eCom Success Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an Amazon training course known as eCom Success Academy. Is eCom Success Academy legit? Find out in this eCom Success Academy review.

Running your own business is a good alternative to working for another person or company. You get to practice your management style, and you are also in charge of operations. You will be your own boss, basically.

In these uncertain times though, I think it is better for you to still keep your job, and find a side hustle instead. That way, you can be assured of a paycheck every month, while trying out something which you can expand in the future.

However, what you should consider is that owning a business is a lot more complex than expected. You have a lot of everyday tasks to attend to, and there is also no guarantee that you will get as much sales as you want.

Starting a business, no matter how big the scale is, comes with financial risk. I suggest that you think it through before you start a business, as you need to spend capital on it.

Also, capital is not cheap. In order to start an eCommerce store, you need the right equipment. You also need to pay for the domain hosting, the widgets you will be using, and advertising costs.

It is a lot of work which requires you to learn a lot of new things. Can this course help you out with that?

Before you decide to pay for this service, you should read this eCom Success Academy review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is eCom Success Academy?

eCom Success Academy Review - eCom Success Academy intro

eCom Success Academy is an online course which focuses on dropshipping. The course was created by Adrian Morrison.

Basically, it will teach you how to build your very own dropshipping business. The lessons revolve around the following topics:

  • Establishing and setting up a Shopify store
  • Finding suppliers to source products from
  • Facebook and email marketing
  • Training your own team

The course is pretty extensive and covers a lot of topics. In total, the course material you have to go through is around 40 hours long. I will break down the models for you so you will have an idea about what you will be getting.

eCom Success Academy Review - eCom Success Academy UI

Module 1 – Shopify

This module will tell you about how to establish a Shopify store. The module is pretty detailed, and it will help you to set up your shop properly.

You will be learning the following in this module:

  • Listing products in your Shopify store
  • Optimizing the checkout process
  • Using proven and tested promotional strategies

What I like about this program is how it explains the actions you need to take step-by-step, making them easy to follow.

Adrian made sure to include some strategies that could help you get ahead of the competition.

Module 2 – Sourcing Products

In this module, Adrian will be teaching you how to pick which products you should sell in your store, and which suppliers you should pick.

You will also see how he negotiates with suppliers in order to get good deals to boost your income. Adrian will also discuss about how to make deals with suppliers for a print-in-demand type of business.

Basically, you will be learning an in-depth take on negotiating with suppliers. However, you can find the learning curve quite steep as a newbie.

Module 3 – Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites in the world, which means that advertising here will potentially bring you a lot of customers.

What you need to do is to make good ads in order to attract people’s intention. Sounds easy enough, but actually, it takes a while to find which strategy you should use in your ads for it to work on your intended audience.

Do not expect people to come flocking your store if you do not pay enough for advertising. Paying a mere $10 for a few days will not bring anyone to your store, so expect to spend a lot on advertising.

You will learn what key elements a good Facebook ad should possess. Along with that, you will also be learning about keyword mining, behavioral ad strategies, and many others.

Module 4 – Email Marketing

Adrian will show you how to do proper email marketing by installing an auto-responder app for your store. However, this is a separate purchase.

You will also see the email templates that he uses to effectively reach out to customers.

Before you can even start a dropshipping business, you already have to pay for a lot of operational costs. Like I said before, you cannot start without much capital here.

Take note that use customized templates as much as possible in order to attract customers. Note your store theme and work your way to making some good templates.

Module 5 – Building Your Team

You cannot possibly do a lot of tasks on your own, which is why Adrian encourages you to outsource some tasks in order to get some load off your shoulders.

Trying to figure out how to make the business work is already stressful enough on its own, which is why you should hire a team to help you with other tasks.

What you need to focus on is researching which products you need to have in your store, and monitoring the finances. You cannot really do that properly when you have all these other tasks you need to do.

You can easily save a lot of time by outsourcing tasks. Also, if you are not really a creative, it is much better to commission other, right?

You can outsource the following tasks:

  • Website design (themes, aesthetics)
  • Customer service
  • Graphic design (promotional materials, store logo)
  • Programming tasks
  • Social media management

Know which tasks you need to outsource before looking for people. Make sure that the people you hire are skilled enough and are a good fit for their job.

Module 6 – Project Management

Now that you have an idea regarding what tasks you can outsource, it is time to learn how you can manage your VAs properly.

This module can show you what platforms you can use in order to keep track of the workload that you have outsourced, and the tasks you assign to yourself.

