Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – 4 Actionable Steps!

Affiliate marketing for dummies.That’s what you searched for.Well here we go..

What are the steps they need to follow in order to make money in affiliate marketing.They want to know some actionable steps.

The steps that will lead them to be successful in affiliate marketing.

So,here are the 4 steps one should follow to make big dollars in affiliate marketing.

Before diving into this topic I want to clear one thing.This post is for the people who know all about affiliate marketing.

We are not going to discuss what is affiliate marketing or things like that.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.This is the simplest business model in the online industry.

As I said that it is the best way to make money online,this is why this industry is getting saturated day by day.

If you are reading this post I think you are deciding to dive into affiliate marketing.

This is a really good business to start in 2020 and moving forward.

So,why affiliate marketing?Why not other online businesses?

It?s Free,Passive,Earning potential!

It is almost free to start affiliate marketing.

Yes,you can start affiliate marketing totally free.I do not know even a single business model that is free to start.

Just want to clear one thing.

Yes,you can start affiliate marketing but it will take more time for you.

If you go with the free traffic then it is quite obvious that SEO takes time.That’s what Keirren told me.[]

But if you do not want to invest time in affiliate marketing,then invest money.You have to invest one thing.

It can be time if you do not have money to invest in paid marketing strategies.

Or it can be money and that?s why you will save a lot of time.So,you can pick anything according to your current situation.

It?s passive.Yes,this is the best thing I love about affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing you have to work once and it will pay you in the long run.

For example if you are promoting products then as far as the person you recommend this product uses this,you will get paid.

Simple is that.

And the last one is that it?s earning potential is limitless.

You keep on learning new things in affiliate marketing for dummies to leverage your business.You can earn millions with affiliate marketing.

Now let?s talk about four steps to crush it with affiliate marketing.

First Step : Choose A Niche[Affiliate Marketing for Dummies]

Choose a niche that you are interested in and pick products in that niche.Choose a niche in that particular niche.

For example health is a niche.Wealth and relationship is a niche.So,select a niche and promote it.

What to select a niche and why it?s important.

It is very important to pick a niche you have great interest in.

For example you chose products from a niche that you do not have any interest in,you may not give real value to your audience.

Always promote products you think will bring massive value to your audience.You can not promote crap things just for commissions.

At the end of the day it is all about giving value to others.

So,the first step is to do your research.It is even better to purchase the product you want to promote.

This is an ethical thing that I think every affiliate marketer needs to do.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than three years and during these years I have promoted different products.

But you know what is common in all of them,I bought them before pushing it to my audience.

To know whether they are giving value to my visitors or are just trash.

I discussed affiliate marketing for dummies products I am promoting here.

So,it is really important to use the product and know it?s cons and pros and then promote it.

Step 2 : Select A Marketing Platform

Now this is the main step.Almost 99.9% affiliate marketers that failed in affiliate marketing are because of this single step.

You know what they do.They start affiliate marketing.

Do all the things they learnt online and apply it.If the things they learn do not work they start jumping here and there.

As I said that I am in affiliate marketing for sometime now.In this period I saw lots of people giving up in affiliate marketing.

They do not know what will work for them.What marketing platform is more beneficial for them.

This thing made huge doubt in them and they slowly end up giving it.

You have to be mentally strong in this business model

Second step for you is to pick a marketing channel.

The channel from which you will make money and promote your product.

It can be any marketing channel.It can beĀ 

youtube,blogging,quora,Ads,Facebook and other marketing channels.No matter what marketing channel you chose,stick to one.

Stick to one guys.

For example if you chose youtube,stick to youtube.

If someone put all the hard work in producing content and when it does not work for people they gave up.

Stick to youtube for some more time.Believe in the process.It is the only way that you are going to make $ in affiliate marketing.

So,select a platform and stick to it until you start making sales everyday.


Step 3 : Put Valuable Content![Affiliate Marketing for Dummies]

You know what is human nature?We are attracted to the best.Same goes with affiliate marketing.

People believe in the person/affiliate marketer who gives them more value.

In Depth review of the product.Cons and pros of it and much more.Third step is to put valuable content in that marketing channel.

No matter what marketing channel you chose.

Start putting valuable content each day.No matter if you are having sales or not.

As I said that this is not a get rich quick business model.It will take time.How much?Well Hmmm!

Choose A niche,Select a marketing platform and Put valuable content until you start making sales everyday.

Step 4 : Believe In The Process![Affiliate Marketing for Dummies]

It?s simple,believe in the process.It may not work for you for one month.It may not work for you for two months?

Just believe in the process.It will work for you.

These are the marketing strategies that worked for everyone before you.

So,it will work for you too.Just be patient with the process.Give SEO time to come into play.

SEO takes time!

Once you start making money ENJOY!

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