The 2% Theory Review – Anna Macko Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about the 2% Theory course by Anna Macko. Is this a legit online course? Find out in this 2% Theory review.

The 2% Theory is an online course about cryptocurrency. Basically, it aims to teach people how you can earn a good amount of money by investing and trading with cryptocurrency.

As you’re very much aware of right now, cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. In the past, it was seen as a niche investment. But today, you can bet that almost everyone knows about it, as well as its related terms like blockchain, DeFi (decentralized finance), and even NFTs.

Regardless of that, however, some people just dive into the trend without prior knowledge of that. As a consequence, they lose all their money.

The 2% Theory claims that it can solve that problem. And will allow you to turn cryptocurrency trading into something that can help you make some money from it.

In this 2% Theory review, we’ll go over the entire course and see if it’s the best online cryptocurrency training course out there.

So before you spend any money on this, it’s best if you read this 2% Theory review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this online course is worth investing your time and money, or not.

Note that this is a completely unbiased 2% Theory review. I’m not affiliated with the 2% Theory, or its creator, in any way or form whatsoever.

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The 2% Theory: Quick Details

  • Name: The 2% Theory
  • Owner: Anna Macko
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Training Program
  • Niche: Cryptocurrency
  • Recommended?: Even if you’re an avid cryptocurrency investor, I’d strongly suggest that you stay away from this training program. The quality of this online course isn’t the highest. In fact, free resources may do a better job of training you in cryptocurrency investment than this. Besides, there are better moneymaking opportunities out there than investing in crypto.

What Is The 2% Theory?

The 2% Theory

As stated before, the 2% Theory is an online course about cryptocurrency. It is conceptualized by Anna Macko

Aside from teaching its students how to invest in cryptocurrency, it also contains strategies that Anna herself uses during crypto trading. According to Anna, these strategies can help you double your income per month.

The name of the course is taken from an actual investing strategy, called the 2% Rule“. The idea behind the rule is simple. An investor must risk no more than 2% of his given capital at any given trade.

Despite the name, however, the trading strategy that the 2% Theory online course teach, doesn’t even come close to the original idea. As one post from a former student on Reddit points out, it goes something like this.

According to the online course, you should invest all your available capital, no matter how big it is. Then, you should aim for at least 0.5% to 1% (or if you’re lucky, 10% to 60%) profits from your investment.

The “2% Theory” comes in at this point. You take 2% of the profits you made during the trade, then invest them back. You then withdraw the remaining profits you gained for your living expenses.

If someone, even an investment guru, advises you to invest all your capital in one go, then you should dismiss their advice immediately. Since in the world of investments trading, that’s a big no-no.

It’s even worse when you’re going to do this method for cryptocurrency. As it is highly volatile, it’s prone to intense rallies and crashes. There’s absolutely no guarantee that you can get good profits from cryptocurrency consistently.

Thus, the method of investing every capital you have in crypto is just too wrong.

Is Investing In Cryptocurrency Worth The Trouble?

Plenty of people may have told you that cryptocurrency is a viable investment nowadays, along with stocks, forex, etc. There are even several claims that many people have essentially doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their money by investing in it.

For the most part, these claims have some credibility. Because for the most part, the most notable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been surpassing gold in recent years in terms of market value. And even other cryptos, like Ethereum, or even Dogecoin, has roughly the same market value.

This makes it very attractive to add to your investment portfolio. And it’s for that reason that it’s a very popular investment nowadays.

However, there are some cases wherein investing in crypto can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not careful (which usually happens when you’re a newbie investor).

The most important reason is that any crypto is extremely volatile. In fact, back in September 2014, bitcoin has a volatility level seven times greater than gold, eight times greater than the S&P 500, and 18 times greater than the US dollar. And this level of volatility continues to this day

While Bitcoin has experienced a rapid rise in value in recent years, it has also led to a sharp crash in value in the same time period. Monitoring these Bitcoin price fluctuations may even get you a mini-heart attack, especially since you have to do it almost everyday if you’re an active investor.

It’s so volatile, that even experienced investors are known to incur several big losses before they can hit a profit from crypto investing. Thus, the risk may not be worth it in the long run.

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Who Is Anna Macko?

Anna Macko (her real name is Agniezska Rogulski) is the creator, and chief mentor, of The 2% Theory online course.

The 2% Theory - Anna Macko 2


Her journey from having thousands of dollars in debt to earning that same amount in weeks, or even days, is pretty much standard fare for many financial mentors of her kind.

She worked in the call center industry before, had a job as a waitress, and even did some admin jobs. But none of them worked for her, and she only acquired even more debt.

Until she finally decided to learn more about internet marketing and other ways to make money online. After quite awhile, she claimed to have found that “secret formula”, and is now earning even more than what she had before.

Oddly enough, there’s no mention of her venture into cryptocurrency. It would’ve added some credibility for herself and her course.

Because obviously, you’d prefer to learn from someone who has shown experience in crypto-trading, right? Not from someone who just learned crypto to “ride the hype”.

Which is what The 2% Theory online course seems to imply.

What’s Inside The 2% Theory?

The 2% Theory online course is composed of several training materials designed to teach you in trading with crypto, and to assist you with your trades.

It consists of various video lessons, tasks to do, an online training journal, and other tools. You’ll also be given access to a private Facebook group and two other crypto-related courses from Anna Macko herself (Crypto On Fire, $100/Day Crypto Class).