The programs that Adrian recommends are subscription-based programs, and you have to pay that fee for every person on your team. That can easily cost you a lot of money.

I suggest that you try other methods of keeping track of things that would not recommend you to spend money. After all, you are still new to this. Keep operational costs as minimal as possible until you see the business flourishing.

Module 7 – Long-Term Exit Plan

This module is designed to teach you about what to do in case your business will not work out.

I am actually quite surprised that a module like this is included, but like I said before, dropshipping cannot really work for everyone. You need a contingency plan.

Yes, it can be lucrative, if you master how to run your business and meet loyal customers.

This module will teach you about how to properly manage a spreadsheet that can show you if you are making money. It is called a profit and loss spreadsheet.

Basically, this module will be about how you can track your profits and losses.

Module 8 – Bonuses

The final module is composed of the bonuses included in the course. In other courses I have reviewed before, these are more of filler material in order to ramp up the cost. Let’s see if it is the same for this one.

I will discuss the bonuses individually.

Profit Power Hour Video Archive

This bonus includes some supplementary lessons regarding Shopify. Lessons include:

  • Shopify apps
  • Shopify settings
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook ads

There are actually a lot of videos included in this bonus, which could help you a lot, especially as a newbie. Adrian recommends that you watch a few videos every week to refresh your knowledge.

Emailing With Anthony Morrison

Adrian’s brother Anthony will be teaching you about email strategies you can use for your business. There are 26 videos included, which shows Anthony teaching using a whiteboard. Pretty bland, if you ask me.

However, the course is focused more on the theoretical side of things, which means that you have to see for yourself if the strategies could work.

Outsourcing Mastery

This bonus focuses on how to run your team and how to monitor daily tasks.

Overall, you will learn some basics about how to run the business in a day-to-day basis. The lessons are presented by a guy named Adam Radar.

Sizzle Product Sniper Software

This software is created the Adrian and Anthony. It is designed to look at what products are trending on both Facebook and AliExpress. It can help you decide what products you should put on your store to maximize profit.

However, a flaw I could see with this is that there are other programs online which do the same thing. This means that other people who use them are also seeing the same products as you are.

This means that they will be putting the same products on their stores, making the market for said profits saturated.

Case Study Examples

I think that these case studies are a good way to learn. After all, you will see Adrian working first-hand using the strategies and techniques he is teaching.

You will see how he setups his ads in order to maximize profits.

Adrian also shows you the templates he uses in business, but like I said before regarding templates, I do not recommend just copying templates.

What’s more, most templates sound robotic, which is definitely not what you want to go with.


This course costs $2,495. The price is pretty steep, but considering how this course covers all the you need to learn, from basics to the technical stuff, then I think that explains why.

There are seven modules and a few bonuses included which all aim to help you learn about how to do the business properly. I do not think that this is good for newbies though, so I suggest cheaper beginner courses.

I do not suggest spending this much, especially if you are still on the fence regarding if you are serious about it or not.

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Who is Adrian Morrison?

eCom Success Academy Review - eCom Success Academy creator

Adrian Morrison is an entrepreneur who is a high school misfit. The reason why he is successful is because he worked hard for it.

Now, he owns a lot of companies, and his businesses seem to be doing well. He seems to be making good money from this course as well.

What Adam claims is that he can make more than $400,000 every month. There is no evidence that could back up his claim though. I guess he just wants people to take his word for it.

Also, dropshipping is not as profitable as other business models, which makes me doubtful of his claims.

However, I don’t think that he is a scammer. After all, his course is pretty high quality. I just don’t think he is being honest about some stuff he claims, that’s all.

Dropshipping Explained


You might be thinking that the dropshipping model is the right business for you. It is indeed very expensive to have to produce your own products, as you would need a lot of resources for it.

Fortunately, I will be defining dropshipping in this part of the eCom Success Academy review.

Dropshipping works like this. You find a product (AliExpress is usually the go-to place), you make a listing for it on your Shopify store, then use ads to promote it on social media.

If your ads reach your target audience, then expect some sales to come in. Simple as that.

In dropshipping, you do not need to have any inventory on-hand, nor would you need to own a warehouse where you can keep your products. AliExpress will be the one fulfilling the order for you, and it will also ship the orders straight to your customers.

The concept is fairly simple and easy to understand, which is why a lot of people use the business model. It also saves them a lot of time and money compared to having to pay for production and storage costs themselves.

I will be discussing two more popular dropshipping models below.


eCom Success Academy Review - Print on Demand

This works if you are running a merch store. If you are an artist who aims to make money selling merchandise, then this can work for you.

