Community Influencer Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a platform called Community Influencer. Is Community Influencer legit? Find out in this Community Influencer review.

Since the virus outbreak began, it appears that life has gotten much more difficult for all of us. Many individuals have lost their employment and means of income, forcing them to rely on savings and government aid.

Consider yourself fortunate if you are able to maintain your employment. People are living on the precipice every day as a result of these layoffs. Everyone is worried if they will still be able to work the next day, or if they will be laid off as well.

Because of the number of corporations and enterprises that have gone bankrupt, this has become a legitimate concern for millions of people.

This is why some individuals have opted to take control of their life. Some people created their own enterprises, some changed occupations, and some chose to retire early.

If you work full-time, you’re undoubtedly wondering how you’re going to make ends meet, as you probably don’t earn enough money. People are seeking for side hustles as their wages have been slashed during these difficult times.

You’re probably wondering what side hustles you can start while still focused on your full-time work and your personal life. That’s how you came upon Community Influencer.

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this Community Influencer review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Community Influencer in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Community Influencer?

Community Influencer Review - Community Influencer intro

Community Influencer is a platform and community that caters to realtors. The owner of this platform is Aarin Chung.

The goal of Community Influencer is to teach real estate agents how to generate leads and foster business partnerships in order to help real estate agents dominate their local real estate markets.

According to Aarin Chung, the one thing that could drive you success these days is to have an online marketing strategy. After all, most industries are now building their online presence, and people are being given options to work from the comfort of their own home.

Right now, getting leads online is no longer an option. It is a necessity. In a post-pandemic world, businesses have to rely on their online presence in order to continue operating.

The platform is designed for already existing real estate agents, meaning that if you not working as one, then this platform is not for you.

Who is Aarin Chung?

Community Influencer Review - Community Influencer creator

Aarin Chung is the owner of the platform. She works as a real estate agent.

She took every class she can get her hands on, and she became an expert with generating online leads. That year alone, she has spent more than $25k in order to learn more about real estate and for her own personal development.

When she does not have interested buyers for her properties, she takes clients into her office, who are also real estate agents, in order to get additional income. She is training them using her methods, and as time went on, she gets a lot more clients that she is turning away a lot of them as she was feeling overwhelmed.

Because of this, she decided to build a blog in order to reach more people. In this blog, she documents her methods and her daily life, hoping that more local real estate agents can benefit from her strategies.

As her blog was getting more attention, she decided that she has to do something in order to help the real estate community on a worldwide scale. That is why she built Community Influencers, which serves as a platform and a community to teach real estate agents how to generate leads for their business.

Aarin is also active on YouTube, where she posts videos about the platform.

Community Influencer Overview

Aarin’s Webinar

You can sign up for this webinar for free in Community Influencer’s website. I will be discussing what the free webinar talks about in this section of the Community Influencer review.

From the start, she makes a claim stating that she can teach you how you can earn six-figures on your real estate business without having to rely on commissions each time for your next payout.

Aarin says that this is possible, as long as you commit to five critical shifts.

  1. Never force people into transactions. Integrity should always be your top priority.
  2. Generate as many leads as you can handle. Generating them one-by-one does not work anymore, and it cannot be scaled. Focus your energy on the right places.
  3. Make a sales funnel.
  4. Do not call your leads, as this intimidates them. Instead, communicate with them using social media. Engage slowly until they are ready to do a deal with you.
  5. Invest in coaching programs. Mentors can help you by providing you with new ideas which often bring results.

Community Influencer Academy

This course is presented in the platform as the main training you can get.

It promises that it can teach you how to properly generate leads for your business, build business partnerships, and become the top local real estate agent in your area.

This course consists of six one-week training modules, daily group coaching calls, and templates. In fact, you also get some training that can assist you with building your very own business website. You also get access to a Facebook group.

Here is what is included*:

  • The step-by-step gameplan Aarin’s clients use to add up to 6-figures to their real estate business in as little as 12 months… without cold calling or door knocking.
  • The real reason why farming, pop-byes, FSBO’s, and expireds are no longer a good strategy to grow a real estate business, and how smart agents can attract hundreds of warm leads, starting today.
  • The secret strategy to create instant, local celebrity, nurture thousands of relationships at once, and become the digital mayor of any community!
  • How Aarin’s clients get “come list me” leads and takeover any local market they want… And the time-saving shortcut that makes it happen practically overnight.
  • And how they do all of this while reconnecting to the joy they had when they first started their real estate businesses!

The course is presented by Aarin herself. It costs around $9k, but if you manage to snag the deal on her website, you can get it for $997.

