Abu Fofanah Review – Power Your Launch And Ad Prep Academy Scam?

Hello and welcome to my Abu Fofanah Review.In this Review,we will talk about all his courses, whether ad prep academy and power your launch legit courses or not?Or does Abu Fofanah really delivers in both of his courses?

Listen,I have reviewed hundreds and thousands of courses on this website and courses like Abu Fofanah are not different.You know what is the easiest skill to learn online.Facebook advertising!

It is the easiest skill to learn and make courses about.

Nowadays,everybody seems to be a guru,and it very difficult for people like us to differ the real ones with the con ones.That’s where websites like mine came into play.My website is all about teaching people about these scam artists.

First thing first,I am not affiliated with Abu Fofanah and will not give my affiliate link to you for joining this course.What this means is that this is a completely unbiased and third party review.

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Abu Fofanah Review

Abu Fofanah…Ugh

Unfortunately,he seems to be yet another guru selling thin air.He teaches people how to use Facebook advertising to get sales and make a whole lot of money for either them or their clients.Sounds fun?

Not really.Been there,done that.

Facebook isn’t profitable anymore and if you are doing it for affiliate products then you’re Done.There will only be 5% chance of you end up making money from that.But that is luck.

Now look up the stats.According to forbes,it says that cost of facebook ads are keeps increasing year by year by 90%.This isn’t a joke.People used to make whole lot of money with facebook ads in 2017,and I witnessed that.Making $100k/day at that time was normal..that is when courses like commission hero,super affiliate system,super affiliate network and Affiliate triad came into play.

But not today guys.Things have changed.Making money from facebook ads seems tougher.I am not denying the fact that on a lucky day you can make quick bucks.I AM NOT DENYING THAT.

But how often did you listen that keep on creating powerful and engaging ads and money will take care of it?

It is not true.It is true for people who have huge budgets to invest in facebook ads and try Their offer.Maybe,Abu Fofanah can be an example.But not for a normal day average person.Even,now I make a very handsome amount of money,but facebook ads are my least priority.I don’t want my hard earned money to be wasted like that.In my opinion fb ads are like crypto/nfts.

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Is Abu Fofanah A Scam?

Kind of..if he is making good amount of money from facebook ads,why he is not scaling his ads and making more,instead of selling this course to make quick money?

This is red flag number one for me.

Abu Fofanah is a refugee,he struggled a lot in his early online career because he was not from a rich family.So,what???

There is a famous quote,either invest money or invest time.Abu Fofanah invested a lot of time in his education.

He is not a famous guy like many other online gurus teaching the same skill.Instead his Facebook group has only 18k followers and he has also a youtube channel which only has 530 subscribers.

This is a second red flag for me.

He now created ad prep academy where he gained some knowledge about Instagram and Facebook ads.It is very easy skill to learn and teach to others.

Abu Fofanah claims that by buying his course you will be able to scale your clients business to next evel.So,that give me another idea,that he also suggest stou to run ads for local business owners.

Third redflag is,why someone will trust you?

What Is Ad Prep Academy and Power Your Launch?

Both are the courses of Abu Fofanah..Ad prep Academy is priced at $1497.Ridiculous!

On the other hand,power your launch accelerator is for $1997.Almost 2 grands.

Now, let’s look inside what he is offering.

What is Ad Prep Academy?

Ad prep academy is a course which will teach you how to run facebook and instagram ads for different social media accounts.Either it be for your products or your affiliate products.

They will teach you all,and Abu Fofanah aims that he made millions found the same thing.

He doesn’t let us know how much it costed him to made that $1 million.Maybe $1.3 million.Just a rough guessssss…but by this got the credibility to sell you a course.

Abu Fofanah claims it to be very easy.If it was that easy….everybody would be Rich!

Here’s what Abu Fofanah teaches you inside ad prep academy..

  • How to use sale funnel and convert facebook and instagram ads traffic.Basically,the concept is to upsell then something for $7 and charge them $200-1000 on the backend.For making sales funnels,you need clickfunnels.And CLICKFUNNELS is a must to run ads.So,it will cost another $99/month, minimum!
  • How to drive traffic to products(which is very simple)
  • How to get sales through Facebook advertising.(Which is also available for free on youtube)

My Favorite Program

What is Power Your Launch Accelerator?

It is normally at $5000,but now listed at $1997.So,power your launch accelerator is going to cost you $1997.But it seems just a copy of his course ad prep academy which we talked earlier.

Here are the things you are going to learn inside it.

  • How to Target your Ideal Customers
  • Power of the Pixel & the Step-by-Step Installation Process
  • How to Outline Customer profile for targeting
  • How to Outline your customer objections/painpoint
  • How to Create your targeting lists of potential customers
  • How to Build a funnel and your customer journey from scratch
  • How to Write Ad Copy that will resonate with your audience
  • How to Outline your Offer and Benefits
  • How to Run ads (Learn the ads manager)
  • How to Put together ad campaigns from end to end
  • How to Analyze and interpret ad data and results
  • How to Create ads from scratch
  • How to Scale with ads (intro to retargeting and scale)


Is Abu Fofanah A Scam?

I can’t really say it…but it seems to be.The things he is teaching you is all available on youtube for free.Moreover,forbes says that,it is really hard to make profits as compared to 2016-17.

But now times has changed,facebook keep on changing their algorithm without even telling us.They keep on banning our Facebook accounts time after time and that is a very big problem too.

Do I Recommend Abu Fofanah Courses?

No,why go for this crap when there are many better online business opportunities out there?

The thing Abu Fofanah is teaching is not passive,long term and can’t give you recurring income.The fact is that these courses are very expensive too.However,if you want to make money online,here is an alternative.

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See you on the other side.

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