Finally, you’ll also receive three months of phone notifications for all of Anna’s trades, plus email and live chat support with the 2% team.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things that are inside this course.

Training Materials

The main training course consists of 47 modules, which is unusually a lot for a course like this.

But overall, they cover several aspects of how you can start trading with cryptocurrency. These include:

  • An introduction to cryptocurrency itself, as well as how to set up your account for trading with crypto.
  • The 2% trading strategy itself, that the creator claims to use to achieve massive profits from crypto trading.
  • How to set up and use VPNs to protect your sensitive information while trading.
  • Best time schedule for trading.
  • Various trading strategies and tips. Plus some bonus strategies.

As stated previously, you’ll also get access to some of the creator’s other crypto courses, like Crypto On Fire and $100/Day Crypto Class.

Private Facebook Group

As with several other training courses, you’ll also be given access to a private Facebook support group.

Here, you can meet with fellow students, communicate with the official team, and ask and share different tips and strategies for crypto trading

Trading Signals

Finally, The 2% Theory will send you some signal alerts to notify you whenever the creator of this course finds a good trade she wants to share.

These signals can be sent anytime, without a definite schedule, and is available for the first three months of the program.

How Much Does The 2% Theory Cost?

The 2% Theory online course, in its entirety, could easily cost you around $1,997. Alternatively, you can join this course with three monthly payments of $799.

They also have a refund policy to get your money back. However, the fine print on their policy is just too much for some people. And more often than not, they won’t read all of it.

So it’s safe to assume that getting your money back when you’re not satisfied with this course is almost impossible. And it really is.

Besides, there are plenty of evidence here that suggests that this online course isn’t worth your money at all.

Is The 2% Theory Worth The Money?

The short answer is that Anna Macko’s 2% Theory isn’t something that you should even bother taking, even if you want to learn how to trade crypto.

Especially since it has a lot of faults. First, let’s start with the course curriculum.

You can check here to see a preview of his course curriculum. And if you observe it carefully, it’s easy to see that her training is simply all over the place.

This makes it very hard to follow, and you won’t be able to understand just exactly what are you going to learn from each module.

Even the module of her trading strategies is all over the place. In one module, you’ll learn one strategy. A few modules later, you’ll learn another one. As such, her online course overall lacks consistency.

In fact, what’s the point of the “2% Theory” strategy that she teaches here, when she also states other trading strategies in her curriculum?

Other Complaints (Reddit)

It’s also worth noting that several people over at the r/BitcoinMarkets and r/CryptoCurrencyClassic subreddits also have nothing but complaints from her courses.

There’s even a compiled list of all the complaints from former students of the course, which can also be found here, and here.

Some of the common complaints that her former students usually state are that the course tends to repeat itself. Several of the modules included are just repeats of the previous lessons, some students claim that it’s just a complete waste of time.

Furthermore, most of the lessons included in the course, they’re just rehashes of training material from different sources. Meaning, nothing is really new and expanded in this course. You can get the same amount of trading education from free videos outside of this course, because they’re all the same.

Finally, there’s little support that you can get from their Facebook community. Questions stated there go unanswered, and there are no moderators in the group as well.

Creator Response

Anna Macko’s response to these complaints isn’t also the most professional one. Which is kind of a given, seeing as she’s not really the most qualified mentor for this course (i.e. she’s not licensed to sell trading signals, which she does so via this course).

She simply deletes any complaints made on her course, either on her Facebook group or on her YouTube channels. And she doesn’t even reply to any of those complaints at all.

Due to this, don’t expect any money-back guarantee from this course if you’re not satisfied with it.

Also, she frequently bashes any negative complaints about her course on her own Instagram account, calling these reviews “haters”, “bashers”, “insecure people”, etc. So far, however, this 2% Theory review of ours hasn’t been the subject of Anna’s bashing, but I won’t be surprised if it did.

Is The 2% Theory A Scam? Will You Recommend It?

Due to all the negative feedback about this online course, as well as how Anna Macko herself uses questionable methods to market this (such as using paid affiliates to make positive reviews for her, as well as using virtual assistants to provide testimonials for her), it’s pretty easy to classify this as a scam. Or at least, very close to it.


In fact, she doesn’t seem to be a true expert on cryptocurrency at all, and only knows the basics of investing on it. She may have just gotten successful simply because a lot of people are fooled into buying this course.

And that is probably the only positive thing about her. If there’s anything she’s good at, she’s really good at marketing, especially for her courses.

She won’t be able to fool plenty of people into buying her low-quality courses if her marketing isn’t great, right? But the way how she handles negative reviews is sadly disappointing.

Overall, the $2,000 that you may spend on this course, is better off spent elsewhere. Besides, you can get an even better training quality in crypto from other free resources.

The 2% Theory Review: Final Thoughts

I’ll just give some more last thoughts, before I close this 2% Theory review.

Again, if you’re someone who wants to learn the ropes on investing in crypto, then Anna Macko’s 2% Theory isn’t the course that you need to take. You’re only going to waste plenty of your money should you decide to take it.

But then again, you should not rely upon crypto trading entirely. Even if you’re already an expert on crypto trading, profiting from crypto trading isn’t the most reliable moneymaking method out there.

Because in my own opinion, all types of investments are somewhat similar to gambling in a sense. And it’s more apparent here in crypto.

Instead, you should focus on building a sustainable business. In order to do that, you should find an opportunity that is legitimate and effective, and is also transparent.

Fortunately, I’m also here to present you with such an opportunity. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this 2% Theory review.

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