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Me and My Mentor finished putting together a webinar for you.This webinar is completely free,BUT FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Yes,this program is making waves in the online industry.We are presenting you the best possible way to make money online and building a business from scratch,that consistently generates $10k/month or way more then that.

Some of our students are even hitting $100k/month.

No matter whether you are an experienced influencer or just making few bucks here and there and want to scale that business,or just a complete beginner,THIS IS FOR YOU.

Take a look at student successes.There are thousands more which you will seeing on webinar.

These are the students who are making more then $10k monthly after working with us.I am sharing 3,4 screenshots but there are hundreds and hundreds of people who achieved this milestone!

Duane Faitel

How Did You Achieve It?

“Staying focused on getting clients and getting them results.




David Jansen

How Did You Achieve It?

“Following the leadership of James and Jason and taking consistent action.”




Rafnie-Earl Gebusion

How Did You Achieve It?

“Grinding every day.”




Lisa Garife

How Did You Achieve It?

“I attribute my success to the OUTSTANDING community of this LMV group.”




Mario Martucci

How Did You Achieve It?

“Using LMV methods and partnering with others to help business owners solve their problems.” 




Adam Wilbanks

How Did You Achieve It?

“I took a ton of imperfect action and didn’t make any excuses for why I couldn’t be successful.”




Michelle Tolleson

How Did You Achieve It?

“Finding and honing my strengths and realizing I don’t have to do it all myself.”




Now,let’s see students who are making more then $30k monthly.



How Did You Achieve It?

“Taking action, ‘niche’ing the niche, and firing the wrong customers.”




Jesse Anema

How Did You Achieve It?

“Love you guys! Been a rollercoaster, but I think the community and networking is what kept me in this business after dealing with stuff out of my control!”




Caleb Ulku

How Did You Achieve It?

“Hard work and determination.”

Again,I am just sharing 2,3 students but there are hundreds more who achieved the same milestone 30k/month.


Let’s see some students who are making $50k/month.




Amy Schultz

How Did You Achieve It?

“The Vault! Persistence, consistency and learning from every mistake.”




Gabe Arnold

How Did You Achieve It?

“Working with the right team, absolute die hard persistence, and my willingness to fail until I succeeded.”




Ben Stewart

How Did You Achieve It?

“My Why! I left my CEO position of a Multi-Million dollar company, because I had a dream to be home, and present with my large family. The vault gave me that opportunity, and now my daughter helps run most of this business.”




Joshua & Danelle Osborne

How Did You Achieve It?

“Prospecting, prospecting, prospecting! Then adding Paid Traffic to our SEO business was 100% what we needed to Scale!”


You will see more of them in free training!


As I said that sky is the limit of this business model,so you can make whatever you want.I have $10k/month goal when I started 8 months back and I am at $7k.

Upon reaching that goal I will enjoy life and start world tour.

You may have different goals.Maybe $100k/month goal?

Here are students who are making 100 grands monthly.


Joe Zarate

How Did You Achieve It?

“The vision. James & Jason allowed me to see the vision, and the possibilities. Their ability to be reached, and their mentorship added the belief I needed to build this huge business!”




Amiee Ball

How Did You Achieve It?

“When y’all showed me another way to make money working with local businesses, is when I was able to make more and work less!”

There are many many students who achieved $100k monthly goal but I think that’s enough to gain your trust.

One thing I want to stress here is that we talked about revenue,100% profit..Not sales!

What about me..?

I am consistently cracking $7k/month mark.

Here is what you are going to learn in this live training..

1 – The best business model in online world at the moment.

2 – How to chose a niche and start outreaching business owners.

3 – How hundreds and thousands of people quit their 9-5 job,using the exact same 3 step formula.Moreover,the owner itself made $18 million dollars in 2019 using this business model.

4 – How to make business owners pay you monthly recurring $300 to $1000 starting from today.TODAY!

This is for you guys.No matter you are here after reading my reviews on some mlms,pyramid schemes,make money online schemes or crappy courses that provide zero value.I personally tried them all,wasted thousands of dollars on them.

But for YOU,this is the place to take action.

Why lead generation business is best in online industry at the moment?

Let’s say you convinced a business owner to work with you and he pays you $300 to $1000 monthly.

Now,what will happen if you convince 10 business owners?20,30 and so on.Potential of this business is wider then Sky.

This webinar put together after many years of sleepless nights,try and errors,failures and spending $1000s on learning from crappy courses.We will lay it out for you on a silver plate.

Please do not miss this opportunity.

This can change your life,IF you learn it,understand it and implement it.

Click the link below and watch most entertaining webinar.

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