Want to know about me?

Let me tell you about me and my little baby.




Calling my website,BABY!

What Beastpreneur Means?

It means nothing.It was back in 2015,when I knew nothing about websites,how they work and what are the benefits of having a website.

It was a crucial time for me,either to continue my studies or get going with this online stuff.To be honest with you,I never liked studying.

So,the idea of being an entrepreneur got me really bad.Yes,I want to be a businessman,having a profitable business is what every business person dreams about.

I was one of them.So,in november 2016 I decided to be an entrepreneur.

I started learning SEO.Back then a 22 years old guy named Usman broke the internet when earning about $5 million dollars with affiliate marketing.Now that shit is crazy?hahaha.

That’s what I thought back then.

His website name was 10beastsdotcom..which he sold for $5million dollars and is making $20k/month at the moment.

Beast came from a successful affiliate marketer website name (10 beasts dot com) and the preneur came from an entrepreneur.

Name mystery solved..

Let’s move forward..

What Is This Website For

This website is for giving an honest opinion to people from all over the world on the best way to make passive income.

Whether online or offline.And I always put my readers above my pocket..

I am here to help you.It’s all about a journey.An online journey.A journey to SUCCESS.

Why You Should Listen To Me?

The truth is that I am a hustler who do not know when to quit.The word quit is not in my dictionary.I hate that word.

Network marketing,freelancing,cricket trials for the national team,applying in the army,selling my ideas door to door.

Everything you name it,I have tried it.

But once a legend said,You gotta eat the dirt before reaching the carrot.?

Oh I forgot that legend was me.I was eating dirt for a long time and now I am a squirt.

After years of eating dirt from swimming pools I did that.

This is why I think I know 2 or 3 things about quitting the rat race.

I am here to educate more and more people.

I been in severe stress and know how it feels.So,I am here to help you out, to not make a decision and going to dig into these companies who make money by teaching you how to make money.

Another fact is that I hate selling to friends and family members,or recruiting them.I wasted so much time in multi level marketing companies and lost approximately $13k total in span of four years.

Total waste of time and money,that is why the idea of educating people about these crappy mlm companies came into my mind.Hopefully, you will find this website useful for your research purposes.

If you have any queries,send me an email to


Over and out former debt and finance heavyweight champion!

Sajawal Rao.