A1 Trading Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about A1 Trading. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

If you are somebody who is interested in learning about something like stock trading or foreign exchange trading, you will not have a hard time finding a website that has the information you are looking for. That is the good thing about the internet. There is an abundance of resources that are available at your fingertips. You will not run out of places to find relevant information about stock trading and foreign exchange trading. Most of them are probably going to be on the top five search results when you look for it.

There are also a number of different platforms that offer their own take on a stock trading and foreign exchange trading course. You would be surprised by how many of them exist in the market right now. It’s frankly… a lot. I have seen a couple of them that don’t really offer an actual training program. But was actually just a front for a multi-level marketing scheme. Don’t worry. Most of what I have reviewed in the past have been pretty decent and actually work.

It is so interesting to see so many people create their own online training program. There are a lot of people who have seemingly decided that their level of expertise as traders is enough for them to create an online training program from scratch. That is how usually the process goes. Whenever somebody has built a big enough audience talking about a topic like stock trading, it would almost always lead them to create their own online course. And a lot of them are surprisingly decent for how much they cost. But there a number of them that just feel like random cash grabs. While you will learn a bit from it, it is not enough to actually give a good idea on how to trade effectively.

But where does something like A1 Trading fall on the scale? Well, we are going to find out in just a little while.

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A1 Trading Review: Quick Details

Who is Nick Syiek?

A1 Trading founder Nick Syiek

Nick Syiek is a trader, content creator and the founder of A1 Trading, an online-based platform focused on stock trading and foreign exchange trading. On most platforms, he goes by the username @TraderNick.

Nick had a fairly straightforward path into trading. His father was very much into stock investing when Nick was growing up. He was the one who had imparted a bit of knowledge onto him. When Nick had reached 18, he decided to try his hand in both trading and investing in stocks. He pretty much kept it up since then. At some point, Nick kind of shift a bit more towards foreign exchange trading. Not a lot of people that he knew was into trading currencies. It wasn’t much of a thing that a lot of traders got into in the United States, apparently. So Nick to focus more on foreign exchange trading. Apparently, the platform that he was using at the time really interested him, since he had a background in computer science. (Like his degree program during college.)

Then in 2018, Nick decided to try his hand at chronicling his journey as a foreign exchange trader. He started to post videos on YouTube and it seemed to have gotten at small audience at the time. A lot of people who were watching his videos could relate to some of the mistakes that Nick did while trading. What’s interesting is that in 2019, Nick started to post a series of videos on the fundamentals of foreign exchange trading. That was kind of the first online course that Nick made focused on foreign exchange trading. Soon after, he was offering some of his services to a lot of other people. And that kind of grew into a full-fledged business. He had hired a few people that could help him. And that was how A1 Trading was formed.

Nick was doing a lot once he had launched his own company. He was recording a lot of videos for his YouTube channel while he was running the company. At the same time, he was also apparently working a full-time job at a software company. He didn’t really have a lot of time to trade. But it seemed that he managed to balance everything.

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What is A1 Trading?

A1 Trading is a company that offers software meant to help foreign exchange traders.

But before we talk about the software that they offer, let us first talk about the free online courses that they have. There are two different free courses that A1 trading has available. The first is the technical analysis course. Technical analysis refers to a discipline wherein you evaluate investments by analyzing a certain security’s trading activity. Basically, you will analyze the movement and volume of the price for that specific security. Apparently, trends play a big part in technical analysis. There are total of 14 modules for the entire course. Most of the lessons are primarily walls of text but there are some media like photos and videos included. I’m not really sure if I could qualify them as a lesson. They’re more like description pages.

As for fundamental analysis, it focuses a lot more on the value of stock based on the current financial situation of the company paired with conditions of the current market and economy. The course for this that A1 Trading offers is roughly the same as the free technical analysis course. You’re pretty much just going to do a bunch of reading.

Only the technical analysis course has a ebook version that you can get from free. The fundamental analysis course does have an ebook version as well, but you only download it if you are one of the members of their VIP Training Signals club. In order to be a member of that club, you have to join their official Discord server. And once you have done that, you then have to purchase their membership package, which is a one-time payment worth $649. Aside from getting access to the rest of the channels in the Discord server, you also get access their strategy and educational library. You will also get trading signals for either options trading or swing trading. The process of joining the membership is kind of weirdly done. Shouldn’t they have purchased the membership first before they could get access to the Discord server?

Screenshot of the A1 Trading website

What Else Does A1 Trading Offer?

The main product that A1 Trading offers is their EdgeFinder tool. It is a software that uses artificial intelligence to help determine whether the trades that you currently have are either bullish or bearish. Apparently, it will also give you an organized list of the top buys and sells so that you would have a good idea on what to trade. There are a lot of other features for this tool that we don’t really have much time to mention. All of them are using data to show you exactly how certain research firms are forecasting certain assets or how a certain asset would fare in the future.

There are two different tiers for the EdgeFinder tool. The first is the Basic tier which costs a one-time payment worth $899 or $539 if you add the coupon code at checkout. This particular tier includes features like the Smart Money Tracker and Central Bank Forecast. What’s interesting is that you don’t get any updates to the software if you choose the Basic tier. So if you’re somebody wants their version of EdgeFinder updated, you have to choose the Pro tier.

The Pro tier costs a one-time payment worth $1,399 (or $839 if you enter the coupon code at checkout. Aside from everything included in the Basic tier, you also get scanners for foreign exchange, gold and indices. As previously mentioned, the Pro tier includes all updates that they will make to the EdgeFinder software.

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Final Verdict – A1 Trading Review

There is not really anything that I would recommend from the services that A1 Trading offers. Neither the VIP membership nor the EdgeFinder tool is worth it for people who are just starting out their careers as foreign exchange traders. It could possibly be helpful later along the line. But with how it is priced, not many people could afford it.

Even if you follow the trade signals to a tee, if you

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That’s it for my review of A1 Trading. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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