Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping – Best Way To Make Money Online?

Ok,So today we are going to talk about the hottest topic out there.Affiliate marketing vs dropshipping which one you should choose as a career?

I am going to do in-depth review on both of those to make it even clear for you.So,read this full review.

I hope this will give your all answers about concerns and thoughts about both business models.Affiliate marketing Vs dropshipping right?

No matter which one you go with,these two are the best ways to make money online.

Or I would rather say business online.I have reviewed a lot of affiliate marketing and dropshipping courses.

Other than that I tried both of them.This is why I think that I am the right person to write this review.Believe me this article worth your next five minutes.

Look people getting a lot of success online from both businesses.Either dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

I know a lot of people personally who are making good money from both business.I am going to tell you harsh realities about ecommerce.

So,bear me with that.I believe that these are the truths that you are going to get nowhere.

A lot of gurus out there on youtube and other platforms do not tell these bitter truth because the made money by selling you courses.

I personally love affiliate marketing and did an article about dropshipping worth it or not.

I want you to go and must check this post.

It will clear your concept about this business model.

Affiliate marketing is very profitable as compared to other online businesses.First of all let?s discuss both!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Ok,I am very excited to define this.Because I love affiliate marketing so much.

I believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to build an online business.

There are many reasons of this.Which I am going to tell you later in this post.But first let me tell you what exactly affiliate marketing is.

In affiliate marketing you have to refer products to others and get a commission on that.

Affiliate marketing is based on proven marketing strategies and take less work.

I am not saying less work but it feeds someone in a long run as compared to other business model out there.

For affiliate marketing you don?t have to own a product.It is completely based on how you promote products of other people.

Simple is that.It is totally up to you to go with which strategy you want to.Let me clear it.

If you do not know link spamming it is like throwing your links to people who actually do not need it.

Or not providing them enough value.This is very inappropriate in affiliate marketing.

Lots of people made affiliate marketing complicated.Listen if you are beginner and do not know what to do.

Here I am summing this stuff.

First of all pick one product that you believe from heart will bring massive value to your audience.

Choose one platform through which you want to promote and get these sales.

If you are good at writing,select blogging.If you think you are good at content designing go with Instagram.

Good at making videos go with youtube.It can be any platform.

All you have to do is just choose one and stick to it until you are making sales everyday.That?S it!

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Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Well this topic is very vast.I will try to put it in words.

There are lots of benefits of affiliate marketing but we will talk about the main ones.

First of all the biggest reason you should start affiliate marketing business right now is that it is the only business model out there which provides you passive income.

Yes from affiliate marketing you can make passive income.

For the one who don?t know what passive is let me clear it.

Passive income means you put the work once and it will feed you for life.

Means that if you make someone subscribe to software or something else you are promoting,you will get commission until they use it.

Only online business to give you such opportuinty.

Like dropshipping you do not have to invest thousands of dollars without knowing that it will make profit or not.

Rather these are proven marketing strategies which worked over and over again.So risk involved here is zero.

Also you can start with less amount or free.It?s totaly upto you.

But I would recommend to incest some money in strating this business.

This will help you achieve your goals quickly and have a mentor.Another reason is affiliate marketing is not competitive.

You are not fighting with others to get sales.Your biggest competitor is you and it is less saturated.

Like dropshipping you do not have to deal with customer support or have to deal with any complaints regarding your product.

The price are fixed.

Another big problem with dropshipping is that you have to deal with stoke issues.But not in affiliate marketing.

It is totally upto you which product to choose.I would recommend high ticket products to reach your income goal.

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What Is dropshipping?

In dropshipping you have to promote products through your online stores let?s say shopify.

You have to run fb ads or organically to bring targeted traffic to your store.

In dropshipping you have to deal with a lot of problems.

Dropshipping is very saturated as compared to affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping I think is the worst business model to start in 2020 and further.

You maybe thinking that what about a lot of youtubers earning hundreds and thousands of dollars through dropshipping.

Bare me here.These are the facts of ecommerce business.

Gurus are making money not by dropshipping but selling their courses to dropshippers.

I am not going to talk about cons and pros of dropshipping.

I write review about it few days ago.Where I talked about dropshipping in detail.

Go and read this review about dropshipping.

I will highly recommend it if you want to start dropshipping.Another thing is that dropshipping costs a lot of money to start.

You have first to buy online course from random gurus out there.After buying this have to invest in fb ads.

I recommend to have three grands to give fb ads a try.

So,I can say that you will need at least $5000 to give dropshippi ng a real shot.

But after all this it is not important that you will make profit.

Like I already said that dropshipping for risk takers.And it is hard to scale this business.Like affiliate marketing.

If you are somehow did one thousand in affiliate marketing than it is very easy to achieve $10,000/month target.

But it requires hard work and effort.

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Best Way To make Money Online(Affiliate marketing Vs Dropshipping)?

So,what is the best way to make money online.Dropshipping or affiliate marketing.In my opinion best is to go with affiliate marketing.

As I said it already that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.At the end I want to say you one thing.

One person is making $50,000 a month and he is satisfy and happy to do the work.

Other person is making $60,000 a month and is not happy with what he do.

Well in that case I want to earn $50,000 a month.I hope that you got my point there.Affiliate marketing vs dropshipping.Well no comparison.

Let me one point about affiliate marketing here.I like high ticket affiliate marketing.

It means the products which gives commissions more than $1000 a sale.

So,it is very easy to get ten sales A month with proven and ethical marketing strategies.

Now let us consider,If you make only one sale a day.That?s $30,000 a month.

Pretty crazy right.This is the thing I came to know later in my affiliate marketing journey.

So,go into high ticket affiliate marketing as soon as possible.

You maybe thinking  that what is the best way to learn all that.

I want to go with my recommendation to start your affiliate marketing journey.It is the best place to start your career.

Yes it requires money as little as $7.

Pretty insane right.The value I got in this seven dollars is insane.

It is more than the other online courses I bought and cost thousand of dollars.

So,take the first step to your dream life and start your journey right from here.

Best Of Luck!


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