100k Shoutout Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as 100k Shout Out. Is it legit? Find out in this 100k Shout Out review.

In a word, the steps that are included in this method will instruct you on how to make the most of DFY offers and how to use automation software known as Amplifire to drive social media traffic to your own offers.

It is predicted that there will be fast results as well as recurring revenue.

On the other hand, I am skeptical because I have been unable to locate any evidence that 100K Shout Out genuinely accomplishes what it claims to accomplish anywhere else on the internet.

In addition, I am of the opinion that it is not as easy for novices to achieve success with this strategy as you may believe it to be.

Chris most certainly offers the money back guarantee in an effort to entice extra sales.

Despite this, nobody has come forward to claim that they have made $100,000 with his program.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this 100k Shout Out review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with 100k Shout Out in any shape or form whatsoever.

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100k Shout Out Review: Quick Details

  • Name: 100k Shout Out
  • Owner: Chris Munch
  • Website: https://shoutout.onlinetransformstar.com/
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Automation program
  • Niche: Traffic generation
  • Recommended?: This is a program that can help you generate traffic for your already existing website. It is not something for those who are just starting out on their business.

What is 100k Shout Out?

100k Shoutout Review - Logo

Chris Munch, a well-known online marketer and entrepreneur, developed the course 100K Shout Out by combining his program Amplifire with education on internet marketing.

Chris claims that he has spent the past five years refining and testing this product.

During that time, he has assisted thousands of people in increasing their income, improving the quality of their web presence, and attracting new consumers. Chris says that he has spent the past five years working on this product.

Chris Munch asserts that his 100K Shout Out training can bring you from zero to one hundred thousand dollars as rapidly as humanly possible.

In addition, Amplifier is software for social media marketing that was developed to increase the efficiency of your efforts. Once the first configuration has been completed, the application is completely self-sufficient.

Is it just me, or does everything that they are saying seem wonderful?

The only thing I can say is that I’m concerned since I haven’t seen a lot of evidence lately that 100K Shout Out is living up to its promises. It should come as no surprise that this promise is kept.

Nevertheless, as someone who is driven by the outcomes of their actions, I am curious about the learning outcomes that others have experienced after taking these programs.

Chris Munch suggests that as a result of this strategy, the ‘Test Pilots’ might now make an annual income of more than $3.9 million. If you ask me, that is a really cool thing to do.

On the other hand, I was unable to discover any evidence to back up his claims.

100k Shout Out Overview

The method of the 100K Shout Out is broken down into three distinct parts. You may rapidly and successfully develop affiliate campaigns by utilizing the Ampifire software, and you can acquire a flood of visits from social media.

Chris asserts that in order to make money utilizing this method and making money online does not require any prior expertise or experience.

I concur that getting started in internet business through affiliate marketing is a fantastic approach to do so.

This is a condensed version of the theoretical explanation of how the 100K Shout Out works.

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Step 1 – Creating a campaign

Launching a campaign by employing the Ampifire tool is the first step you need to take in order to attract users of social media platforms.

It is impossible to generate income from an online venture if there are no visitors.

You have the choice to either pay for it, educate yourself about SEO, or use this automatic software to attempt and improve your rankings.

Not only that, but you’ll also need to have your website up and running, in addition to any affiliate programs that you intend to make use of.

Chris teaches how to design a two-page website, which is sometimes referred to as a sales funnel, in order to direct the attention of your visitors.

It would appear that a little amount of time is required in order to complete this procedure.

When everything is all up and ready to go for your 100K Shout out the campaign, you can kick back, relax, and watch as traffic comes to your website on its own.

Step 2 – Sending traffic

This specific demographic will be routed to a website consisting of just two pages. The control panel of 100K Shout Out gives you the option of promoting your company using either a pre-made website or a blank website.

It is up to you, but from a purely objective standpoint, I think the second option is superior.

Your social media platforms and your deals can be connected through the use of this platform.

You have to first give some content before you can guide people to your offers because search engines and social media sites frown upon affiliate links that route users directly to a product page.

As a consequence of this, you will likely improve the chances that your site’s visitors will make a purchase during the third phase of the 100K Shout Out technique, which involves driving them to your offer page.

Step 3 – Monetizing traffic

When someone visits your website, they should immediately be directed to the offer you have. As the very first page of your website, you have a bridge page.

You will find the details of your affiliate offer as well as the ways in which you can earn a commission on the second page of this document.

