Choose Pristine 30 Day SMMA Review

You know what?s the easiest way to start an online business?Want to know 30 day SMMA is legit or scam?

So,in this review I will make it a lot easier for you to make a decision.This is because I had also marketing agency in the past.

Without wasting time let?s dive in 30 day smma review.

You may saw choose pristine ads and came here to see this review.

You are thinking to get into SMMA?

One thing I want to tell you is that this is the easiest online business.

If you will get somehow one client agree to work with you,this means that you are already ahead of 69% of americans economically.

Imagine if you get three five or ten clients?That would change your life for sure?

This is why this business is the most overhyped business online.Most of you came after seeing the hype of 30 day SMMA.

One thing I want to make clear is that I am not an affiliate for 30 Day SMMA.

This review is going to be completely honest.Before writing this review I read lots of reviews online.

All of them are positive this is because they will get commissions for every sale.I am not saying that these are not legit reviews,but are biased.

Before talking 30 day smma checkout my #1 recommendation to make money online.

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30 Day SMMA Review

30 day SMMA consist of lots of videos and content.There will be seven module in it.

First of all there will be a introduction video in which choose pristine will welcome you and congrats you on taking step to your success.

After this he will be going to give success stories of his students.The blueprint on how a teenager made $13500 for one client.

Remember the difference between for and from.

When you go to his website choose pristine dot com,there will be a lot of success stories of how failures made thousands of dollars by investing in his course.Seems pretty legit!

Now let?s breakdown the modules for you.

First Module

In the first module you are going to watch 16 videos..In this first module you are going to learn the basics and outline of the course.

These sixteen videos are 90 minutes length.

There is some real stuff in this module.Because first impression is the last one!!!

The basics you are going to learn inside are these!!!

  • Understanding this Game!!!
  • Setting up the domain and email automation etc.
  • Setting your account on paypal and setup to get recurring payments
  • Getting Skype numbers for outreach
  • Giving clients the case studies of the people you worked before!
  • Scheduling meetings on different platform
  • Taxes process
  • How to setup facebook ads page
  • Mindset
  • Privacy policies and other things.

So,I think this is a lot of content but the question is that is it worth it?Hmmm!!!

Second Module

In this module you are going to get very solid content.There will be 27 videos.

These videos are of three hours.In this you are going to learn how to outreach.Now this part is the most important part in SMMA.

You have to get on top of these two thing if you want success in this world.First is sales and second is outreaching.

Now there are hundreds of ways to outreach.I tried almost every of them.

I believe that the best one is to go in person and meet the prospect.But in 30 DAY SMMA Choose Pristine selected these methods!

  • Outreaching tactics
  • Free trials which I hate the most.Waste of your time most of the time.
  • How to get emails of the client from website.
  • Buying leads
  • Email outreaching
  • Different social media for getting leads
  • Outreaching upwork for getting partner

Third Module

In this he is going to teach you sales tactics.Which is the basic part of this game.

I personall took Jordan Belfort the best in sales course just for this.But all in vain which I am going to tell in the end.

  • How to close big clients
  • Case studies
  • Different aspects of closing
  • Follow up methods

Fourth Module

This is on how to deliver results for your client.

How to generate leads.How to keep ROI as minimum as possible.In this module he covered a lot of aspects.

  • Basics
  • How to scale facebook ads
  • How to write killer content
  • Delivering best results
  • Case study again

Fifth module

This module is of outsourcing.This is also important in SMMA.Building a team which delivers is hard.

In this module choose pristine will tell you how to outsource a team that delivers.

Sixth Module

Sixth module is also very basic on how to setup bank accounts.All the other basic stuff that you need to start SMMA.

Last Module OF 30 Day SMMA

This is the last and seventh module.In this module you are going to learn how to set templates and scripts.

  • Template setup
  • Cold calling script
  • Email script
  • Copywriting
  • Payment walkthrough
  • Facebook ads examples

Choose Pristine Review

You may follow him youtube.He has a descent following on youtube.Choose pristine is friend of Iman Gadzhi.

Iman Gadhzi is a six figure agency owner.He has the number one marketing agency across new york.

He also has his own social media marketing course.Known as six figure SMMA.I took this course for my agency too.

Why not we all love simple and easy money.Selling your own digital products is the easiest way to make money online.

I know many online gurus mad millions of dollars just by selling their courses.

I reviewed course from scratch which fake it by selling other how to sell them.Anyways Choose Pristine is not a scam.

He is totally legit.But the value he provide in his course seems to be very less as compared to the cost.Let?s talk about the content..

Final Verdict Of 30 Day SMMA

Yes 100%.Choose Pristine did every effort to make you succeed in 30 Day Smma.

I have taken courses of smma which provided same value but are double the price of 30 Day SMMA.

But the problem is that everyone is getting in this business.In fact this is the easiest way to build an online business.

The industry is getting so much s aturated that it is very hard to resist.

I personally believe that SMMA is the worst business model in 2020.

You have to constantly call hundreds of business owners and convince them that you are good at running ads.

Yes,it is very saturated day by day.Every single person calling business owners.Sometimes they freak out on marketers.

This is because this is their business number but marketer calling their offices to sell themselves.

I tried every possible method.From free trial to everything.But the main reason is that it?s super hard to resist in SMMA.

This is the bitter reality.

As I said that I took six figures SMMA course by Iman Gadhzi.But the main problem after taking these courses are that they do not teach you how to succeed.

There is no guarantee that you will get even a single client.

It is more than likely that you will be searching informations on internet on how to get clients in SMMA.

Most of the time they don?t trust you.Terrible business model!

Alternative OF 30 Day SMMA

That is why i love affiliate marketing.Well lot?s of people says that it is also saturated but it?s not the truth.Because you are not competing with others.

You are your own boss.You will grow your own business instead of growing other people businesses.

I will not bullshit you.Affiliate marketing is the real skill online.It is the best business online at the moment.

There are three worst business online which are Amazon fba,dropshipping and SMMA.

I tried them all.But all in vain because this is not a rel world of online business.SMMA is not for everyone.And I think it is very hard to grow from $3k per month.

Considering if you charge one thousand dollar from one client.This is the reason because facebook ads requires s**t load of work.

You have to sit whole day and night to run a simple facebook ad.As compared to affiliate marketing.

I love high ticket affiliate marketing.

Why I am saying is that you only require five sales to make $10k a month.

Yes,I love high ticket affiliate marketing that is why I am recommending you this.

High ticket affiliate marketing is in which you will get commissions $1000 or more.

Nothing less than that.I want you to invest seven dollars on your future right now.This will be the best investment you are going to make.Take first step to your success.

Unlock your financial freedom right now with investment as little as seven dollars.

You will have to skip two cups of coffee for starting a real online business.

Best of Luck for your Future!


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