Want To Hit Your First $10K/Month Online?


I partnered up with my mentor James to give all my Beastpreneur readers a repeatable business anyone can do…


We call it “LEAD GEN!”




It’s very simple: You make money by generating leads (or customers) for small businesses, by running ads on a simple 2 page site.



Business owners will pay you, because they don’t know how to market themselves online.


Because you own the sites and are running ads on them, they will keep paying you month after month (passive income).


Show me a better business model than this and I will delete this post and pay you $1000.


This is how confident I am in what I am recommending to you. We helped over 6000+ students to make money online through our mentorship and training. And these stats are increasing day by day. Students are winning everyday. Here are students who are successful and I am only going to show you some of them, because there are hundreds and hundreds of students which are making $10k a month or more than that.

Duane Faitel

How Did You Achieve It?

“Staying focused on getting clients and getting them results.”


David Jansen

How Did You Achieve It?

“Following the leadership of James and Jason and taking consistent action.”

Rafnie-Earl Gebusion

How Did You Achieve It?

“Grinding every day.”

I decided only to show 3 success stories each because there are hundreds if not thousands of them. Let’s see, three 30k/month guys…

Jeff Walsh

How Did You Achieve It?

“Taking action, ‘niche’ing the niche, and firing the wrong customers.”

Caleb Ulku

How Did You Achieve It?

“Hard work and determination.”


Ian Henman

How Did You Achieve It?

“Joining LMV got me to look at marketing in a whole different light and helped me secure long-term clients.”

Let’s see the $50k/month students…

Ben Stewart

How Did You Achieve It?

“My Why! I left my CEO position of a Multi-Million dollar company, because I had a dream to be home, and present with my large family. The vault gave me that opportunity, and now my daughter helps run most of this business.”

Gabe Arnold

How Did You Achieve It?

“Working with the right team, absolute die hard persistence, and my willingness to fail until I succeeded.”


Amy Schultz

How Did You Achieve It?

“The Vault! Persistence, consistency and learning from every mistake.”


What about $100k/month? Let’s see them…


Joe Zarate

How Did You Achieve It?

“The vision. James & Jason allowed me to see the vision, and the possibilities. Their ability to be reached, and their mentorship added the belief I needed to build this huge business!”


Todd Taylor

How Did You Achieve It?

“Taking action and knowing that the campaigns in the Vault work and I can trust them fully.”


Rudy Paredes

How Did You Achieve It?

“Taking consistent action, learning my niche and delivering and my mindset and belief.”


Tony Joseph

How Did You Achieve It?

“Focus and taking action.”


Amiee Ball

How Did You Achieve It?

“When y’all showed me another way to make money working with local businesses, is when I was able to make more and work less!”


Zachary Ellison

How Did You Achieve It?

“Been a crazy ride! I think just belief. I saw you guys doing it, and knew I could achieve the same type of business. I went from service based clients, to building and running my own software geared towards local marketing!”


That’s it. You gonna see more of them during the free webinar. Before you leave, check out the free webinar through which 6000+ students are making money online.

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