60 Day Bookkeeper Review – Robin Buckallew Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program named 60 Day Bookkeeper. Is it legit? Find out in this 60 Day Bookkeeper review.

Bookkeeping is a very important aspect of any business. Knowing how to do it can be a game changer, and honestly, it can help you know whether or not you are making money in your business venture.

Most bookkeeping tasks of a business are often taken care of by those who have been hired as accountants, business managers, and financial advisors of a business. Not the owner. After all, bookkeeping is quite stressful, and in order to do it properly, you need to be aware of what you are doing. There is no shortcut.

That is why I am quite surprised that I have found this program. A 60-day bookkeeping course? Sounds a little suspicious, so here I am now to tell you all about this.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this 60 Day Bookkeeper review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with 60 Day Bookkeeper in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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60 Day Bookkeeper Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: 60 Day Bookkeeper
  • Founder: Robin Buckallew
  • Website: https://www.60daybookkeeper.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Online course
  • Niche: Bookkeeping
  • Recommendation: If you want to be a bookkeeper, it is much better if you study in a legitimate educational institution instead.

What is 60 Day Bookkeeper?

60 Day Bookkeeper Review - Logo
Robin Buckallew, the innovative mind behind 60 Day Bookkeeper, introduces a mini-course designed to illuminate the path to a career in bookkeeping. This free resource serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights to help individuals determine their suitability for the field, understand pricing structures, assess startup expenses, and delve into various other aspects of bookkeeping.
60 Day Bookkeeper acts as a gateway to the lucrative realm of bookkeeping, known for its scarcity of competitors and abundant financial opportunities. Through this program, participants gain access to a wealth of simple yet effective tactics and powerful strategies tailored to enhance accuracy and professionalism in this specialized niche.
From mastering essential skills to establishing a reputation for excellence, this course equips aspiring bookkeepers with the tools needed to thrive in the industry.

Who is Robin Buckallew?

60 Day Bookkeeper Review - Robin Buckallew

Robin Buckallew, the visionary behind Buckallew & Associates, PLLC, is the brains behind 60 Day Bookkeeper. Drawing upon her extensive expertise as a Certified Public Accountant and adjunct accounting instructor, Buckallew aims to deliver top-tier bookkeeper training to individuals, regardless of their educational background or prior experience.

With a proven track record of establishing and scaling a successful virtual bookkeeping enterprise catering to businesses across various industries nationwide, Buckallew brings invaluable insights and firsthand knowledge to her training program. Leveraging her entrepreneurial journey, she has meticulously crafted a roadmap designed to guide students towards professional success.

Through her 60 Day Bookkeeper program, Buckallew offers comprehensive on-demand training coupled with live support, fostering confidence and skill development from the ground up. Students will be undergoing instruction covering fundamental bookkeeping principles and are equipped with the tools necessary to build and manage their own thriving businesses. Moreover, participants will be given access to live coaching and support from seasoned bookkeeping professionals.

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60 Day Bookkeeper Overview

In this course, participants will discover a comprehensive roadmap to establishing a successful bookkeeping business, devoid of the need for licenses, degrees, or prior experience in bookkeeping. Through three straightforward yet potent methods, beginners can kickstart their bookkeeping ventures with minimal investment in outdated advertising tactics. Detailed instructions are provided for every step of the process, along with invaluable tips to accelerate business growth.

Additionally, participants will gain insight into setting up best practices, avoiding common pitfalls, and devising innovative approaches to the bookkeeping industry. The course also covers strategies for expanding business operations and reaching new heights of success. With a wealth of valuable content and practical guidance, participants can expect to gain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of bookkeeping.

The course is composed of 8 modules all about bookkeeping. Here are their titles:

  • Module 1. The Online Business Opportunity.
  • Module 2. Thinking Like a Bookkeeper.
  • Module 3. Finding Your First Paying Client.
  • Module 4. Bookkeeping Basics and Workflows.
  • Module 4a. Quickbooks Online from Start to Finish
  • Module 5. Review Process (Walk Throughs)
  • Hands-on Practice with Accounting Software.
  • Module 6. Turning Bookkeeping Into a Business.
  • Module 7. Scaling to Multiple Clients & Marketing Like a Pro.
  • Module 8. Once You Get the Job.
From the titles alone, I guess we could say that Robin did try her best to cover all the bases necessary in order to teach a bookkeeping course to learners of little to no experience in the field. As much as I appreciate this though, it doesn’t like what she can teach is substantial, and in no way can replace actual knowledge from having a degree in accountancy like her. A good basics course, yet lacking in a lot of aspects.


The course is $129. Actually not bad compared to a lot of courses I have found pretending that all you need in the field is in the course. For a basics course though, the price is a little steep. However, if you factor in the way that this program is structured to be completed in 60 days, then maybe you can get your money’s worth.

A word of caution though – this course is not enough to teach you what you need to learn in order to make bookkeeping a full-fledged career. Do not forget that.

Courses like this should come with a disclaimer, but this one does not. Disappointing, really. But Robin’s gotta sell more courses – after all, this is what this is all about.

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Is Robin Buckallew Legit?

It does not look like Robin is a scammer, but the way she handles this course is just suspicious to me. First off, she is very confident with the course content, advertising it as a good “alternative” to learn bookkeeping. Yeah, I definitely scoffed at that. Let me reiterate that the best way for you to learn bookkeeping is to enroll at an actual learning institution and learn from there. Internet courses, especially by independent people who brand themselves as “visionaries”, are not very reliable.

While Robin might not have done anything suspicious, I just do not think that her course is worth what she is asking for. She is not a licensed instructor. Her modules may not be designed properly, meaning that even if you try to study them, you might end up just being frustrated by the lack of organization in curriculum design.

Another thing worth noting is that information about Robin in the internet is very limited. You would have to blindly trust her, and if you ask me, entrusting someone with $100 without knowing their background is not something you should do.

Final Verdict – 60 Day Bookkeeper Review

After delving into the details of the 60 Day Bookkeeper program, it’s clear that while Robin Buckallew presents herself as a reputable figure in the bookkeeping realm, there are several concerning aspects worth noting. While bookkeeping is undoubtedly a critical aspect of any business, the idea of condensing it into a 60-day crash course raises eyebrows. Typically, bookkeeping tasks are entrusted to professionals with specialized knowledge and experience, such as accountants or financial advisors, rather than novice entrepreneurs seeking quick solutions.

Despite Buckallew’s assertions that her program offers a comprehensive guide to mastering bookkeeping fundamentals, the course’s structure and content appear somewhat lacking, especially considering the complexities inherent in the field. While the modules cover a range of topics, from basic workflows to marketing strategies, there’s a lingering sense that the material may fall short of providing a robust foundation for aspiring bookkeepers.

Furthermore, the course’s pricing, while not exorbitant, seems disproportionate to the depth of knowledge and expertise it offers. At $129, participants may expect more than just a surface-level understanding of bookkeeping principles, especially considering the critical role accuracy and proficiency play in financial management.

Moreover, the absence of a disclaimer accompanying the course is concerning, as it fails to set realistic expectations for prospective students. While Buckallew may not be intentionally misleading individuals, the lack of transparency regarding her credentials and the course’s limitations leaves much to be desired.

Ultimately, while Buckallew may not be operating with malicious intent, her course may not be the solution it’s touted to be. Aspiring bookkeepers would be wise to exercise caution and thoroughly research their options before investing time and money in a program that may not fully deliver on its promises. After all, when it comes to education and professional development, shortcuts are rarely the answer.

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