Affluent Academy Review – I Bought Jordan Platten Course And Here is My Verdict!

Today, we are going to talk about Affluent Academy. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Marketing plays a big part in a company’s success. If people don’t really know about the products or services that you offer, then it’s hard for any kind of business to flourish. Most companies put a lot of money into marketing the heck out of its products and services. They want to reach the most people as they can. Even though not all of them will patronize their products, getting at least somebody to buy your product is the goal. Though, obviously, they hope to get more than one people to buy their products.

Because a lot of people are on social media nowadays, it makes a lot of sense to put some effort into marketing on all of the different platforms available. Like I said, the goal is to reach as many people as you can so that they can be aware of your product. A lot of small businesses don’t really know how to market themselves on social media. So they would often be on the lookout for these boutique social media marketing agencies.

The potential of earning income from running a social media/digital marketing agency is what attracts a lot of people to consider it. But they don’t really know exactly where to start. That is where all of these learning platforms come into play. If you search for it online, you could easily find a few of these training programs in the search results. There are a lot of them out there, ranging from those that are being taught through a well-known learning platform or those that were created by people who had experience in that niche. The Affluent Academy course falls in the latter category.

So what exactly makes the Affluent Academy course different from all of the other courses out there? We’re going to find out together.

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Affluent Academy Review: Quick Details

Who Is Jordan Platten?

Affluent Academy creator Jordan Platten

It’s always interesting to see how people’s childhoods reflect who they are now. Sometimes, there are those little moments in our lives that kind of lead us in the path that we are currently on. For Jordan Patten, founder of and the creator of Affluent Academy, his entrepreneurial streak started when he was just a kid. Apparently, he would often sell his recreations of the illustrations seen on Pokemon trading cards to his classmates for a £1. That was pretty much his first experience of earning his own money.

It kind of gave Jordan the mindset that he really had to work hard in order to be financially secure. Eventually, he decided to work a paper route. If you don’t know what is, you basically bike around your neighborhood, delivering newspapers to your neighbor’s doorstep. He was able to earn £15 a week.

Most of his time growing up was him going around doing whatever job he could in order to earn his own money. It does seem that Jordan enjoyed every second of those jobs. Like, there was nothing about those jobs that made him regret doing it. It’s so nice to see somebody enjoying the experience of working. Apparently, he had worked thirteen different jobs before he hit the age of 21 years old.

He mentions in one of his videos that he wasn’t really somebody who worked well with authority figures. Even during the time when he was at school, he was that person that the teacher would complain about during parent-teacher nights. He wasn’t somebody who enjoyed being put in a box, in the sense that he didn’t want to conform to what society expects him to. Jordan wanted to express himself in creative ways.

Still, he went on to take up a degree in architecture in college. Very one early on, he kind of realized that even if he managed to finish that degree, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would be successful as an architect. During that time, Jordan managed to get a job selling tickets to a nightclub. That was when he realized that he was kind of good at marketing. So he managed to strike up a deal with the owners where he would host an event. He would keep the profits from the tickets sold while club gets profits from the drinks sold at the bar. Because he stayed up late a lot, he was kicked out of university. That period after that was kind of hard on Jordan.

He persevered and went on to work for a sales company as a cold caller. Obviously, he struggled a bit at it at first. But as he went on, he was able to become the top performers at the company. Even though he was earning a decent amount of money from his salary and his commissions, he didn’t feel fulfilled by it. So he decided to find ways to run his own business on his own terms. And that was kind of what lead him to digital marketing.

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What Is Affluent Academy?

Affluent Academy is an online training program that focuses on teaching you how to start your own digital marketing / social media marketing agency. Though, according to them, it’s more of a mentorship program than a training program. It doesn’t really matter what kind of terminology they use. They still offer an online course. So that’s what really matters.

There’s not really anything unique about the video training course that Affluent Academy offers. It’s exactly what you expect an online training program to be like. There are multiple modules that go through every single step of the process when it comes to building your own social media marketing agency from scratch.

The first module is about setting up a mindset. You couldn’t really run a successful social media marketing agency if you don’t have confidence in it. Bear in mind, running a business like that requires a lot of work. And if you don’t have the mental fortitude for it, then it’s likely that your business will no work exactly how you want it to.

The second module is about starting the launch sequence. This module will teach exactly what you need to do when planning the start of your business. You have to know exactly what kind of services you offer how much you want to price it for. Also, you have to a license to run a business even if you don’t have an office for it. This part also includes how to setup the website and branding for your business.

Affluent Academy creator Jordan Platten

The next few modules are focused on reaching clients. You can’t really have a business if no one is there to patronize it. This involves finding your niche and generating leads. As well as setting up all of your communications channel.

The last few modules are about doing the actual work for your clients as well as scaling up your business. You’ve managed to sign a contract. Now, you just have to actually do the work that you agreed to do. That kind of leads you to get more clients, which will earn you more money. And would help you make your business bigger. Once you’ve done most of the work, it’s just a matter of repeating the process with your other clients.

Aside from the actual training course, you also get access to website templates so that it’ll be easier to have one ready to go live. You also get access to a custom management platform. There are also live Q&A sessions with Jordan Platten every week, as well as coaching sessions. In order to know the cost of the Affluent Academy mentorship program, you have to submit an application for their website. I guess that the pricing may vary.

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I Bought Jordan Platten Course And Here is My Verdict!What Is Affluent Academy

Let me tell you my personal experience with Jordan Platten’s course called Affluent Academy.Back in 2019, I got into lead generation,SMMA , Rank and rent or whatever you want to call it, business.I have no money and was looking desperately for some courses to buy.Iman Gadzhi was well known but was not that big as he is today.I learnt basics from youtube but didn’t have confidence in my skills.

So,I was looking hard for courses, but the thing was that I haven’t had the money.I searched on facebook and instagram about Jordan Platten and contacted every person who is linked with him, someway or the other.Sliding into each of them DMs ,asking for his course.

And by my luck,I found a guy who agreed to give me his courses called Affluent Academy and grow your agency for FREE.Totally free.

Before getting into Agency navigator course, I decided to first try affluent academy by Jordan Platten.To learn all the things which will help me land my first client (accroding to Jordan Platten) I watched this course very closely and with my full focus.

To my surprise, the course ended and I was shocked by the feeling of “that’s it?”

The course was just basics and I already knew all those things, in the course he taught basics of fb ads and how to run it for your clients/business owners.The course was priced at 997 bucks back then.I think people who bought and paid that price would be shocked because of how basic the course was.I feel petty for all of them.

I gave up on my agency for some time and focused on other courses which were way more better then AFFLUENT ACADEMY.

Final Verdict – Affluent AcademyJordan Platten

The Affluent Academy mentorship program is definitely not new by any means. There have been quite a number of other mentorship programs focused social media marketing. So they’re not really treading any new ground with it.

Running your own boutique marketing agency takes a lot of work. There will inevitably a bit of a learning curve, especially if you are just getting started. But the mentorship program that Affluent Academy offers does seem to be helpful in letting you succeed in it.

If you land on the official website of affluent Academy, Jordan Platten says that it is a mentorship program and not a course… so he’ll be mentoring you throughout your journey.And you pay nothing if you don’t land five clients.I don’t know how realistic this claim is because there is always something hiding in the bush in these kind of mentorship programs.

When you don’t land five clients, they might say that you didn’t tried hard enough.Done for you agency is a scam, you have to do all the work yourself.Landing clients is the main thing in this business model.I highly doubt Jordan Platten’s reputation and advice you to stay away from Affluent Academy 3.0!

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