5 Best Online Filmmaking Courses You Should Buy In 2022

If you’re looking for some of the best online filmmaking courses today, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best online filmmaking courses that are available today. But before we start, you may be asking.

Why would anyone want to study filmmaking, anyway? Well, learning how to create your own videos, whether short or long, has several advantages.

With that skill, you could set up your own events videographer service. Many special events, like weddings, debuts, birthdays, even business-related events, need videographers and photographers to cover those events. Thus, if they see fit, they can hire you to do it.

Learning how to make your own videos can be of great benefit to your internet marketing. As it has been proven that video content gets even more engagement than simply pictures or text alone.

If you know how to create your own commercial videos, it can be an even bigger benefit for your marketing. And you can even save some money on hiring someone to do it for you.

But learning even the most basic filmmaking methods is especially important if you want to be a YouTuber, whether it’s by vlogging or even livestreaming of any kind. Because nowadays, being a YouTuber is definitely one of the more popular side hustles right now when it comes to earning money online.

Of course, with plenty of these filmmaking courses around, it’s quite hard to find something that suits you. What you’ll want is something that gives you the best educational value for the money you’ll be spending.

So to help you out with your decision, here are the 5 best online filmmaking courses that you should check out today. Take note that each of these courses is selected based on my research.

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1. Full Time Filmmaker

Best Online Filmmaking Courses - Full Time Filmmaker

Full Time Filmmaker is billed as “the ultimate online film school” by its creators.  And that certainly is an understatement.

With over 400+videos contained inside, Full Time Filmmaker is arguably one of the most complete online filmmaking courses out there.

Inside here, you’ll basically have almost everything you need to learn. From how to get started in filmmaking, getting the gear you need, how to shoot your videos, and most importantly, editing.

It also contains a variety of lessons meant to teach you how to cover certain events. Such as how to create videos for weddings, travel (perfect for bloggers), real estate, and even others.

Finally, there’s even a lesson on how you can turn your filmmaking skill into a business and earn money from it.

Due to the huge number of content on this program, it can get too overwhelming at first glance. But once you get used to it, it’ll basically become your one-stop program for all your filmmaking knowledge needs.


  • It’s got basically everything that you need to learn about filmmaking.
  • You can get plenty of discounts on various video products from Adobe, Apple, etc.
  • Has a comprehensive lesson about the business side of filmmaking
  • It’s being constantly updated.


  • It can get too overwhelming at first if you don’t know where to start.
  • It’s rather expensive compared to the others.

For the full review of Full Time Filmmaker, click on this link here.

2. Tomorrow’s Filmmakers

Best Online Filmmaking Courses - Tomorrow's Filmmakers

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers can be considered a cheaper alternative to others filmmaking courses like Full Time Filmmaker. In that, it also offers a somewhat complete and comprehensive training about filmmaking.

Like the others, it also offers some filmmaking lessons that are perfect for those new to filmmaking. As well as other advanced lessons, like how to produce videos for certain events, training on how to set up your equipment, etc.

However, what makes Tomorrow’s Filmmakers different from your standard filmmaking course, is that some of its lessons can talk about the Christian worldview at some point.

This means that the mentors would occasionally reference Christianity and its values during its lessons, and how we can apply it to the filmmaking life (and life in general).

In addition, Tomorrow’s Filmmakers is also missing some material compared to other programs of its nature, most especially, on the business side of filmmaking. But to compensate, Tomorrow’s Filmmakers contains material that focuses more on the artistic side of filmmaking, such as some acting lessons, special effects, etc.


  • It’s much cheaper than other programs, yet features comparable educational content.
  • Its Christianity-centric way of teaching means that the faithful can easily connect with them. Even some non-Christians will have no trouble understanding the concepts being taught here.
  • Compared to others, it focuses more on the artistic side of filmmaking.


  • Some of the Christian-centric teachings on this program can be a distraction to some viewers, who may feel that it’s not even necessary for an online program like this.
  • While there’s also a fair amount of training content with regards to business here, it’s not as detailed and comprehensive as the others.

For the full review of Tomorrow’s Filmmakers, click on this link here.

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3. James Cameron’s Masterclass

Best Online Filmmaking Courses - James Cameron's Masterclass

Masterclass.com is a website that contains online courses instructed by some of the biggest names and personalities in a specific field. If you ever want to experience being taught by someone who is truly an expert on your chosen field, then Masterclass.com is something you may want to try out.

And everyone knows about James Cameron, right? Since many of you have already seen plenty of his blockbuster movies like The Terminator, Avatar, Titanic, and Aliens.

So what better way to learn filmmaking than from someone who has won several awards in the filmmaking industry?

