Affiliate Marketing Masters Review – Scam or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Affiliate Marketing Masters. Is it legit? Find out in this Affiliate Marketing Masters review.

Affiliate Marketing Masters is a great resource if you’re interested in making money online using affiliate programs. There are a lot of programs out there that claim to be effective, but it may be difficult to tell which ones are legitimate.

That’s why I performed some research to see if you should invest in Affiliate Marketing Masters.

To set the record straight, I have no connection to Affiliate Marketing Masters, so you can rest certain that my opinion is objective and fair. I’m here to provide you all the information you need to decide if this course is ideal for you.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Affiliate Marketing Masters review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Affiliate Marketing Masters in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Affiliate Marketing Masters Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Masters
  • Founder: Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommendation: I suggest you do my top recommendation instead of relying on affiliate marketing. The earnings in here are not stable.

What is Affiliate Marketing Masters?

If you want to learn how to promote other people’s products and make money doing that, then that is probably how you found Affiliate Marketing Masters.

This course will show you the ropes of affiliate marketing and equip you with the information and abilities you’ll need to make a go of it.

Affiliate Marketing Masters teaches its readers how to target a certain market through the use of affiliate programs. Constructing landing pages and other promotional materials is covered as well.

You will learn how to maximize sales and revenue with both organic and paid traffic strategies covered in this course.

Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth will guide participants through the course’s eight lessons. They offer helpful information that will advance your affiliate marketing career.

Affiliate Marketing Masters is a comprehensive resource for anybody looking to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing or expand their current enterprise.

This program is similar to Christian Martin Marketing, Freelance Affiliate Guide, and Affiliate Pro Formula.

Who are Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox?

Affiliate Marketing Masters Review - Tanner and Ryan

Tanner Fox and Ryan Hildreth are two names you could hear if you do any research into affiliate marketing. They’re two internet marketers who made it big, and their course, Affiliate Marketing Masters, is well-known in the niche.

In the training, they reveal the methods they used to create lucrative affiliate marketing enterprises of their own.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Overview

Module 1: Choosing a Niche and Affiliate Programs

The fundamentals of deciding on a niche and locating lucrative affiliate networks are introduced in the first unit. However, the video on picking a specialty is only five minutes long, and that’s not nearly enough time to have a firm grasp on such an important process.

When compared to courses like Smart From Scratch, which provide a more in-depth instruction on picking a specialization, this lesson falls short.

Module 2: Marketing with YouTube Videos

Module 2 focuses on leveraging YouTube videos for online product promotion. While the module does present some examples of popular YouTube channels, it does not offer a comprehensive instruction on how to launch your own profitable YouTube channel.

YouTube and specialized blogs are good places to look for this sort of introductory material.

Module 3: Facebook Pages for Free Traffic

Module 3 provides an introduction to driving free traffic to your website using Facebook pages.

While this session does present some fundamental information that may be obtained elsewhere, it does offer some additional examples of successful Facebook pages and instructions on how to build up your own.

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Module 4: Paid Traffic with Facebook Ads

Module 4 explains how to use Facebook advertisements to attract paying customers to your offerings, but this is a complex subject that will take a lot of time to master.

When compared to other courses, such as the FB Master’s Program, which provide a more in-depth overview on Facebook Ads, this module falls short.

Module 5: Instagram for Free Traffic

The training includes a 13-minute video on using Instagram to boost click-through rates on affiliate links.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive education on how to generate money on Instagram, check out Instapreneur Academy instead of this module.

Module 6: Creating a Blog and Review Sites

Getting your affiliate links seen by more people at no cost is the focus of the sixth and final module, which teaches you how to start a blog and review sites.

However, the nine-minute video doesn’t provide you nearly enough material to make a functional review or blog website.

Module 7: Email Marketing

In Module 7, you’ll learn the ins and outs of using email marketing to monitor affiliate link clicks and boost exposure. While informative, this unit isn’t nearly as thorough of a tutorial to email marketing as what’s offered in other courses.

Module 8: ClickFunnels

Not everyone will find Module 8’s pitch for ClickFunnels useful or necessary.

When compared to other courses that cover the same ground, Affiliate Marketing Masters falls short since it just provides the bare minimum of information on affiliate marketing.

The training could be worthwhile for people with no prior experience with affiliate marketing, but those with more advanced goals would be better served by exploring elsewhere.


It’s not exactly inexpensive at $497; in fact, some may argue that it’s overpriced in comparison to similar courses.

There may be comparable courses available at a cheaper cost, but remember that the true measure of a course’s worth is the quality of the knowledge it provides.

Affiliate Marketing Masters’ greater price tag may not be warranted given that the level of instruction is not necessarily superior than that of competing courses.

Affiliate marketers in the outset may want to think twice about spending a lot of money on a training course that hasn’t been proved effective. Make sure the course you pick is within your price range and helps you achieve your objectives.

Affiliate Marketing Masters has a money-back guarantee, which is a plus. It’s not quite apparent if this assurance is unconditional or if there are requirements that must be satisfied.

It may be challenging to demonstrate, for example, that you have made an effort and that the course was ineffective.

You should conduct your research and consider the cost of Affiliate Marketing Masters alongside any benefits it may provide before making a final purchasing decision.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Masters Legit?

As far as the law is concerned, though, I can’t call it a fraud. You will gain an understanding of affiliate marketing fundamentals, therefore the training is not completely useless. But I’m not a big admirer of their method.

It’s easier said than done, and it looks like they’re generating more money off of course sales than they are from putting their own advice into practice. Because of this, I have my doubts.

Successful affiliate marketers have much to teach others who would like to follow in their footsteps. And to be frank, there are cheaper and more valuable options available.

It’s possible that Affiliate Marketing Masters isn’t the ideal option for you.

Final Verdict – Affiliate Marketing Masters Review

Let me give you the facts on Affiliate Marketing Masters if you’re thinking about purchasing it. When there are alternative available choices that are superior, I just can’t endorse it.

While there is some useful information provided, the training falls short of what is needed to establish a prosperous affiliate marketing enterprise.

In reality, you can receive superior instruction for free online for most of the topics discussed here.

Not surprisingly, TrustPilot doesn’t have many favorable evaluations or actual success stories from Affiliate Marketing Masters customers. Don’t waste your time here and consider my top recommendation instead.

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