Ad Alchemy Review – What It’s Really About?

Today, we are going to talk about Ad Alchemy. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

One of the hardest things when it comes to running your own e-commerce store is advertising your business. Without any kind of advertising, people wouldn’t really know about your business. It doesn’t really matter how you advertise your business. As long as you’re doing something to promote it, there’s a good chance people will check it out.

The problem, really, is with digital marketing. Not a lot of people are knowledgeable with regards to digital marketing. That’s why sometimes people hire a digital marketing agency to handle that for them. And there are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there. Even ones that you can run on your own. (With a little studying, of course.)

Still, hiring people to help you market your business costs a lot of money. But that’s really how it is. It’s sort of unavoidable to not spend money on advertising. Unless you do most of the work yourself. There is still some costs to that. Especially if you’re using the ad platform for a website like Google or Facebook.

So many marketing agencies out there say that they can help you scale your business with their help. One of those agencies is Ad Alchemy. I hadn’t really heard of them before writing this review. But I was interested to learn more about them.

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Ad Alchemy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ad Alchemy
  • Founder: Eric Hanefi
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Marketing agency
  • Niche: Digital marketing, e-commerce
  • Recommendation: It doesn’t really seem that the services that Ad Alchemy offers is affordable for people just starting out their e-commerce business. While it does seem that their strategy works, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results.

Who Is Eric Hanefi?

A screenshot of a video featuring Ad Alchemy founder Eric Hanefi

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information that you can find about Eric Hanefi. It doesn’t seem that he has done any interviews or have had any press releases about him and his company. Though, I should not have expected him to have either of those. Most of the time, those kinds of interviews are with people who have created their own training program. And there have been a lot of them. Regardless of the niche, there’s at least an interview with someone who started a training program.

At least Eric has some kind of online presence. Though it didn’t really help all that much. He has profile on LinkedIn. But his Experience tab doesn’t really have a lot of information to work with. He had a fairly short internship at Continental in late 2016. After that, he didn’t have much in terms of experience. It was in 2018 that he started Ad Alchemy.

From another source that I could find, it seems that Eric had some experience running a dropshipping business. So I guess that was what lead him to get into digital marketing. Like I said at the top of this review, advertising is one of the things that you have to worry about. And it’s somehow a common occurrence that people would become interested in a thing on top of the thing they’re already doing. Especially when it comes to services like this.

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What Is Ad Alchemy?

Ad Alchemy is pretty much your standard digital marketing agency. There whole pitch, really, is that they can help your e-commerce business scale up. Who wouldn’t want their business to reach more people? I mean, having an e-commerce business does help in reaching a wider audience for your products. But it’s not something you can get at the start.

There are three parts to the process that Ad Alchemy uses. Think of it as a trident. It would’ve been a fork. But most forks don’t have three prongs.

The first prong is called the Foundational Analysis, Research and Copywriting, or the Foundational A.R.C. It’s pretty much just a fancy term for market research. I feel like a lot of people going into any kind of business has done some level of market research before. Somehow, what Ad Alchemy is doing is a bit different than that. Though it doesn’t really to be any different to the usual form of market research.

The second prong in the process is going to market. Of course, once Ad Alchemy has helped you find your business’s selling point as well as the customers that you want to target, they’re now going to help you go to market. Basically, they’re going to start pushing out the first set of ads that they’ve developed. This part of the process is integral because you’ve already spent a bit of money for their services. All you really have to do is hope that the ads that they put out work.

The third prong is where the magic happens. While they did release a bunch of ads after the whole market research process, they pretty much serve as the ramp to Ad Alchemy’s tried and tested funnel systems. It’s not at all surprising that the words “sales funnel” are showing up at this point. Sales funnels are a common thing in marketing. It describes the entire process of actually getting a customer to patronize your business.

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But What Is A Sales Funnel?

A screenshot of an Ad Alchemy presentation showing of their ROCK Roadmap

A sales funnel is the representation of the process of how your business gets a person to become a customer of your business. The reason that they refer to it as a funnel is because of how it filters out people in the way that a funnel filters out the largest bits. Most marketing campaigns are basically part of the sales funnel.

The first part of a sales funnel is awareness. That’s where a marketing campaign comes into play. People wouldn’t be aware of a business if it was not being advertised. Considering that the ads you’ll be running are online, you’re casting a wider net.

Once that people have become aware of your brand, it will take some time before they have any interest in it. Maybe certain people don’t have any need for the products or services that you’re selling. But eventually, they will. They might also do a bit more research if you have any competitors in that specific niche.

They might go into your physical store, if you have one, to browse products. And that is when you try to pitch those products to them. Even if you pitch them your products, it’s not guaranteed that they would immediately be paying customers. It takes a while to nurture that relationship with people. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it.

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Final Verdict – Ad Alchemy Review

It does seem that Ad Alchemy isn’t really suitable for those who are starting out in their journey in e-commerce. Although they did not really mention any pricing details on the website—you have to schedule a call with them—I’m assuming that it will costs thousands of dollars. That’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to digital marketing agencies. You’re paying them for their expertise.

There are a lot of other digital marketing agencies out there that you could also choose. As fancy as Foundational A.R.C. sounds, it’s pretty much just your standard market research. But I get why they would they name it that way. They wanted to make it seem that what they were doing was different from everybody else.

And it works, somehow. The website for Ad Alchemy feature a ton of different logos for various companies. Among all of them, one might be familiar to most people. Though it seems that Ad Alchemy is also a marketing partner among different platforms that offer their own ad platform.

Despite that, I don’t really highly recommend it for everybody. Not everyone has the kind of money to put into marketing their business. Nothing about Ad Alchemy differs from any of the other digital marketing agencies that are also out there. Marketing plays a huge part in getting your business more known. But there are other options out there that are much more reputable.

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That’s it for my review of Ad Alchemy. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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