*Take note that the information is taken straight from Community Influencer’s website.

Community Influencer Academy Plus

This is an advanced course that promises that it can help you master real estate marketing. You will be personally trained by expert coaches and Aarin herself. You also get access to a community of other real estate agents who are after the same thing: success.

This advanced course is not publicly available, and is invite-only.

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Does Community Influencer Work?

I’ve looked at a few courses and programs like this one in the past, and honestly, I wasn’t impressed. To be honest, I’m wary of them because they all claim the same thing: that you need to take them as they will make you successful. Shouldn’t that be a given, especially for such high-priced courses?

If you are serious about having a career in real estate, I believe that looking for free trainings first can help you determine whether or not you want to get started. As you can see, there is a lot to learn here, which means you should start with the fundamentals.

Before enrolling in any paid real estate courses, I recommend that you ask yourself the following question: Is this a worthy venture for you to get into?

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Is Community Influencer Legit?

Based on my research, Community Influencer is indeed legit. However, I have found quite a few red flags that have immediately caught my attention.

People claim that they are not given lifetime access to the courses they paid for. I am actually surprised by this, as most courses I have reviewed give lifetime access to their students.

Considering how much money is required to enroll, I think it is unfair that Community Influencer revokes access to some of the important resources from its students. After all, learning is a lifelong process. Students want access to the material even if they have completed the course, as reference to what they need to do in their careers.

Apparently, the reason for this is because Aarin is afraid of other people stealing her material. To be honest, I doubt that anyone would do that. Her course is subpar at best.

Other than that, once you receive an email stating that you have “graduated”, you are now required to pay a subscription fee so that you can stay in the Facebook group. That’s just ridiculous, because the group is not that special; it is a typical place where people ask questions and share stories.

Some people also reported that the experience is subpar at best, and that it is better to watch free YouTube tutorials regarding how to generate leads, saying that those are more helpful than the course.

Of course there are also some positive feedback from people saying that they learned valuable information that they are now using in their careers. Well, there are always two sides to a coin.

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My Favorite Program

Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Real Estate

Real estate investment is not for those who lack the necessary funds to get started. You cannot simply decide to work in real estate because you want to. Making decisions regarding beginning a real estate-related business is a significant endeavor because it demands significant resources such as labor and finance.

Many reality television shows romanticize the notion of making rapid money by purchasing and selling real estate holdings as if it were easy. Be forewarned: this business strategy is not as simple as it seems on television.

Understanding the real estate market and investing in real estate are only the first steps. You have a long path ahead of you, and it will become more difficult as you go on.

If you want to be successful in real estate, you must have the necessary resources. If you don’t have enough funds, I recommend starting another business. Purchasing real estate is certainly not cheap.

To be successful in this market, you need more than just a keen eye for potential houses and some negotiating abilities. I don’t advocate going into it if you don’t have both.

Why I Don’t Recommend Community Influencer

I have nothing against Aarin and her business practices, but I just do not recommend this program.

If you are a real estate agent looking for a way to generate leads, then I suggest that you look for free resources that could teach you how. I don’t suggest going the paid route straight away. This platform in particular does not honor refunds, meaning that if you decide to back out after paying, you will not get your money back.

Other than that, the platform is designed for already existing real estate agents. If you want to be one, then this course is not for you. A beginner course is more tailored for your needs.

I also find it ridiculous that you need to pay to stay in the platform’s Facebook group. From my research, people say that staying in the group will cost you $179 a month.

$179 to stay in a Facebook group while better forums can be joined for free? Yeah, that is not a good deal at all.

Final Verdict – Community Influencer

Before I end this Community Influencer review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

As I previously indicated, becoming a real estate agent is not as simple as you may believe. It will take a significant amount of time, effort, money, and skill. It is not as easy at all, as you need to get a lot of work done before you can even sell your first property.

The main purpose of the real estate career is to make a sale. That is, your sales strategies should be enticing to others in order for them to trust you and make a deal with you.

Some people have tried to work in real estate, but their expertise is inadequate. You’ll need a team to assist you with various aspects of the business because you won’t be able to accomplish everything on your own.

You must be devoted if you wish to thrive in this demanding career. Because being a newbie will cost you a lot of money because of all of the trainings you’ll need to pay for, you need to devote both time and money to learning the ropes.

If you know you won’t be able to finance it, I suggest starting another side hustle instead of this one.

Fortunately for you, I know of a side hustle that will make you money, does not involve a hefty investment, and is considerably easier to learn than real estate marketing. More details will be supplied in the next section.

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