  • 100% Bonus Package X 10The creators spent over $20,000 building a huge suite of software tools so you don’t have to. These are preloaded into the site as give-aways, so you’ll never worry about converting visitors into buyers ever again!
  • DFY Traffic & Leads X UnlimitedWhile it’s great to make commissions, it’s even better to build your list and social following at the same time. That’s why they are letting you connect your social accounts and autoresponders to build a monster following from the free traffic!
  • DFY Affiliate Training X 1You’ll be using other people’s time & content on your site. So you’ll never need to write a word or create a video, because other people will do all that for you!

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100K Cloner: Developers

100K Cloner is developed by a 3-man team of affiliate marketers, namely…

Rich Williams
100k Cloner Review - Rich Williams

Vivek G
100k Cloner Review - Vivek G
…and another one named Chris X.

The team has an expansive expertise in affiliate marketing and software development, and has already released several affiliate marketing products in the past. They are, as follows…

  • Primo Profits
  • Affiliate Funnel Bots
  • Affiliate Traffic Bots
  • Commission Blaster
  • AI Affiliate Bots 2

And many others.

How To Use 100K Cloner

Using all the offered features of 100K Cloner can be done in just 4 easy steps.

  1. Login To The Cloud-Based Software: Using the credentials that you got when you ordered the product.
  2.  Create Your Affiliate Website: Here, you’ll choose the URL of your website, and this is where you’ll enter your ClickBank ID. You can also customize the entire details of your site here, like site name, keywords, support e-mails, etc.
  3. Choose Your Niches and Products: From here, you can choose up to 5 niches that you want your website to specialize on, and another 5 products that you want to promote based on your chosen niche. Don’t forget to enter either your WarriorPlus or JvZoo affiliate link on each product that you’ll promote here.
  4. Use the included free traffic to start banking daily commissions!: Now you’re ready to start getting traffic to your website, by taking advantage of several features of 100K Cloner to share your website links across many social media sites.

You can also watch this video to give your a more detailed visual representation on how 100K Cloner works.

100K Cloner One-Time-Offers (OTOs)

As with other products of similar nature, 100K Cloner also contains some one-time offers, in addition to the main product itself.

  • Unlimited Edition – Upgrade to promote unlimited offers, to scale commissions even further.
  • Autopilot Edition – Activate 60x affiliate programs per day, and over 1,500 campaign instantly preloaded.
  • Done For You Edition – Let site up a done-for-you site for you (all they need is your ClickBank ID).
  • Reseller Edition – Earn 100% across the entire funnel selling this top-selling Warrior offer as if it was your own.
  • MegaBundle Edition – Get access to an insane 37 software tools that cost the creators over $300k to build.

Is 100K Cloner Worth The Purchase?

As the app claims that it uses a “high paying, done-for-you marketing campaign” as its selling point, it’s easy to see that the app is overblowing on its claims just so you would purchase this product.

Also, this app also uses ClickBank for it’s “top-converting offers”. While ClickBank is indeed a legitimate website to earn passive income through commissions, there are still some products in ClickBank which may not convertt well into sales once offered. And that’s the main disadvantage of these “Done-For-You” affiliate marketing campaigns. You don’t have total control over the product that you affiliate with. It may be a top-coverting product for most, but with no knowledge of the product, it can get difficult for yourself to market in effectively.

Even some independent reviewers find thid product useless at what it does, like this one.:

Formulating Your Own Affiliate Marketing Campaign

After reading this 100k Cloner review, hopefully, you’ll realize that, it’s much better to build your own affiliate marketing strategy, instead of relying on so-called “Done-For-You campaigns”.

While building a successful affiliate marketing strategy can be hard, it’s still possible to succeed in one. All you need to do is to break it down into steady, procedural steps, and analyze each as you go along.

With that in mind, here are a few elements to consider when building your own marketing campaign:

Choose Your Product

Of course, everything starts with the product itself. You can’t sell if you don’t have a product to sell. When choosing a product to be an affiliate of, try to put yourself in the customer’s point of view. Do I like the product itself? Am I willing to buy this product? Does this make me feel good when buying it? If you answer “YES” in all of those, then choose that product to sell to your customers.
PROTIP: If you’re still a beginner in affiliate marketing, try to find a product to sell that’s not too competitive, and is still not well-known in the market yet.

Test Your Product

Once again, how would you market the product effectively, if you don’t even know what you’re selling? It’s better to ask first for a reviewer’s copy of the product in question, or you can buy one for yourself. That way, you’ll have full knowledge of the product that you’re selling, especially its strengths, in order so that you can present it to your customers effectively.

Find Your Medium

Now that you have your product, it’s time to find your tool on how will you promote it. Generally, the best place to start is through your own website or blog. You can write reviews about the product itself, insert banner ads on your website, adding text links to some of your content, etc. The idea is to persuade the visitor of your website into buying the product using the affiliate link that you have on your website/blog.

Find Your Target Audience

Of course, you should also know your target audience, as they’ll be your primary source of income. It can be as easy as just finding out about their interests in order to see if the product your selling will benefit them. But it would be better if gather more data about them, such as what website or groups do they visit more often, where they usually hang out, what is their preferred social media, etc.


Now that you have your product to be an affiliate with, you have your method ready, and you now know your target audience.

The next thing you should do, is to drive traffic to your website. That is, to make it visible.

There are many ways to promote your website on the internet, like SEO, posting on social media groups, guest-posting on other blogs, etc. The choices are all up to you. Just do it in a legal way, and only use as many methods as you can handle consistently.


Now just because you’ve got your affiliate marketing campaign up and running, doesn’t mean that you should stop right there. There’s no foolproof marketing strategy, so you have to do a lot of monitoring and even some adjustments in order for it to run smoothly. If you’re raking in commissions in your current campaign, great. Just be consistent. If at any time it seems to be failing, you have to make minor adjustments to it.

Just make sure to keep in mind these five elements, some time and persistence, and you’ll also be a successful affiliate marketer in no time. Any kind of software can’t do that.

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100K Cloner – Final Thoughts

So is 100K Cloner another scam? It’s quite hard to say that it’s not, as there are just too many inconsistencies about this product and their claims. Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it’s just best that you stay away from this app.

And before purchasing any app that gives similar claims, always check whether the reviews are coming from legitimate, independent reviewers (like this 100K Cloner review), and not from those sponsored ones. you can easily spot one when they give a free promo or discount on the product afterwards.

But don’t lose hope. If you still want to be successful at affiliate marketing and earn a constant source of passive income, continue reading…

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