To put it more simply, you will be entitled to a commission payment every time a customer who has visited your website makes a purchase of a product or service that you have marketed by means of an affiliate link.

The precise proportion will need to be negotiated between you and the vendor.

In principle, the 100K Shout Out mechanism operates exactly like that.

Access to a done-for-you page and software that publishes your material over the web in only a few minutes is included, and this is supposed to speed up the procedure that is explained in this section.


Training program

Internet marketing will be the primary focus of the training, during which you will learn Chris’s three-step strategy for generating income online.

Creating advertising campaigns and becoming a salesperson for the products of other companies is really what it comes down to.

If you aren’t already familiar with it, affiliate marketing is a fantastic method for making money online.

If you want to get started, go here. During the training for the 100K Shout Out, you will be instructed on how to construct advertising campaigns like these and how to put them into action utilizing specialist software that is designed to attract users of social media.

Chris asserts that if you take his 100K Shout Out course, he will teach you how to make $100,000 or more in annual revenue from internet sales.

Whatever the situation may be, I have my reservations about it. It’s not that the procedure can’t generate results; it actually does. In all honesty, it’s just a bold claim that goes beyond what’s reasonable.


Using the all-in-one platform to promote your website on high-traffic blogs, video sites, and more is supposedly  a pleasure with the assistance of the Ampifire software.

If you want a more reliable way to make money online, check out this logical business model that helped 6000+ people.

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The $100K Case Studies

These “test drivers” will also have access to a series of case studies, which will be distributed to all program participants in a read-only format. This access will be granted to everyone who is participating in the program.

You can better prepare for your own 100K Shout Out campaigns by reading these case studies, which will allow you to learn from the experiences of others, evaluate the system, and become more familiar with it.

One-To-One Coaching Call

The program also consists of one-on-one coaching calls with an instructor. You have access to a coach who can assist you in formulating a strategy that takes into consideration your unique abilities as well as the conditions that currently exist.

On top of that, this is your opportunity to have direct, one-on-one communication with the team working on the 100K Shout Out and to get any questions you have answered.

100K Shout Out MasterMind Group

When you sign up for this program, you will be given access to a private mastermind group.

Within this group, you will be able to engage in conversation with the other people who are participating in the program. You will be able to share your progress, ask questions, receive answers, and provide feedback.

You get access to a dedicated support staff that is available around the clock, every day of the year, to answer any inquiries or resolve any concerns that may crop up.

This is really important information that must not be overlooked by any beginners.

The program resembles Bit Plam, 7 Figure Profit Code, and Commission Hero.


Currently, a “100K Shout Out” will set you back $2,497 in fees. There are two different ways that you can pay for your purchase. In the first possible outcome, you will make a single payment that covers the entire balance.

If you go with the second option, you will have the ability to pay the complete amount in three installments of $997 each.

The second option is the more expensive but more convenient one to go with if you do not have $2,500 on hand right away.

Remember that there are some additional costs involved when employing the 100K Shout Out approach, and plan accordingly.

The preliminary expenditure is going to be applied toward the acquisition of the Ampifire software. The cost of a campaign that is completely set up for you is $349.

It’s also feasible that you’ll have to shell out cash for certain items, such as a funnel builder, hosting, a domain name, and so on. It is possible that you spend close to one thousand dollars per year on this.

Because ClickBank is in charge of the sales, you have up to 30 days to ask for a refund if you don’t think that 100K Shout Out met your expectations.

In light of this, you have the option of requesting a refund from ClickBank if you don’t believe that this tactic is as successful as it has been portrayed to be.

Take note that the ClickBank guarantee does not apply to any of the additional costs that may be incurred.

You need to do some research into several companies to learn the return policies that each one has.

Final Verdict – 100K Shout Out Review

When it comes to arguing in favor of the 100K Shout Out method, I find that I have second thoughts.

I am relieved for the fact that it is, at least partially, automated, that there is help available, and that there is a money-back guarantee.

Despite this, I have not yet come across any evidence that verifies the effectiveness of the aforementioned strategy. The price is out of my price range, and the prospective earnings aren’t quite what they seem to be.

You have thirty days to try it out, and if you aren’t satisfied with the results, your money will be refunded.

While it’s possible that some people will find success with DFY programs, I won’t be one of them. It’s a shame that the platform can’t operate without users coming in through social media in order to function properly.

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