Affiliate marketing Champ Review – ODI Productions Course

Hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing Champ Review.

Making money online with affiliate marketing.Sounds too sexy and fun?

I am making money with affiliate marketing and I want to tell you that it is not that fun.Hahaha

If you get? the guide or mentorship by a guru than this case might be different.And this is why most youtube gurus like ODI productions made their own course to help others.But whether this course worth your money or not,this is still a debate.

Without wasting time let’s dive into this review.

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Affiliate Marketing Champ Review

Affiliate marketing champ is a course by odi productions.This is his first course about affiliate marketing.

He just launched a course about affiliate marketing passive income lifestyle.The price of this course is $997.

Which we will talk worth it or not.You will get a lot of value inside the course.

This picture shows the thing you are going to get inside affiliate marketing champ.

Sorry for this blur picture.But I am covering everything that you will need to know about affiliate marketing champ.

Let?s talk about the things that you are going to get inside the affiliate marketing champ.

There are total 10 modules inside the affiliate marketing champ.The other two are of joining his facebook group and promoting his course as an affiliate.

Pretty good deal huh?if you lose money in the course why not promote it?

Each video in the ten modules are just of 20 minutes.So,the course overall consist of videos o three hours.

Very short as compare to the price you are paying for the affiliate marketing champ.There are bonuses which are worth of $10,000.Self claimed bonuses.

Let?s talk about the owner ODI productions.

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ODI Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ

This guy is very famous on youtube.Yes about affiliate marketing and his $370000 lamborghini.

Odi productions is in affiliate marketing since 2015.He claims that he is a seven figure affiliate marketer.Odi productions got a very large following on his youtube channel.

More than 210k at the moment of writing this article.He is in the top five youtubers who are known for affiliate marketing.Now,I have followed this guy a month before writing this review and observed everything he says in his youtube videos.

I am in affiliate marketing and knows almost everything about it.

One thing that he lied to his audience is about his website.

On his youtube videos he says that his affiliate marketing website is

I am going to proof you that he is lying.

So,I did a bit of search about his site,how much traffic he is getting and many more things.

I came across that the site he is faking with only gets 647 traffic a month.

He is doing affiliate marketing with amazon.

If that the case than this will be hardly earning 100 bucks a month.

I am hundred percent confident what I am saying.The guy loves dogs and cars.

Now I am going to take you inside every module in affiliate marketing champ.

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First module?

In this module he will be talking about his life story.

How he gone from zero to hero.I think this is a straight lie.

You just need at least some money to start affiliate marketing if you want to do a real business.

In this module out of three hours this module will consume twenty minutes.

In this he will be only talking about his life story nothing new.

You can watch his story on his life journey for free on youtube.

Second Module

In this module he will be talking about affiliate marketing.What is affiliate and many more.

Again nothing valuable here and twenty minutes of video will be in this module about this topic.

I you are going and purchased odi productions affiliate marketing course than the chances are that you know about affiliate marketing already.

Third Module

This module is again on the topic which will provide no value to you.

And it has nothing to do with your future.

In this he talks about the big beast in affiliate marketing.Which are earning big dollars in affiliate marketing industry.

It?s all about the real life stories in this module.

Fourth module

This module consists of 43 minutes of videos.

If you think about dropping your hard earned money on this course than this will be the longest video in this course.

In this module he will talk about the things that how you can build an online 6 figure online business with affiliate marketing.


The topics covered in this module are,choosing a ncihe.How to build an affiliate marketing products.To choose the products to promote.

Build a youtube channel from scratch for affiliate marketing.

He will be talking about each of them for 5 minutes.

I am pretty sure that there are lot of youtube videos which talks about this.

And they are more than 5 minutes and do not cost you a dime.

Fifth module

This module is a very bid question in? this course.

As he covered the topics which he already talked about in his early module.

Again this module is of twenty minutes and did not provide a single value to the people who bought it.

ODI productions will talk about his favourite niches in affiliate marketing.I saw these kind of videos all day in ads.

One thing I stand with him is he says that he love high tickets product.

I also do high ticket affiliate marketing because it requires same effort to sell a $1000 VS $5.

In this he will be saying to choose these niches,let me save your time?

  • High ticket products
  • Web hostings
  • Softwares
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Travel
  • Fitness

Sixth Module

I still can?t believe that how much less effort he puts in this course.

In this module of affiliate marketing champ he is going to teach you seo in 23 minutes.

It is very funny that after buying a course for a? grand you do not know what to do.ODI production will talk how to get on the top page of google in 20 minutes videos.

Lot?s of seo pro?s out there must be fool like backlinko,chase reiner and ruan mariano who talk about seo in their course for hours and hours.

It shows the insincerity of ODI production.

I am very upset from his approach of teaching.

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Seventh Module

Being said that I am very upset for course like affiliate marketing champ coming from ODI production.

In this module,once again he left his students wondering by talking about ads.

He will teach you fb and google ads and how it works.

In just 20 minutes,I maybe a fool bought jordan platten fb ads course.That course contains 7 hours of videos.TOTAL VALUE..

Eight Module

This module is again very basics and you can find hundreds of free youtube videos on it.

How to create and set up a website.

Next two modules of affiliate marketing champ

If you buy this course after reading this review,I want to say that you will be a big fool then.

In the next two modules ODI productions will be talking about the mistakes he made when running fb ads.

Bonus of affiliate marketing champ

He will be saying about to join his facebook group and to promote his course and make money online.

Money Back Guarantee

This is bit of funny in my opinion.

I reviewed a lot of online courses like ecommerce empire builders,amazon fba heroes and dropship lifestyle.

No on had this kind of money back guarantee.This is quite simple.

If you watch three modules in affiliate marketing champ,your refunding request will be automatically denied.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Champ Scam?

No,affiliate marketing champ is not a scam but the efforts odi productions put in it are clearly useless.

There is nothing special to pay thousand dollars for this course.

One thing I liked is him talking about high ticket products in his course.

The program I am recommending you is just for $7.It gives you ten times much value than affiliate marketing champ.

I will not bullshit you.Your future is my future.I want to see you succeed.

The best things is that they will teach you every skill that you need to run a six figure online business.

I think you should join just for $7 today.The other thing is other than teaching you this is the best affiliate program in the online industry at the moment.

It pays you $1000 commissions on a single sale.

Best of luck for your future..


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