9-Month Millionaire Review – Bryan Perry Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about 9-Month Millionaire. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Stock trading is one of those industries that I am often confused by. There is just something about that particular industry that has such a high barrier of entry. Not everybody can go into stock trading without some information in their brains. It’s like there’s a lot of ways that everything could go wrong.

Compared to other money earning methods, stock trading is one of the hardest ones. You’re putting in a lot of money into it. But you don’t really know if you’re going to earn it back. The market is highly unpredictable. There will be days where you gain a decent amount of money from it. And there will be days where you don’t earn your money back.

That’s why I’m not really fond of stock trading in general. Just because there’s so much risks that I don’t think people are ready for. But it’s good that there are people willing to teach novices how to start their journey in stock trading. Not all training programs are created equal though.

So whenever I hear of training programs or systems like 9-Month Millionaire, I am immediately skeptical of it. There’s a lot of expectations just from the name of the program. It feels as if they’re guaranteeing that you’ll be a millionaire within nine months.

But is this program actually up to snuff? Or are you just going to waste a lot of money in stock trading from using the tricks you’ll learn from Bryan Perry?

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9-Month Millionaire Review: Quick Details

  • Name: 9-Month Millionaire
  • Founder: Bryan Perry
  • Website: https://www.bryanperryinvesting.com/
  • Socials: Not available
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommendation: I don’t really recommend stock trading to anyone. There’s a lot of innate risks in this particular industry. You shouldn’t do it unless you have money that you’re willing to part with. It’s not for everyone.

Who Is Bryan Perry?

A screenshot of a video featuring 9-Month Millionaire creator Bryan Perry

It’s often a struggle to find information regarding certain personalities. You should never assume that there’s going to be a well-written biography about them out there online. That kind of effort usually goes to well-known celebrities, artists or politicians. Sometimes these personalities put in the effort into writing a short autobiography about themselves on their websites. But that’s assuming that they have a website to begin with.

In the case of Bryan Perry, he has, at least listed down some of his achievements as a financial advisor. It seems that it has been about three decades or so since he started working in the financial industry. He has word with some of the major financial firms out there on Wall Street.

Then, for about two years, he had the chance of hosting a weekly financial news show on Bloomberg’s affiliate radio network. This is my first learning that Bloomberg had a radio service. But considering that they have their own cable network, it just makes sense to also have a radio service.

There isn’t really much else to his career after that. Where else would somebody’s career in finance go? I guess it’s online training programs? Though, it really started with a newsletter. People love getting mail on their inbox, somehow. That’s really where you can cultivate an audience. Any kind of product would work as long as you have an audience that will support it. Aside from that, he has also published a few books about trading.

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What Is 9-Month Millionaire?

9-Month Millionaire is a system that Bryan Perry created. When you go to the sales funnel page for 9-Month Millionaire, you are welcomed with a chart of trades that started from January 2020 until September 2020. Up top, you will see that the starting cash was $5,000. And as the months went by, the balance went up.

Within the last four months of trading, the balance being show reach up to more than a million dollars. Apparently, that’s what you could be earning if you follow Bryan Perry’s system. It never gets mentioned early on what the specifics of the system are.

It seems that the 9-Month Millionaire system involves reinvesting your earnings to a different trade. Almost every month on that chart, they reinvested their earnings into a different company. Though, from April to June, the trades stayed within a single company. Specifically, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., a company that owns different franchise restaurants.

After that, it was reinvested into a semiconductors company then an apparel manufacturing company before being reinvested back to Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. There is still nothing about the system that makes sense yet. But as you scroll along the page, it gets mentioned that people like Warren Buffet have used a similar method when it comes to investments. So it’s even a thing that Bryan Perry has thought of on his own. It was already something people were using in their trades. But it seems only a select few know how this exact method works.

Are You Actually Going To Learn Anything?

None of the other reviews I have seen have explicitly mentioned what the system exactly is. And I get why they don’t want to spoil any secrets. But since the method is kept under lock and key—or a yearly subscription worth $995 to the Quick Trader Income newsletter—there’s no way of actually finding out.

It seems that the system might involve something called the “put option.” According to Investopedia, it’s a contract where it “gives the option buyer the right to sell a specified amount of an underlying security at a predetermined price within a predetermined time frame.” I’m just confused as you are. It seems that if the price of the stock drops, the put option is a lot more valuable. Basically, you’re hoping that the price of the stock does increase or decrease up until a certain amount. You’re hedging your bets, for the most part.

As you can see, it’s really difficult to parse a lot of the terms in stock trading. Even if the sales funnel page for 9-Month Millionaire, says that you don’t need to be an expert to use the system. Nothing about stock trading is easy.

I have got to admit that while reading the Investopedia page for put options, I did not understand a word what was written. You really need to have a lot knowledge when it comes to these terms. And usually that takes years of studying. I tried my best to translate it into the most basic of English. But it’s really hard to do so. There’s so much you need to understand for any of the terms to make any sense.

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Final Verdict – 9-Month Millionaire Review

There’s nothing about 9-Month Millionaire that seems worth it. You can only access the system by spending a yearly subscription to his news letter that cost $995. That’s a lot of money that you’re going spend. And that’s on top of the initial investment of $5,000 that you’re going to put in whatever stock options Bryan Perry recommends.

Not everybody has that kind of money to burn. That’s why I don’t really recommend stock trading to anyone. There’s just so much risks that’s innate in the entire process. Even if you do follow the system to a tee, it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to make the same gains as advertised.

You have to be sure that you’re willing to let go that much money in hopes that you recoup your investment within a month. It really feels like stock trading is like gambling sometimes. You just never know how the market moves. Even if Bryan Perry has decades of experience, it’s hard to copy his success.

There’s a reason why Bryan chose to created paid newsletter subscriptions. It’s an alternate income stream aside from trading. They know how volatile the market can be. And they know that there are people willing to give money to whoever has that simple trick that will make them rich.

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That’s it for my review of 9-Month Millionaire. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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