90 Day VA Review – Esther Inman Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about 90 Day VA. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Virtual assistance is one of the more sought after positions for any kind of online job out there. As with our experience during the early parts of the pandemic, it was sort of a nice change of pace to do work from the comfort of our homes. While a lot of people have since gone back to work on-site, there is still a demand for virtual assistants. As such, people want to pursue a career in becoming a virtual assistant. But the problem, for the most part, is skills.

I guess that’s why VA-related training programs exist on the internet. There’s a demand for these kinds of information, and it’s seems that those training programs meet those demands. Most of the training programs that I have reviewed are well-researched and well-taught. Although, not all of them are as good as the others.

So whenever a new-to-me training program like 90 Day VA pops up on my radar, there’s always a lot of expectations. I have reviewed a ton of different VA-related programs like the Savvy System from The Virtual Savvy founder Abbey Ashley. So I have a general idea of what they could possibly provide, content-wise.

But sometimes not all training programs provide the same content as their competitors. There might be a different approach that they have that others don’t. You do have to provide something that your competition doesn’t have.

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90 Day VA Review: Quick Details

  • Name: 90 Day VA
  • Founder: Esther Inman
  • Website: https://www.90dayva.com/
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Virtual assistance
  • Recommendation: While there is a lot you could learn from the 90 Day VA program, there is nothing in it that is different from the other virtual assistance-related training programs that are out there.

Who Is Esther Inman?

A screenshot of a video from 90 Day VA founder Esther Inman

Esther Inman is the founder of Virtual Assistant Internship and the 90 Day VA program. There isn’t a lot to her backstory from what I could find. Sometimes, not everyone has a tragic backstory that lead them to start their own company.

Before Esther got into the whole virtual assistance thing, she was a teacher. That was what she went to college for. She moved abroad because there was an opportunity there for her. Eventually, she went back to America so that she could continue her work as a teacher. Unfortunately, the pay for teachers to where she moved to isn’t enough to cover the costs of her rent. So she decided to work a corporate job.

At some point throughout all of that, she went into a relationship with somebody who works for the military. She also gave birth to a child. So there was a lot on her plate outside of her corporate work. And because her husband works in the military, that meant that they had to move quite a bit depending on where he was station. So, unsurprisingly, she had to quit her corporate job.

That didn’t really stop her from wanting to work. So she decided to find a way of earning money with the flexibility of working from wherever. That lead her to find out about virtual assistance. And that’s pretty much it. She continued to work as a virtual assistant.

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What Is 90 Day VA?

Similar to how a certain VA training program started, Esther Inman was getting overbooked. So she decided to spread the wealth, in a way, by referring some of her fellow moms living in the base to virtual assistance. It seems that a lot of them didn’t really know what being a VA entailed. But Esther was more than welcome to help some of her fellow moms out.

And it worked, unsurprisingly. Her fellow moms were able to earn money for themselves without having to commute to an office. It just grew as most of these types of courses do. You’re bound to try to expand outside of the initial audience. I mean, why wouldn’t something like virtual assistance interest people?

That leads us to the 90 Day VA course. As the name suggests, it’s a training program that will help you become a virtual assistant within 90 days. I feel like you can finish the course quicker than that. But it’s sometimes good to take some time to understand what the course is going to teach you.

When you go the 90 Day VA website, you’re most likely to be welcomed by a funnel page. It’s pretty standard with most online-based courses. I feel like there isn’t a training program that doesn’t have a funnel page of some sort. For the most part, those funnel pages are the actually website.

The reason why sales funnel pages are commonly used is that they filter out people who could actually become customers. Not everybody who goes to the next step will actually finish it. But those that do count as a win for the ones who created the course.

So What Are You Getting Out Of 90 Day VA?

A screenshot of a video from 90 Day VA founder Esther Inman behind a desk

When you get past the the first page on the 90 Day VA website, you are redirected to more than an hour-long presentation on what the course actually provides. Of course, Esther Inman will go through how she started her journey to becoming a virtual assistant. But seeing as you’re here, you already know most of how that story goes. The next hour of that presentation will go through the overview of what it takes to become a virtual assistant of your own.

Most of the modules in the course are all about skill building. It makes sense that 90 Day VA is a skill building course. Because you need to have some level of skills when it comes to being a VA. It’s sometimes good to have a lot of skills to offer to your clients. Of course, you should always do most of the work to the best of your abilities.

The cost of entire course is $997. Sometimes, there’s going to be a discount of about $200 so you’re probably going to pay $797. It’s kind of a lot of money, I know. But you do get lifetime access to the course if you buy. You could probably earn back the money you spent on that if you manage to find clients relatively quick.

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Final Verdict – 90 Day VA Review

There’s actually nothing wrong with the 90 Day VA course. Virtual assistance is one of the niches where there’s a lot more people finding success in compared to other niches out there. While not everything is as easy as it looks, learning skills that you’ll need to become a VA is fairly easy. I feel like most people already have some level of the skills that clients are looking for. They just need to better themselves.

That being said, 90 Day VA is a pretty decent training program, all things considered. You’re learning a lot of skills that you can apply to other ventures in case you wanted to. Social media management can be used for marketing of your own business. Then there’s podcast & video editing and management. There’s also e-mail marketing. Most of what you’ll learn through 90 Day VA can be applied to a lot of other online jobs.

I think that the price for access to the course might be a lot for some people. Especially since it’s at least $800 upfront. But once you’ve paid for it, you can access it for as many times as you can. I feel like you’re bound to earn the money back within a few months of working for different clients.

And I guess that’s why a lot of people are interested in becoming VAs. There’s just a decent demand for it online. You only really need a decent computer and an internet connection to make it work. A handful of VA jobs out there don’t even need you to show your face on camera frequently. As long as you’re doing good work, it doesn’t really matter what you look like right now. But you’re competing against other people. And you need to have the skillset that your clients need.

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That’s it for my review of 90 Day VA. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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