15 Embarrassing Facts About Me !

Getting Denzel Vibes from the pic..?

I am behind.(The guy polishing shoes with TISSUES)


Let’s get weird..hahahaha

My name is Sajawal,owner of this site.

If you have come from some of the reviews of your favourite mlms,then you probably know me already.But in this post I am going to talk about 15 embarrassing facts about me,which nobody knows..EVEN MY MOTHER!

Let’s get started.(NO SMIRKING ALLOWED)


I have been categorize fours according to enneagram personality test.

I am a strong believer of enneagram and till date tested this study on over 100 people including my family,not a single one gone wrong.


If you ever see me listening to a song,think no further than BOHEMIA.I am a very big fan of Bohemia (ORIGINAL NAME : ROGER DAVID)  and my dream is to meet him one day.

Favourite Line : Me saari duniya ch naa kmaya,we logi boldey ty apa kr k vkhaya!

What does this shit mean?Relax..here is the complete breakdown of this sentence lol..

“I made a name for myself all over the world, people just talk to do it one day,but I did it.”


When I was in school,I always hated my teachers.I do not know why..but I do not felt emotionally attached with them.I think schooling was not for me.


My Dream – My one and only dream is to rap in front of a big audience.Where nobody stops me.I like to get attention,so my biggest dream is to rap songs of Bohemia in front of a huge audience.Sometimes I fantasize this scenario and get emotional.


I think I am superior then anybody in this world.I do not give a shit about anybody.My basket of fucks is nearly empty(;


When I feel depressed or in anxiety,I rap for hours,until I feel tiredness.

Yes,whenever I feel pain,I rap for 5 – 6 hours straight for no reason.I usually like to rap at night on empty roads.I gone through a time where I rap on my city roads from 1 AM to 5 AM.ALONE….

I know it’s weird,but it is what it is.So,whenever you see me rapping..YES,I am depressed and in pain.


Gone through severe anxiety(2 years).Ugh!


If I have to do something,I take tension.Yes,I take work as stress.Even three minutes ago my mom called my name and I am still thinking that her voice will be coming..coming..coming…

Another fact is that I wrote 300+ articles on this site,one article took me 6-7 hours to write.In these hours,I do not feel relaxed even for a second.I do not know why,but YES.

Just Opposite to this PIC!


I CAN’T SWIM.Tried many times,but just not my bag of tea.


Want to travel more and more.And ALONE,I love to be alone.

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I feel jealous seeing somebody loving their child,maybe because my father died when I was 7.


Perfect….I want everything to be just perfect.If that thing is not perfect,I feel very strange behaviour in my body and mind.


I hate to pickup calls,you can say it psychology but I hate it.Hundreds of friends and family members complaint me about this one and I keep heading off.Just pick my mother CALL!


I drink too much water,maybe 12-15 liter in a day.It was like when I was 15,and from there it became my habit.I am allergic to sun heat,dust and crowds.Mainly sun heat.Whenever I go out at afternoon,after two or three days..Here we come,PIMPLES!


While eating something,if someone objects me,I feel severe pain in abdoman.Maybe just psychology?


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