22 Minutes To Profit Review – Ugly Scam Exposed!

22 Minutes To Profit.So,you came across this website and want to know whether it is a scam or legit?

I welcome you to this complete in depth review of 22 minutes to profit.

If you are here chances are that you came from their website,looks very good.

Their website is loaded with a lot of hype,they tried very hard to make it look a get rich quick scheme.

They are saying that they have discovered some weird trick that will help you make $500 a day.

If you want to know these tricks than you just have to enroll in this website.

Subscribe them and know all the secrets they used to make billions online.

Frank Stafford is the owner of this website,Is he legit or not?

We are going to talk about that too.But before that let’s talk about making money online.

Does their any kind of tricks if you want to make money online?Unfortunately there are nothing like tricks in this field.

Tricks and luck is just a myth in this business.

Unfortunately for you,22 minutes to profit is another scam.You are not going to make money with this scam.
Let’s talk about it in detail.

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22 Minutes To profits Review

22 minutes to profits is not legit,It is a complete scam.You do not expect to make money with them.

Now,whenever I review some website on beastpreneur,there are some must things to watch for.

First and the most important thing is that you are going to make money from them is by affiliate marketing.

Now,in affiliate marketing you have to promote someone else’s product and get a commission in return.

So,the owner of this company wants you to promote their scam.

Now,if you promote their company and somehow convince your friends to enroll in them,than both of you guys are scammed.

As I said that there is not even a single person who is claiming that they got money in this website.

There is nothing mentioned like payment processor.

By which you are going to get paid.

Nothing,just promote these scams.Another thing is that because of these kinds of tactics scams like 22 minutes to profit increasing day by day.

People start promoting these scams without even knowing whether they are legit or scam.

I have reviewed hundreds of spammy websites on internet who are using the exact same tactic for you.But in reality they are marketing their scam.

I am not saying that affiliate marketing is a scam.

Of course it is the best way to make money online.By promoting scams like these you are going to get nowhere.

You have to promote the product that offers you value and believe from heart will play a massive value in changing lives of the person who is going to buy through your link.

Frank Stafford(OWNER)

Frank Stafford is the owner of this company.Now,I am going to talk about truth,he is not a legit person.In reality he do not even exist.

The owner of this website is whoever hired actors from freelancing sites to do the testimonials.

These testimonials are not legit and are totally fake.This is the thing probably most of the scammers do.

To trap you in their scam they try this tactic to get more sales.

For example,this is a hobby of human nature to see results.And when you land on sites like 22 minutes to profit,you just want one thing.

How much people before you are doing this thing?Are they successful or not?

Means they are making enough money from it to pay their bills or not.And when they see these kind of fake testimonials they immediately fell for it.

It is the best way to increase your sales.But in ethical way,Not like this scam.

There are many testimonials on their site.

Someone saying that he is making $1000 in a day and someone saying that they are making $1000000 in a month.

These are are fake testimonials and total fake.

I am not saying that it is the fault of these actors.They are doing their work.It’s their job what they paid for.

They do testimonials and make money on freelancing sites like fiverr,upwork or people per hour.

Even you can hire them for just $5/video.This is completely the fault of the owner of this site.

Who is spamming people like this and getting more people into this trap.

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Price And Upsells

Let’s talk about the price and upsells of this fake company.

Ok,their essential price to enroll you is $47.But here is the catch.They have upsells.Upsells costs thousands of dollars.

These upsells are kick in the nuts.So,what is their idea to scam people?

They are selling their low ticket product in front.

Which is $47,And once you enroll in them,they will keep asking you for money.

For you there will be no option left other than pay them your money.

I am amazed how can people believe these kinds of scams.

Let me tell you if you came here to read this review,chances are that you are very new to this online industry.Because an experienced affiliate marketer like me can smell these kinds of scams from a mile away.

You fell for that and there is nothing wrong with that.

Even me,when I was starting an online business three years ago fell for these kinds of fake money making schemes.

I have reviewed these kinds of overhyped schemes before.

These are like 20 minutes to billionaire,weird trick millionaire,10 minute millionaire etc.

They are all fake website.

First impression is why you are going to invest the time in some site which you do not know who is the owner is?

The landing page of 22 minutes to profits is very overhyped.

They are just trying to spam the hell out of people.I advise you to report these kinds of fake websites to BBB.You should also do the same.

Is 22 Minutes To Profits A Scam?

Yes,22 minutes to profit is a complete scam.It is designed in such a way that everyone is getting into this trap.

The only way according to the owner of this site to make money from them is by promoting their company.

This is called pyramid schemes and pyramid schemes are illegal in USA.

FTC bans them whenever noticed.

In pyramid schemes,the one and only way to make money from the company is just to promote them.\

Recently a company in China made $2 billion from pyramid scheme..Success

Owners are headed to jail…FAILURE


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This is for today’s review.

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