Affilorama Review – Affiliate Marketing Scam?

Today, we will be talking about Affilorama made by Mark Ling. Is it legit? Learn more in this extensive review.

Affilorama stands as a comprehensive online platform designed to empower individuals in the intricate realm of affiliate marketing. This multifaceted resource offers a variety of tools, courses, and community support to guide both beginners and experienced marketers through their journeys to successful affiliate marketing.

Included in this review are its features, courses, as well as their recommended tools, exploring whether it lives up to its promise of being a valuable resource for anyone looking to find financial freedom in the affiliate marketing space.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Affilorama nor with Mark Ling. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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Affilorama Review: Quick Details

Name: Affilorama

Founder: Mark Ling


Socials: Facebook

Type: Training Program

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Recommendation: Affiliate Marketing techniques have been all over the internet, you should just need to look hard for it. But if you want to have some accountability to whatever you do, Affilorama is a user-friendly program that offers a user-friendly price.

Affilorama Overview


Affilorama is a one-stop shop online platform dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the dynamic world of affiliate marketing. They offer a diverse array of resources, including videos, webinars and written content that cover essential topics such as market research, SEO techniques, content creation and various marketing strategies.

Beyond educational materials, they also provide practical solutions, including website hosting and keyword research tools. In addition, the community that they have built all over the years has become a place suitable for collaboration, allowing members to engage, share insights, and seek advice.

About Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Mark Ling started his venture in the affiliate marketing space in 2005. He is now one of the renowned figures, especially for his insights and strategies. And due to his expertise, he has been involved in various online ventures and initiatives, contributing to the broader landscape of internet marketing.

He is also known for sharing his knowledge through various online courses, webinars and resources to help people understand and succeed in affiliate marketing, and one of them is the establishment of Affilorama.

For Whom is Affilorama For?

Affilorama’s holistic approach aims to empower both novices and seasoned marketers, making it a comprehensive hub for those looking to establish and thrive in the affiliate marketing landscape.

They will help beginners navigate the ins and outs of the affiliate marketing space, letting them in with some tips, and manage to dodge common pitfalls that other people experience when doing it alone. 

And advanced strategies are then shared with seasoned marketers looking to increase and stabilize their potential incomes in the said industry. 

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What’s Inside Affilorama?

Pathway to Passive

Pathway to Passive Book

Pathway to Passive is a collection of Mark Ling’s personal experiences, insights, research, and everything in between all compressed into one simple course. 

He’s been transparent about his journey all throughout the years of navigating the intricacies of the affiliate marketing space, noting them all down so that you can possibly dodge the trial and error path and go straight to success.

To be able to find success in affiliate marketing, you must have content that makes your visitors share it to other people. And in order to do that:

  • Your website must make sense. It should be easily navigated by your visitors.
  • Your content must be remarkable. It must excite them, be unique, so that it pushes them to take action and share it with other people
  • You should use keywords that are highly searched in search engines but at the same time, it doesn’t have that much competition. 

Once you’ve fixed all these, it’s time to make some sales. But there goes a barrier again. You’re having visitors but you’re not making sales. And that’s because:

  • You might be promoting the wrong product
  • You don’t have a proper sales funnel set up
  • You’re targeting the wrong people.

One mistake out of these pitfalls will surely block possible income coming your way. 

Affilorama's Pathway to Passive Cost

Pathway to Passive offers a lot of possible solutions to dodge all of these common pitfalls, in the form of a book that you need to buy for $37. Solutions include:

  • Finding the perfect affiliate product to sell
  • List of 11 niches to go into 
  • Strategies on how to compete in a competitive niche
  • Low-competition money-making content ideas
  • The “reverse engineering” technique for keyword and topic search
  • A full blueprint for writing product reviews
  • How to ethically review a product that you’ve never tried
  • How to use the five “readiness levels”
  • How to effectively “monetize” your pages
  • How to create a proper sales funnel
  • How to get the click
  • The “no effort” way to build links
  • How to find out what your audience really wants
  • 16 creative ideas for link-bait content
  • How to attract more authoritative links


AffiloTools is a set of online tools offered by Affilorama. It is designed to assist affiliate markets in managing and optimizing their online marketing campaigns. It provides various features to help users track the performance of their websites, analyze traffic and monitor the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Tools included are for:

  • Website Analytics – for you to track website statistics, such as traffic sources, visitor demographics and user behavior.
  • Keyword Research – a tool that can assist you in finding relevant keywords for SEO and pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Backlink Analysis – to help you analyze and monitor backlinks to your website that can help you with SEO strategies.
  • Social Media Metrics – you can monitor and analyze social media performance related to your affiliate marketing efforts, so that you can make informed decisions on what to continue and optimize, and what to stop, decreasing potential cost.
  • Competition Analysis – tools that can help you assess competitors and gain insights into their strategies. 

And take note, these AffiloTools are FREE.

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What Other People Say About Affilorama?

Affilorama on TrustPilot

Affilorama’s rating on TrustPilot has an average of 4.9/5.0 with 322 overall reviews. Everything can be taken with a grain of salt, yes, but with this much of a positive review, it’s hard to say that they’ve never been good with how they do things.

Most positive comments go to how well they handle their customer support and how their teaching style fits every person, from beginners to others who already have experiences with online marketing. 

Pros and Cons


  • Mark Ling has already made a name for himself, bringing all of the strategies that he has used to achieve the success that he’s experiencing now into the table. 
  • Even common pitfalls that beginners usually experience are being shared, together with the solutions that you can take to avoid such from happening to you.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled marketer, Affilorama caters to different skill levels, offering content and resources for various stages of affiliate marketing proficiency.
  • It also provides practical tools that can help you facilitate the implementation of the strategies being taught. 


  • It may not be visible in their website, but there are other hidden advanced features that need subscription, that makes people on a tight budget be wary about.
  • Mark Ling might have already included everything in the Pathway to Passive but it still feels different if he himself is available for personalized guidance.
  • As with any other venture, success is not guaranteed and individual results vary based on factors beyond Affilorama’s control, like your own work ethics and how much time and effort you’re willing to use.
  • Most of the contents are pre-recorded, hence outdated, meaning most of the strategies won’t be able to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing.
  • They don’t offer step by step guidance. Due to the nature of the Affilorama offering a wide range of topics, beginners especially might find it hard to navigate where to start.

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Is Affilorama a Scam?

Affilorama is not a scam. The platform offers a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to start their affiliate marketing journey. They have their “prime” moment especially when the pandemic hit but as of now, there hasn’t been any new updates from Mark Ling and Affilorama as a whole.

Their methods might have been very successful in the past but that doesn’t mean that it will still be at present, and that’s because of the ever-evolving nature of the online marketing space.

Maybe the introduction part where they give valuable lessons and insights, and the free tools that they offer for beginners can still help today’s generation to learn the intricacies of the affiliate marketing space and how it works, but other than that, I don’t think Affilorama can still convert as steeply as it did in the past. 

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