Affiliate Marketing Boss Review – Chad Bartlett Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Affiliate Marketing Boss. Is it legit? Find out in this Affiliate Marketing Boss review.

Affiliate marketing is profitable, but only if you know what you are doing. Also, it is not going to bring you a steady stream of income.

However, a lot of gurus advertise that affiliate marketing is the way to go, and by marketing high-ticket items, you can make a lot of money in one go, and not have to worry about your income for a while.

Affiliate Marketing Boss claims that it can help you get started with it. Is it worth paying for or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Affiliate Marketing Boss review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Chad Bartlett in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Affiliate Marketing Boss Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Boss
  • Founder: Chad Bartlett
  • Website:
  • Socials: FacebookInstagram
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend affiliate marketing because there is no steady income from it. You are better off with my top recommendation instead.

What is Affiliate Marketing Boss?

Affiliate Marketing Boss Review - Logo

Affiliate Marketing Boss, launched by Chad Bartlett in 2021, serves as an affiliate marketing initiation hub. Their array of services encompasses coaching, constructing mini digital assets, and streamlining affiliate marketing endeavors.

Chad’s personal experiences and tactics are the bedrock of their strategies, aiming to guide individuals into the realm of super affiliates.

The program imparts essential insights on scaling your business even with minimal capital, backed by comprehensive guidance and personalized assistance. While they advertise direct help from Chad Bartlett himself, the reality is a bit different.

The primary support comes from an assigned credit coach at the program’s commencement. The only direct interaction with Chad is reserved for the weekly community calls.

Certainly, the course is abundant with valuable information, yet its distinguishing factor lies in the supplementary perks like the promised 1-on-1 support from Chad. This angle is emphasized in their marketing, positioning this offering as distinct from other available courses.

Who is Chad Barlett?

Affiliate Marketing Boss Review - Chad Bartlett

Chad Bartlett stands as an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and prominent YouTuber renowned for his expertise in the digital realm. His foray into affiliate marketing commenced during his college years, sparking an interest that fueled his journey into the digital landscape.

Establishing his YouTube channel became a pivotal platform for imparting knowledge, where he shares an array of strategies and insights on generating passive income through affiliate marketing endeavors.

Through his channel, Chad Bartlett offers a wealth of guidance and practical approaches, serving as a beacon for individuals seeking to navigate and thrive in the world of affiliate marketing.

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My Favorite Program

Affiliate Marketing Boss Overview

Affiliate Marketing Boss Review - Chad Bartlett 2

The Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp stands as a comprehensive coaching program meticulously crafted to empower individuals aiming to reach six-figure milestones in affiliate marketing by leveraging mini digital assets. This program goes beyond conventional approaches, delving into the realms of Affiliate Marketing 3.0, offering insights on utilizing social media as a catalyst to amplify weekly sales.

The course structure encompasses an extensive array of resources, ranging from informative training videos to customizable templates, ensuring a multifaceted learning experience.

A standout feature of this bootcamp is the exclusive access to personalized guidance through 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Chad Bartlett himself. This direct interaction with an industry expert adds significant value, allowing participants to glean insights, address queries, and receive tailored advice tailored to their specific affiliate marketing endeavors.

The Bootcamp not only equips individuals with knowledge but also facilitates a supportive environment fostering skill development and implementation of strategies to achieve substantial success in the affiliate marketing sphere.

The Modules

Upon enrollment in the Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp, participants gain exclusive and perpetual access to an extensive library of training videos, meticulously designed to offer a step-by-step guide in establishing a robust affiliate marketing business. The comprehensive curriculum spans eight weeks, with each week dedicated to unraveling distinct facets of the affiliate marketing landscape.

Chad Bartlett, the visionary behind the program, introduces participants to the intricacies of the Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Ecosystem. This innovative system centers on constructing a digital empire comprising mini brands, providing a blueprint for sustained success. Chad’s tutelage extends to navigating traffic sources seamlessly, catering specifically to beginners seeking a smooth entry into the realm of affiliate marketing.

The curriculum delves into the realm of Automated Affiliate Funnels, where Chad unveils his proprietary system encompassing opt-in pages and bridge videos. These elements work in tandem to capture leads and execute sales autonomously, streamlining the process for enhanced efficiency.

Another vital module focuses on Email Automation, where Chad not only furnishes participants with pre-designed email templates but also imparts knowledge on leveraging email marketing in an automated fashion. This segment empowers individuals to harness the potential of email communication as a strategic tool in their affiliate marketing endeavors.

TikTok Traffic emerges as a pivotal aspect of the training, offering insights into making initial sales through concise 15-60 second videos. Chad extends guidance on crafting engaging faceless content, unraveling the potential of TikTok as a dynamic platform for affiliate marketing.

