1010 Block Fun App Review: Will This App Pay You?

Today we will be reviewing an app called 1010 Block Fun. Is 1010 Block Fun a scam? Find out in this 1010 Block Fun app review.

You’ve undoubtedly seen advertisements for applications like this before. The ads typically depict individuals having fun with the app or being excessively enthusiastic about it.

While casually perusing various websites, you came upon an advertisement for 1010 Block Fun. Ads for these games are typically found in the most unexpected locations.

It seems like the creators are eager for people to download it, which is why the developers paid to get their ads in various places online.

Well, the reason you’re here today is because of an enticing offer made by the game’s creators: you have the potential to make money just by playing the game. A very tempting proposition indeed.

To be honest, the app seems to be a standard free game you can normally find in the Play Store. You just installed it to test it out and see whether they would really pay you or not.

It seems that being paid to play a simple game like this one is a fantastic way to earn some fast cash. Is there a chance they’ll really pay you, though?

Before you decide to download this app, you should read this 1010 Block Fun app review first. You should check if it is worth all the effort before you dedicate your precious time to it.

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1010 Block Fun: Quick Overview

  • Name: 1010 Block Fun
  • Developer: ericobinlp
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • App Icon:
1010 Block Fun App Review - 1010 Block Fun icon

What is 1010 Block Fun?

1010 Block Fun is a puzzle game which involves having to make either a row or a column of blocks. Being able to make a full row or column will then eliminate the blocks in them, giving you more space to create more rows and columns.

By eliminating blocks, you get coins and some chests which you can open. These chests contain in-game cash which you can cash out on PayPal.

This app, like similar ones in the Play Store that promise rewards, will not allow you to withdraw your money until you hit a specific level. Quite typical, in fact.

There are millions of applications like this wreaking havoc on the Play Store. What’s the catch? None of them are going to give you your money, which you spent time and effort on earning.

They guarantee you money even if you just play for a few minutes. Some even offer you the same amount of money as a minimum-wage job.

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How Does 1010 Block Fun Work?

Starting Out

The app is fairly easy to install. All you need to do is go to the store page, download it, and wait for it to install.

This app has a Terms of Service too, and I suggest that you read that first before you proceed with playing. This is so that you know what you are getting into.

How to Play

Once you start the game, you will be rewarded with 20 coins as a sign-in bonus. However, you can earn another 20 just by watching a video ad. Note that watching ads will be one of the major things you will doing if you want to earn money here.

Your goal is to eliminate as many blocks as possible. This is done by filling a row or a column with blocks. Once you do so, the blocks are then eliminated, giving you space to repeat the process over and over again.

Getting rid of the blocks will earn you in-game coins, and chests containing monetary rewards. Before you can open your chests though, you need to watch an ad first. Remember what I said about watching ads? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

1010 Block Fun App Review - 1010 Block Fun gameplay

You also get points each time you place blocks on the board. This depends on how many blocks you put in there. There is progress bar up top, which tells you how close you are to getting a virtual cash prize.

Upon reaching 100%, you then unlock your PayPal cash gift. To claim this, you need to tap the PayPal icon and watch an ad.

Once you are out of space in the board, the game is over.

There are tools available to assist you in gameplay, like the hammer which can eliminate a square made of 6 adjacent blocks, and the replacement tool which replaces the blocks you can choose from. You can buy more of these using the coins you earn.


You can check your balance anytime. However, what it says will not change. It says that you need more money in it to be able to cash out to your PayPal account. It does not state how much the minimum balance you need in order to cash out, though.

From the other apps I reviewed though, it usually ranges from $100 to $200. Maybe it is the same here.

You can also convert the in-game coins you have into PayPal and Amazon gift cards. A £5 Paypal or Amazon gift card costs 190,000 coins to redeem.

Gameplay Video

This video will show you some gameplay footage of the app.


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Is 1010 Block Fun Legit?

Just like other similar apps, this game will reward you well during the first few minutes of gameplay. This will then incline you to keep playing, as you can notice how profitable playing could be.

However, the developers deliberately designed the app to decrease your earnings continuously in order to stop you from reaching the payment threshold and prevent you from cashing out.

Just like what happens with most apps, even if you reach the payment threshold, they would most likely ignore your payout request.

I am 100% sure that in their Terms of Use, they stated that they are not obligated to pay you.

With all that said, 1010 Block Fun is definitely not legit.


Alternatives to 1010 Block Fun

At this point, you may be convinced already that this app is not worth your time.

But you may ask yourself. Is there still a way to make money online while you’re playing a game that you like?

Worry not. If you want to make money online by just playing.

Then you may want to try your hand at NFT games. They provide some level of gaming fun, all while you earn a decent income.

NFT games can also come in any gaming genre, so there’s always an NFT game that is suitable for your taste.

However, there are still some drawbacks when you’re going to want to play NFT games as a source of income online.

  • NFT games are still based on cryptocurrency, which is a rather volatile investment. This means that the payout from these games can rapidly go up, or even drop dramatically, all on short notice. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.
  • If the NFT game that you want to join is already an established game, the barrier for joining these games can be very high, cost-wise. In cases like this, “scholarship programs” for these NFT games are available, where they’ll let you play the game without investing in anything. The condition, of course, is that you will split your earnings to the one that took you under their wing.
  • NFT games are mostly competitive in nature, so prepare for a bit of legwork if you want to really earn from these games.

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Final Verdict – 1010 Block Fun

Before I end this 1010 Block Fun app review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

These apps don’t have intentions on giving you your profits. To be honest, none of these apps should be allowed to be installed on your phone. I suggest you do not download them.

Everyone who downloaded these applications expressed feelings of regret over their wasted time and efforts on it. All that hard work, gone just like that.

Keep in mind that, although these apps seem to be genuine (at least based on what their ads portray), they all follow the same nefarious pattern as other apps of the same nature.

Bear in mind that you’re also the one that pays the developers with ad money since you’re forced to sit through a lot of ads in order to keep playing and progressing in the game.

Continue reading if you’re sick and tired of scummy apps that didn’t pay you despite of how hard you worked. I know a better way to make money online that doesn’t require downloading and installing malicious software on any of your devices.

That’s it for my 1010 Block Fun app review. Hopefully this review helps with your future endeavors.

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