This Masterclass course contains 15 video lessons, and has a total runtime of around 3 and a half hours. Here, he tackles the several elements of a compelling, story-driven film, such as developed characters, suspense, etc.

During the course, he’ll also show some brief behind-the-scenes look at some of his movies, along with a slight breakdown about some of those scenes. Finally, he’ll also teach you some guidelines on how you can produce a film even on a low budget.

This online course may not be the most comprehensive around (it seems to be aimed at experts). But if you wanted to get some inspiration for your next movie project, James Cameron’s Masterclass is a good investment.

Additional Notes: The $15 monthly fee not only gives you access to James Cameron’s Masterclass, but also to all of the online courses provided by website.


  • You get to learn from a proven icon in filmmaking.
  • Gives you some behind the-scenes look at some of the scenes from Jame Cameron’s own award-winning movies.
  • Can provide some filmmaking inspiration.


  • Not the most comprehensive filmmaking course out there.
  • This course assumes that you already know the basics of filmmaking.

4. 14 Day Filmmaker

Best Online Filmmaking Courses - 14 Day Filmmaker
  • Website: 14 Day Filmmaker
  • Instructors: Paul Xavier & Anthony Gallo
  • Price: $48 (Plus upsells)

Out of the filmmaking training programs featured here, 14 Day Filmmaker seems to be the most internet marketing-prominent of this bunch.

14 Day Filmmaker includes the usual lessons that you can expect from a filmmaking training course, most especially the basics. What separates this program from the others, however, is that most of its content is geared toward creating commercial videos.

It even includes training on how to generate leads using social media. Which are usually found in some online courses about lead generation (just like this one).

And while the training can be completed in any timeframe, it’s suggested that is one should be completed in as many as 14 days (as per the name). Most probably so the lessons could be implemented well.

The only drawback about the 14 Day Filmmaker is that it’s said that this program contains upsells. But most of them aren’t really that essential, so they can be safely ignored.


  • It’s one of the cheaper online courses about video shooting and editing out there.
  • This is good if you’re just planning to shoot simple and short videos for your content (ex. commercials.)


  • The training program is only good for shooting a specific film category. If you want further training on how to shoot other categories, you have to look elsewhere.
  • There are claims that this training program has upsells. Which really isn’t necessary.

For the full review of the 14 Day Filmmaker, click on this link here.

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5. Low Budget Filmmaking – Tips and Tricks for an Indie Look

Best Online Filmmaking Courses - Low Budget Filmmaking

Do you want to also produce amazing video content, but you don’t have the money needed for the recommended gear (which, for the most part, are usually expensive?). Then this online course hosted on Skillshare is the perfect one for you.

Low Budget Filmmaking is solid proof that most of the time, you don’t even need expensive equipment to make your videos look good. All you need is a little guidance, some skill, and plenty of creativity to achieve the result you want.

As stated in the course title, this focuses on how you can make your videos have an “indie film” feel to them. Furthermore, the instructor teaches these lessons in a lively way that will surely make you interested all throughout this course.

With the course spanning a total of 6 lessons, with a total runtime of 30 minutes, it’s one of the shortest courses here. But it still gets the job done.

Low Budget Filmmaking is a great course if you’re on a tight budget for expensive gear. But it’s also great if you want to learn how to shoot certain video types like documentaries, music videos, and travel videos.

A note to keep in mind: The $168/year or $32/month subscription is the cost to join the Skillshare platform itself. This means, once you join, you’ll not only have access to this particular course, but also other courses within the platform as well.


  • It’s a great and simple course if you lack the budget for expensive gear, yet you still want to take high-quality videos for any reason.
  • The content is simple, but fun.
  • Very useful for indie film producers.


  • It’s not the most comprehensive and complete filmmaking course out there.

Best Online Filmmaking Courses: A Final Word

So there you have it. There are what I think are the 5 best online filmmaking courses right now in 2022. Because of the sheer number of online filmmaking courses out there, it’s always a good thing that you can least narrow down your choices.

But keep in mind that what you want to take depends on your filmmaking goals.

Do you want to learn filmmaking for business purposes, or do you want to put your storyline ideas into a film? Whatever it is, there’s always a good online filmmaking course that’s suitable for me.

If you’re going to ask for my personal choice, I would go for Full Time Filmmaker. Because it also teaches a little bit about the business side of filmmaking.

But I also liked the masterclass of James Cameron because it can give you a good amount of inspiration. Especially when you want to make a film with a good narrative.

Ultimately, any of these recommended best online filmmaking courses are worth it if you want to learn about filmmaking.

And if you want to complement this by learning an effective business model that can make you a good amount of money, especially in a passive manner, keep on reading for my recommendation.

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