The curriculum further unfolds Chad’s expertise in YouTube Traffic, unveiling a process for generating leads on YouTube while simultaneously earning compensation, all without the prerequisite of being camera-savvy. This module is tailored to empower participants to leverage the vast reach and influence of YouTube in their affiliate marketing journey.

Facebook Groups take center stage in another module, where participants learn the art of efficiently managing successful groups. Chad imparts strategies that require less than an hour per week of work, emphasizing the significance of community-building in brand development.

Profile Funnels, another distinctive facet of the training, involves Chad guiding participants in utilizing their Facebook profiles as dynamic Profile Funnels. This free approach serves as a potent tool to attract leads and foster sales without additional expenses.

Paid Strategies, a crucial component of the program, involves participants gaining insights into Chad Bartlett’s proprietary paid strategies. This module unravels the tactics Chad employs to scale his own digital marketing business while optimizing time management and working fewer hours.

In essence, the Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp provides a comprehensive and multifaceted educational journey, equipping participants not only with knowledge but also practical strategies to thrive in the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing.

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My Favorite Program

Affiliate Club

Affiliate Marketing Boss Review - Overview

The Affiliate Marketing Boss extends its offerings through an exclusive Affiliate Club, a hub for weekly live training sessions. This platform serves as a knowledge repository, nurturing participants in the nuances of affiliate marketing, empowering them to ascend to the realm of six-figure earnings through an arsenal of strategies and tools.

Chad Bartlett, the driving force behind this initiative, regularly unveils cutting-edge strategies through his comprehensive training videos, ensuring participants stay abreast of the latest innovations and methodologies.

Membership in the Affiliate Club demands a monthly fee of $97. Nevertheless, an intriguing perk emerges: the membership fee is waived for those who embark on their affiliate marketing journey through BuilderAll. Availing oneself of the 14-day free trial of BuilderAll grants unrestricted entry to both BuilderAll and the coveted Affiliate Club.

Post the trial period, a fee of $87.90 suffices to sustain access to BuilderAll and secure continued membership within the Affiliate Club, perpetuating the benefits and resources offered within this dynamic platform.

Final Verdict – Affiliate Marketing Boss Review

As we navigate the landscape of Affiliate Marketing Boss, it becomes imperative to dissect the promises and realities that define this program. While the concept of acquiring insights from Chad Bartlett, an industry expert, may seem enticing, a nuanced exploration reveals a somewhat different narrative.

The marketing endeavors of Affiliate Marketing Boss position Chad Bartlett as a central figure, implying a direct connection with the program’s participants. However, the stark truth surfaces – the primary support mechanism is not Chad himself, as suggested, but rather an appointed credit coach. The only direct interaction with Chad materializes during the weekly community calls, an aspect that may not align with the expectations set by the program’s promotional materials.

While the course undoubtedly offers a wealth of valuable information, it’s crucial to scrutinize the emphasis placed on the purported 1-on-1 support from Chad Bartlett. This becomes a distinguishing factor in their marketing strategy, potentially overshadowing other fundamental aspects.

The Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp promises an immersive educational experience, providing a step-by-step guide over eight weeks. Yet, the allure of lifetime access to training videos may overshadow the intricate details of the curriculum. The modules indeed cover a range of topics, including Affiliate Marketing 3.0 and various traffic sources, but the efficacy of these teachings remains subjective.

Furthermore, the Affiliate Club, with its weekly live training sessions, adds a layer of ongoing engagement. However, the cost of $97 per month for membership raises questions about the value proposition, especially when aligned with the program’s overarching promises.

As we consider the affordability and accessibility of the program, a critical point surfaces – the fee for the Affiliate Club is waived only if participants initiate their journey through BuilderAll. This condition introduces a layer of dependency and potentially constrains choices for aspiring affiliates.

The Affiliate Marketing Boss Blog takes a nuanced turn when dissecting the program’s structure and features. The depth of understanding required to navigate the intricacies of the Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Ecosystem, automated affiliate funnels, and other modules might pose a challenge, especially for beginners.

While the course introduces various platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook Groups, the efficacy of these strategies remains contingent on individual circumstances and market dynamics. The promises of success may not be universally applicable, and the stark reality of affiliate marketing’s complexity becomes evident.

In essence, as one delves into the review of Affiliate Marketing Boss, a shadow is cast over the promises and potential discrepancies within the program. The emphasis on Chad Bartlett’s persona, the intricacies of support mechanisms, and the cost structures of affiliated services all contribute to a nuanced perspective that transcends the program’s promotional facade.

Before one takes the plunge into Affiliate Marketing Boss, a cautious approach demands thorough consideration of individual expectations, market dynamics, and the program’s alignment with personal goals. The allure of six-figure aspirations must be juxtaposed against the intricate realities of affiliate marketing, where success is contingent on a myriad of factors beyond the promises of any single program.

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