There is a potential to make a lot of sales here, as what you need to do is pretty simple. You make the designs, and then contract a company or a business to print them on merchandise.

They can then ship it to your customers directly. Simple as that. The most popular merch you can choose from are shirts, mugs, and hats.

What makes this business quite risky is that you need to be able to pay for the items before you can sell them to your customers. You also still need to pay for ads, and judging by the people using this dropshipping model, it can be hard to get noticed.

Private Label Dropshipping

Private Label

In order to get dropshipping to work, you need to find the perfect product to sell.

You then find a company that will supply it for you, and then they rebrand it with your logo. This will help you convince customers that the products they are receiving are of high quality, as the products are branded.

This is quite risky though, as you also need to pay for the products before you sell them. It is quite risky, as there is a possibility that you wouldn’t get any buyers. You will be stuck with products that no one wants.

That is why the strategy here is to find the product that people want, and focus on that one.

Does eCom Success Academy Work?

Now you are in this point of the eCom Success Academy review where you ask: can this course really help you?

Dropshipping is a lot more complicated than it seems, so if you want to pursue it, then I recommend taking some courses about it first.

If you are a total newbie to Shopify and the dropshipping model, then I guess this course can work for you. It is pretty extensive and covers all that you need to know.

You can definitely learn what you need to know in this course, but my problem is that it is quite expensive for a beginner.

After all, you are still on the fence whether you should really do this business or not. I wouldn’t recommend investing $2.5k straight away if you aren’t sure yet.

Other than that, remember that this course could only teach you so much. Your success is still up to you. All this course is doing is presenting you with strategies that could work for you. No guarantees though.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Dropshipping

Very Little Quality Control

Since you have no control over the quality of products that your buyers will be receiving, you also cannot give them quality customer support. Of course, you have no idea what went wrong, and only the supplier does.

However, your supplier can easily deny any wrongdoing on their part. This means that you are left to refund your customer or do a chargeback, which will not be good for your store’s reputation.

Ads are Expensive

You needs ads to get people interested with your brand. However, you would want to be seen in the biggest internet platforms if you want those orders to come. Advertising on social media is not cheap, though.

In order to beat other brands, you need to purchase a more expensive plan to get your ads out there. Of course, those competitors are aware of this, and will do the same.

It is quite hard to get noticed, especially if your products are from competitive niches like apparel, cosmetics, and other fashion items.

Not to mention that the cost of ads also increase yearly because of demand. Yikes.

High Financial Risk

It is quite costly to start out, as you need to pay for everything out of pocket. Even without having to pay for inventory upfront, you have a lot of other costs to consider, like website hosting, subscriptions to programs you need to design your website, etc.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, though. In order to start putting your brand name out there, you need to rely on ads, or pay influencers to advertise for you.

However, you should make sure that you are getting business. Those costs you will be paying for monthly will not be stopping anytime soon, even if you get no orders.

So, do you think this business model can work for you? Hopefully you got your question answered by this eCom Success Academy review.

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Things I Like in eCom Success Academy

Detailed Course

I am impressed by how much ground this course covers. From setting up your store, sourcing products, and making good ads, everything you need to know is right here.

If you can afford it or if you are 100% sure that you want to get in the business, then you should get it. Otherwise, look for a cheaper course.

Things I Dislike in eCom Success Academy

Expensive for a Beginner

Like I said before, this course can break the bank. There are cheaper alternatives out there, or if you are really broke, then there are also free resources that can help you learn about dropshipping.

Dropshipping is Very Risky

I have discussed this in detail in the other sections, but let me reiterate again: this is a pretty risky business model. You have no control over product quality, and the market is already saturated with dropshippers.

It has worked for a lot of people, yes. But do you really think it can work for you?

Final Verdict – eCom Success Academy

Before I end this eCom Success Academy review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

After reading this eCom Success Academy review, I hope that you gained a better understanding on what dropshipping is all about. It may be cheaper to start than other business models, but it comes with a lot of risk.

You have absolutely no control over the product quality of the items that will be delivered to your customers. All you can do is hope that they will be satisfied by it.

There are also a lot of costs you should prepare yourself for. Even if you do not make any sales, you need to continue paying for website hosting, advertising, and employees’ salaries.

I would not recommend dropshipping as a side hustle, as it would require a lot of time from you. A side hustle should be something that you can do while working your day job. Something you can do and still have free time for your hobbies.

I know of a good alternative to dropshipping. It does not require as much time, and you need not study a lot of complicated concepts for it. More details are available in the section below.

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