10x Health System Review – Cost And Concerns!

Today we will be reviewing a guy named 10x Health System. Is it legit? Find out in this 10x Health System review.

Being able to stay healthy sounds simple enough, but once you start doing research on what you can do it order to stay fit, you will realize just how complicated things can become.

There is a plethora of information out there regarding nutrition, dieting, exercise, and supplements. It can get pretty overwhelming in a case-to-case basis, as we all have different circumstances which can serve as our own personal obstacles.

Fitness is something that the media portrays as the ultimate physical goal of everybody. It is seen as something that should be present in the ideal person, and people are expected to fit into a certain mold before being accepted by society.

This is why fitness is also a billion dollar industry. New companies pop out left and right to sell people products in order to fit into society’s standards of beauty, health, and nutrition.

After all, it is a profitable niche. I mean, which person wouldn’t want to be healthy, fit, and beautiful?

Today we will be talking about a company which strives

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this 10x Health System review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with 10x Health System in any shape or form whatsoever.

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10x Health System Review: Quick Details

  • Name: 10x Health System
  • Founder: Grant Cardone, Brandon Dawson, Gary Brecka, Sage Workinger
  • Website: https://10xhealthsystem.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Company
  • Niche: Health
  • Recommendation: 10x Health System promises a lot of things. However, I just do not see the average person utilizing their services.

What is 10x Health System?

10x Health System Review - Logo

10x Health System is a company in the health and wellness niche. Their focus revolves on enhancing the human performance. That sounds pretty vague, so let me give you an explanation of what this company actually does.

10x Health System mentioned that modern medicine isn’t really focused on the individual profiles of patients. They actually have a point on this one. When you go for a check-up, what doctors do is immediately diagnose you based on only your symptoms.

It may be pretty hard to admit for doctors, but there are times when they have done a diagnosis wrong.

What this company does is that it can help you perform optimally by help you find the missing materials in your body, whatever that is.

Their motto is to help restore your passion, purpose, and physiology, in order to be truly health and happy.

The ability to cure your body through natural means is one of the company’s primary focuses as they work toward achieving our mission of assisting you in regaining control of your health.

This implies that you will not be required to undergo any invasive operations or take any medications that will simply add to the list of symptoms you are experiencing.

Every one of their partners shares their commitment to improving people’s health across the world. The NFL Alumni Association is one of these groups, as its members are all former NFL players, coaches, cheerleaders, executives, and wives who are committed to giving back to their communities and helping those who have been affected by their time in the league.

Let us look at the services they offer.

The company resembles Uforia Science, Pruvit, and NutriCellix.

Blood Testing

10x Health System Review - Blood Testing

One of 10x Health System’s services is blood testing. This is not your typical blood testing, by the way. They say that these tests will be looking at 64 biomarkers, which in turn can give you a profile of the state of your health.

Basically, you will be given thorough information regarding your organs and organ systems. You will also be able to know your nutrition and hydration levels, blood count, and hormone panel.

This is an extensive blood panel with the goal of helping you understand what your body needs to be considered in optimal health.

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Step 1: Testing

First, you will have to visit one of the 10X Health centers or any of the many LabCorp hospitals and clinics across the United States for a blood sample.

Your lab order will be sent to you via email.

Step 2: Expert Analysis

With the information provided by this panel, they can determine exactly what your body needs to function at its highest potential.

Based on the results of your blood analysis, they will develop a comprehensive plan to address your unique nutritional, hormonal, and other health concerns. This may involve adjusting your diet, boosting your supplement intake, or resolving vitamin shortages.

Step 3: Get Your Results and Personalized Protocol

10x Health System will arrange a call with you when they have gone through your results and developed a personalized procedure to go through everything in detail.

During this call, you’ll also hear some expert medical advice from your Patient Advisor.

After the conversation, you will receive an email with all the details we discussed, including your entire test result, individualized procedure, and prescription details.

Step 4: Customized Health Solutions Delivered to You

Your Patient Advisor can arrange for your medication to be delivered to your home. Our logistics department will send you a message after the package has been sent out with a tracking number.

However, please be aware that you must be present to accept delivery and sign for your package.

Genetic DNA Testing

10x Health System Review - DNA testing

10x Health System says that they can do DNA testing which provides you comprehensive information regarding your body’s health.

They achieve this by determining which individual enzymes are influencing your day-to-day function by assessing data from analyses of the human body’s primary actionable genes.

According to them, just one simple test will reveal your genetic make-up, problem areas, and a plan for change.

At Home Testing

You will be sent with a kit, along with the instructions on how you can do the test. Take note that tests like these do not need any needles. All you need to do is a cotton swab.

The test will be done in only a few minutes.

Expert Analysis

Their experts will then review the results you obtain from the gene test. You will then be provided with a report which also contains recommendations based on your tests results.

Personalized Supplement Protocol

You will then be given with a personal consultation. You will be given instructions, as well as a meaningful discussion regarding your current condition.

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My Favorite Program

Superhuman Protocol

The Superhuman Protocol is a comprehensive program designed to help you reach peak physical performance by recharging and separating your cells, increasing their ability to take in oxygen, and maximizing their exposure to light.

Magnetism, oxygen, and light are all potent natural forces that can have beneficial effects on your skin, inflammation, circulation, and oxygenation if you expose yourself to them, according to 10x Health System.

In order to do this cellular restoration, they are selling some products.

  • 10x Superhuman Protocol Complete Package ($131,843)
    • 10X Theralight 360 HD Bed v3
    • Hypermax Oxygen Generator System
    • Purewave PEMF Mat
    • White Glove Shipping and Delivery
  • Superhuman Protocol with Red Light Panels ($15,128)
  • Purewave Pemf ($5,050)
  • Hypermax Oxygen ($4,995)
  • 10x Health Light Bed ($121,970)

Is 10x Health Legit?

It seems like the company is pretty legitimate, and it seems like they believe in what they do and what they can do for people.

I guess that is acceptable, since they seem really serious about the methods they use in order to keep people healthy.

However, what I do not know about are the effectivity of their methods. I have already reviewed companies that are doing the very same things, and from what I see, companies like these only do the bare minimum.

I think they are not really providing necessary services to people, so I really do not see the point of their existence.

Final Verdict – 10x Health System Review

This health and wellness company seems pretty decent, and their services are indeed quite helpful to those who decide to utilize it.

However, I just do not see myself ever going to one of their clinics and doing their patented DNA testing. I just do not see it as necessary.

If I want genuine advice for being healthy, I could always go to a nutritionist. I wouldn’t even think about visiting clinics that provide 10x Health System’s services.

So, yeah. It’s still better to consult a licensed health professional for your needs. You don’t need these clinics and companies as it is still a lot more accessible to go look for a specialist at your local hospital.

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