123 Profit Review – Aidan Booth Scam?

Today, we will be talking about 123 Profit developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Is it legit? Learn more in this extensive review.

Entrepreneurs and affiliates are constantly seeking innovative ways to generate revenue. One such method is the CPA Marketing model, which is gaining popularity in recent years. 

The 123 Profit program  claims to offer a streamlined approach to CPA marketing, providing affiliates with the tools and resources needed to succeed in this competitive landscape. This review includes the program’s features, its pros and cons, which can help you decide whether to enroll in such a program or not. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with 123 Profit nor with Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. This is solely an unbiased review of them and their work/s.

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123 Profit Review: Quick Details

Name: 123 Profit

Founder: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Website: https://www.123profitmembers.com/

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Type: Training Program

Niche: CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing

Recommendation: As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, CPA marketing emerges as a compelling avenue for entrepreneurs and affiliates seeking performance-based revenue.

What is 123 Profit?

123 Profit

123 Profit is just one of many courses designed by Aidan Booth to teach individuals how to make money online, now through CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing. 

In order to be successful in CPA marketing, first you need to be accustomed and be an expert on how to drive traffic. The model’s success depends on attracting the right kind of traffic who are likely to take the desired action and convert into customers. 

Free organic involves organic methods, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing, where you don’t directly pay for user clicks. It’s considered “free” because you’re not paying for each visitor, but it requires time and effort to build.

Another type is paid traffic, which involves investing money in advertising to drive targeted users to your offers. The usual and most common is that you will pay for each click (CPC or Cost Per Click).

CPA Marketing?

CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing is a type of online advertising where advertisers pay publishers for specific actions taken by users, such as filing out a form, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase. 

Unlike traditional advertising models, where payment is based on clicks or impressions, CPA marketing focuses on measurable actions that directly contribute to the advertiser’s goals.

For publishers like you, it offers an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting products or services and encouraging users to complete desired actions. It is widely used in the digital space and provides a performance-based approach to online marketing. 

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Who Founded 123 Profit?

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth was born in New Zealand, an entrepreneur and online marketer known for his involvement in various online business ventures. He’s been actively creating and promoting digital products, affiliate marketing and ecommerce for more than a decade now. 

He has also been associated with other initiatives and products aimed at helping people succeed in the online business realm. Together with Steve Clayton, they introduced 123 Profit to the world.

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is known for his role as the Chief Storyteller at Microsoft. He was responsible for shaping and communicating the company’s narrative, vision and strategy. 

And seeing how successful Microsoft is today, one takeaway is that Steve has been good at what he’s doing. Being recognized for his expertise in digital marketing, he has shared a lot of valuable insights, marketing strategies and innovation to a lot of people, including the ones that they share in their 123 Profit program.

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What’s Inside 123 Profit?

123 Profit 3-Step System

They have compressed a lot of components in the 123 Profit just to say that it only requires 3 steps that they’re always proud of saying every time they have the chance to. Finding the Winning Offer, Set up a Simple Web Page, and Drive and Convert Traffic to Profits.

Step 1: Identify A Winning Offer

The success of your CPA campaign largely hinges on the appeal and viability of your chosen offer. A winning offer is one that resonates with your target audience, addresses their needs or desires, and has a compelling call-to-action. 

Aidan and Steve have listed all possible offers in each niche, so that you won’t waste your time finding one. What you need to do is choose which is the best one for you, considering your skills, knowledge and passion. They also give recommendations for beginners who don’t have any prior experience. 

They have also already explored affiliate networks and platforms that provide a variety of CPA offers of your chosen niche, considering factors like payout rates, conversion rates and the overall reputation of the advertiser. 

Step 2: Set Up a Simple Web Page

Setting up a simple web page, often referred to as a landing page or a pre-sell page, serves as the intermediary between the traffic you generate and the actual CPA offer. And there are a lot of aspects to consider to build a “simple” web page for your CPA Marketing strategy.

  • Domain and Hosting – you’ll need a domain name that’s relevant to your niche or your offer and you need to choose a reliable hosting provider to host your website.
  • Landing Page Builder – Landing page builders such as ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce and others are needed in order to create a visually appealing and conversion-focused page.
  • Design and Layout – design it with a clean and professional layout, ensuring that the page is mobile-responsive, as most users have mobile phones in today’s generation.
  • Compelling Headline and Content – you need to craft a compelling headline that grabs the visitor’s attention and clearly communicates the value of the offer. The contents must also be concise and persuasive, letting the visitors know that what you offer can solve their problems/fulfill their needs.
  • Call-to-Action – clear and prominent call-to-action button can direct visitors to take initiative, encouraging them to take action. You can also incorporate here asking for user information such as email addresses, to build an email list for remarketing.
  • Visual Elements – relevant images, videos, or graphics can enhance the overall appeal of the page and can help convey the message to build trust with visitors.

Step 3: Drive Traffic and Convert To Profits

This is the section where free and paid traffic comes in. Some strategies include:

  • Keyword Research – conduct through keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords that you can use in your content and ad campaigns.
  • Ad Campaigns – tailor your ad copy, visuals, and messaging to align with the offer and the content on your landing page, which can help you resonate with your audience.
  • Social Media – you can create engaging content, leverage paid advertising options, and engage with your audience to build a community around your niche.
  • Email Marketing – make use of the email list you acquire when you build your landing page to nurture leads and encourage them to take the desired action on your offer.
  • Monitor Analytics and Metrics – you need to monitor the performance of your campaigns so that you won’t waste money on things that don’t convert, and scale the successful ones.

Pros and Cons


  • CPA Marketing is a performance-based model where advertisers pay for actual results, which aligns to the interests of affiliates. 
  • Affiliates can diversify their income by promoting various CPA offers within different niches. The flexibility allows you to adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Yuu don’t need to create or manage products. You can just focus on marketing and driving traffic, leaving the product development and customer support to advertisers.
  • Success CPA marketing campaigns can be scaled up relatively easily once you identify a winning product.
  • You can always track performance through conversion rates, click-through rates, and other key indicators, allowing for data-driven optimization.


  • You heavily rely on advertisers to provide quality products, track conversions accurately and pay commissions on time. Failure in any of these aspects can affect your earnings significantly.
  • CPA marketing’s competition is intense, which is why you should invest more time and effort before seeing real results.
  • You need to constantly monitor and adjust your strategies based on changing market conditions and offer performance so that you won’t end up losing money rather than earning it.
  • 123 Profit congested it to 3 steps where many important concepts need a lot of attention. This may affect how someone can learn from their program.

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My Favorite Program


123 Profit by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is not a scam, as both become prominent figures in the online marketing industry because of their accomplishments. 

The downside is that the program is 8 weeks long and there are a lot of concepts that need to be learned, especially for beginners. Another one is that they didn’t include the price of the program, leaving all the guesswork to those who wanted to avail. 

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