Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Alex Hormozi and his net worth.

It’s hard to start a business from scratch. While you may have an idea for a potential business, the process of turning that idea into reality is difficult. Not everyone is equipped with skills and knowledge to put that idea into fruition.

There are a lot of risks that are involved with running a business. That’s just the nature of it. You can kind of have to have some foresight with regards to your idea. Does this business make sense in the long run? Can you keep up with the demand if and when your business somehow becomes popular.

There are a lot of resources out there that could teach you how to run a business. But you need to put a lot of your time and money into that idea. You really have to commit to it. There’s no way to back out of it without having it affect other people.

Some people have managed to find ways to grow their business after some time. It took them a lot of trial and error that a lot of people could not afford. But they found out what works and stuck with that. Unsurprisingly, Alex Hormozi is one of those people.

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Alex Hormozi Quick Details

  • Name: Alex Hormozi
  • Occupation: managing founder and CEO of
  • Estimated net worth: $100 million

The Early Life of Alex Hormozi… Sort Of

There would be some pertinent information on here if that kind of information was available. But there isn’t. I wasn’t really expecting for there to be information about his childhood and all that. You’d only expect that from celebrities to be honest.

When I was searching for interviews that he did, a lot of them were about how he got into business. I mean, we will talk about all of that later in this piece. But I was really hoping that there’d be at least something about his childhood.

Does it really matter if you know about Alex Hormozi’s time as a child? Maybe. I have written a lot about different types of people. And often, their childhood plays a significant role in the path that they choose.

One specific detail that is in most of the descriptions about is that he is a first-generation Iranian-American. That basically means that he was born in Iran but he and his family migrated to the United States. Often the reason that people migrate to the United States is to find a better life in the U.S.

There are definitely struggles with uprooting yourself from the place you called home. In the case for Alex, he was a child of divorce. His dad fought for full custody of him when he was young. And when that was sorted out, they moved to the United States to start a new life.

Seeing as Alex only had his father to lean on, it seems that he wanted to make his father proud. A lot of the things he did was in the hopes of his father’s approval. But it seems that once he was going into his own business, that’s when it seems to have stopped.

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The College Side of Things

So, Alex went to college and studied a degree in human and organizational development from Vanderbilt University. It does seem that the program he chose helped his career in some ways. Looking at the page for the program on the Vanderbilt University, it seems that the career you’d take involves training people in some way.

Seeing at what Alex Hormozi looks like, it makes total sense that he would part of a fraternity. Aside from that, he also served as vice president of a powerlifting group at the university.

It should not be a surprise that a guy who spends a lot of his time in gyms would have some affinity to it. Let alone starting his own gym business. After graduating magna cum laude, he seemed to have plans to study in business school after working for a bit. But ultimately decided against it.

The Business Side of Things

Before he decided to start his own gym, he spent a few years working for somebody else. You’d think that he had hit the ground running after graduating. But you’d be wrong.

While the job was okay, it didn’t really seem that this was the thing that Alex Hormozi wanted to do. The path he thought he wanted to go through was four years at that job then studying in business school.

Through a bit of self-reflection, Alex sort of realized that he was really passionate about working out and talking about working out. So starting a gym made the most sense, right?

Like I said earlier in this piece, there is a level of difficulty that starting a business entails. While it was easy for his gym to be packed on certain days, it was harder to maintain a customer base for it. Not everyone commits to working out. Especially after New Year’s.

He tried to bounce back from it. His attention was focused on making sure that his gym stayed in business. He went to work trying to see what works and what doesn’t. And it seems to have been successful. Within a few years, he was able to launch a few more branches across California.

Somewhere along the line, he met Leila. One thing that he mentions in an interview he did is that he pitched the idea for a new business. And that was during their first date together. Can you imagine how insane it is to pitch an idea to a person you’re just getting to know? And it involved them quitting their job?

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The Launch of An Idea

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Leila was a bit hesitant at first. Here’s this guy she was on a date with telling her about this idea of starting a business that involves launching other people’s gyms.

It seems that Alex was blunt by saying their romantic relationship may not work out. But at least they could be potentially be earning money. In fairness to Alex, he had at least showed her that he was serious about the idea.

Eventually, she decided to see where this venture of his goes. And I guess it sort of helped them romantically in a way? They spent almost a year together launching these gyms.

Despite the initial success of that venture, it became difficult to manage and the stress of it all was getting to him. So he and Leila decided to change strategies. Aside from helping run Gym Launch, Leila also had another venture that involves weight-loss programs.

But it seems that there were still a few people who weren’t willing to part with Alex and Leila’s venture just yet. One of the salespeople he had worked with wanted to buy a copy of the materials that they used for the venture. He asked how much it cost and Alex said it was worth $6,000. That salesperson immediately agreed and that’s when Alex realized it had potential.

So What Is Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth?

Soon after, Alex started earning a lot more money. Unfortunately he couldn’t run the gyms he owned so they sold the entire brand to another company. Alex’s job was running the Gym Launch program with Leila.

Some of the money that they earned through the program was put into other ventures. But all of them sort travelled back to Gym Launch. In the sense that those ventures helped gym owners who are part of program make it easier to book and find clients for their business.

All of the success that he got from Gym Launch and the other ventures lead him to establish The entire idea of the firm is to help other businesses use what they already have in order to expand. It’s basically a consultation firm but it also does courses on how to generate leads for a business.

Aside from that, Alex also has a very established social media presence. I mean, that’s part of generating leads. You have to go where the people are. And they’re usually on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

All in all, Alex Hormozi has an estimated net worth of at least $100 million. It’s insane that he manage to get to that kind of amount within almost a decade. A lot of people would dream to have that kind of net worth.

It’s insane to think that kind of net worth was the fruit of starting a business that he was passionate about. But seeing as he did struggle a bit with that business initially, he wouldn’t have gotten that kind of net worth without hard work. He also had a lot of knowledge before he began his business.

That’s one of the things that a lot of potential business owners need to be mindful. You need to have some knowledge in the thing you want to sell. And how to run a business.

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