90 Day Pipeline Review – Ahmad Munawar Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as 90 Day Pipeline. Is the company legit? Find out in this 90 Day Pipeline review.

Ahmad Munawar assists B2B service providers and consultants in acquiring a greater number of high-paying customers.

Even if you are terrible at marketing and sales and have a ton of other things going on in your life, he claims that his program will show you how to do it.

But if Ahmad is to be believed, the claim he makes is that it will bring you consultancy deal worth five and six figures within a period of the next three months. How much do you need to pay for the program? Are the claims true?

You will find that out and a lot more once you begin reading the review, so let us jump right in.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this 90 Day Pipeline review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ahmad Munawar in any shape or form whatsoever.

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90 Day Pipeline Review: Quick Details

  • Name: 90 Day Pipeline
  • Owner: Ahmad Munawar
  • Website: https://go.90daypipeline.com/overview
  • Socials: Instagram, Twitter
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Consultancy
  • Recommended?: Being a consultant requires you to have mastery of the subject matter you plan to coach people in. If you want good opportunities with higher profit potential, then this may not be the right fit for you.

Who is Ahmad Munawar?

90 Day Pipeline Review - Ahmad Munawar

Ahmad began his professional life working for Ernst and Young, but later made the decision to launch his own specialized consulting firm.

However, in contrast to the majority of consultants, who are often specialists in a variety of subjects, he is an authority in the field of consultants.

In a nutshell, he instructs consultants on how to become rock stars in their field while simultaneously expanding the size of their own firms.

After only a few years in the industry, he has already built his coaching business into a multi-million dollar company that has collaborated with hundreds of other consultants.

He has also made appearances on a number of high-quality podcasts over the years, with the Business Innovators Radio Network being one of the more recent podcasts on which he has been featured.

Ahmad Munawar started off as a struggling entrepreneur, but has now built a consultancy firm that is worth one million dollars and has incredible clients all over the world. He was able to do this in only three brief years by concentrating his efforts on the three most important aspects of pipeline success.

  • Firstly, there is the distribution of power. Prospective customers have a right to know what makes you the optimal option for them and why they should choose you.
  • The second part of the equation is the outcomes mechanism. You have to demonstrate to them how you will get the outcomes that they are looking for.
  • The last aspect of marketing is called leadership marketing, and it involves positioning yourself as a leader in your chosen industry.

90 Day Pipeline Overview

90 Day Pipeline Review - Logo


Simply put, the 90-Day Pipeline coaching program is intended for consultants who wish to increase the number of leads they work with.

However, converting those leads into paying clients is a far more difficult task, and Ahmad wants to assist you with this area of your company’s operations as well.

This program resembles other consultancy coaching programs in the market, like Alex Smale’s coaching program, as well as Sell What You Know.

The “Friendly” Call

Everything begins with a “Pipeline Call,” which lasts for around 15 minutes.

You are assured by Ahmad that there will be no pressure to buy anything during this call, and that it will simply be a nice talk. By that assurance alone, I already know that it is not just a friendly call, but he wants to immediately manipulate you into give him money. Classic guru move, if you ask me.

As I mentioned before, he is quite skilled at selling, and once again, this is an excellent phrase that will put the audience at ease. They will very certainly hop on a “no pressure” call with him if they have even the tiniest bit of an interest in his teaching.

Well, call me a killjoy, but I have encountered quite a lot of these “friendly calls” already. They usually end up being a manipulative move, which is never good for the customer.

The conversation will focus on the current status of your consulting firm, after which he will explain the ways in which he might be able to assist you if you find what he has to say to be helpful. This paves the way for you to collaborate with him and actually put a new gear in motion for your company’s growth and success.

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Sales Funnels

The coaching will next cover the process of addressing the strategy of driving a consistent stream of leads to your sales funnel.

He argues that the challenge that most consultants confront is that they are not aware that just two to three percent of the individuals to whom they are presenting their services are actually in a position to purchase those services.

To put it another way, just around two to three percent of the people that go through their funnel end up being clients.

Ahmad says that while there isn’t much that can be done to change it, what you can do is boost the amount of individuals that enter your funnel, and he will show you how to accomplish that as part of his coaching.

Three Elements of Coaching

Ahmad says that his coaching revolves around the following:

  • Power positioning
  • Results mechanism
  • Leadership marketing

According to Ahmad, “Power Positioning” is the method of differentiating oneself in the market by demanding higher rates for your goods or services. In concept, this appears to be a straightforward matter, but there is one significant drawback to this tactic.

If you’re going to demand higher charges, you had better be able to back up your claims with accomplishments. If you don’t, you’re going to get caught very quickly, and then you’re going to have a lot of significant difficulties.

The premise around which the Results Mechanism approach is built is that you must first demonstrate to your prospective clients how you will achieve their results, and then inform them that you will only charge them for those outcomes.

Because of this, in principle, you should be able to command a higher price because it will position you as an authority figure and provide you the opportunity to earn the customer’s confidence because you will be guiding them through the process. Again, this sounds great in principle, but don’t forget that in practice, you’ll need to be able to carry out what you’ve committed to doing.

Last but not least, Ahmad places an emphasis on something he calls “leadership marketing.” Putting oneself in a position to be a market leader involves the steps outlined in this phrase.

He talks about being in the public eye a lot. To put it another way, “omnipresent.” Keep in mind that just three percent of individuals are in what is known as the “purchasing mentality.” Because of this, you really do need to draw a large number of people into your funnel, and the most effective method to accomplish this is to be everywhere at once.

If you are successful in doing so, it indicates that the three percent of people in your sales funnel who do have a mentality that is conducive to making a purchase will amount to a sizeable enough population to have an effect on your company.


The cost appears to be something of a well kept secret, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it may vary based on the present status of your firm as well as the scope of your aims. However, based on what I’ve found, it seems like the cost of the coaching is somewhere about $8,000.

To most people, that seems really overpriced. Heck, I would definitely think twice before deciding to spend that much money on coaching.

On the other hand though, it is simple to believe that spending $8,000 on coaching is excessive, but the value is what you should give the most consideration while making your decision.

After all, the value you obtain in exchange for a certain cost is what ultimately determines whether or not a transaction is worthwhile.

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Final Verdict – 90 Day Pipeline Review

Before I end this 90 Day Pipeline review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

The primary focus of the 90 Day Pipeline Coaching program is to help you take your consulting firm to the next level.

That’s fantastic, but the catch is that in order to take your consulting firm to the next level, you’re going to need to become a consultant yourself. This presents a difficulty.

You are going to want to make sure that the consulting business is the proper business for you before you commit to the coaching program, as this will help you determine whether or not the program is ideal for you.

Consulting is not exactly the most effective approach to produce passive income, if we are being completely honest here. In point of fact, it is the polar opposite of passive income, as you are effectively exchanging your time for money when you engage in this activity.

One more thing to think about is the fact that in order to be a genuinely successful and high-quality consultant, you are going to need to be an expert in your industry. To clarify, I’m not arguing that you can’t become an expert in your industry over time; nevertheless, the mentoring provided by the 90-Day Pipeline won’t turn you into an expert consultant.

It may instruct you on how to expand your consulting firm, but if you want to take your company to the next level, you had better be able to give the goods in terms of delivering the best results possible.

So, if you want an opportunity to make money passively, then maybe this is not for you.

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