ALGO Online Retail Reviews – Tim Hellbusch Scam?

Today, we will dive into the works of ALGO Online Retail made by Tim Hellbusch. Is it legit? More information can be acquired in this review.

ALGO Online Retail review page has one hell of a list of positive reviews and testimonials about the way they teach and do things with new and seasoned ecommerce business owners, the strategies that they can use to start and build a successful ecommerce business with Amazon FBA.

Are they the real deal or simply another entry in the crowded landscape of ecommerce education and mentorship?

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Tim hellbusch nor with ALGO Online Retail. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his course.

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ALGO Online Retail Reviews: Quick Details

Name: ALGO Online Retail

Founder: Tim Hellbusch


Socials:  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Type: Amazon FBA Course

Niche: Ecommerce

Recommendation: Due to the saturation of the online retail business, I do not recommend getting into ecommerce this late game.

What is ALGO Online Retail?

ALGO Online Retail

ALGO Online Retail program is a resource designed to assist individuals and small business owners in launching and running successful online ecommerce stores. 

The program offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources that cover various aspects of the business journey, including legal considerations and strategies for maximizing profits. 

It aims to provide more than just education, offering practical insights and support for those looking to navigate the complexities of the online retail landscape. 

Having access to a knowledgeable team and a supportive community can make a significant difference, especially for individuals new to the world of ecommerce.

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Who is Tim Hellbusch?

Tim Hellbusch

Tim Hellbusch hails from American Fork, Utah, United States. He finished his Bachelor in Science Major in Biology at the University of Utah. And ever since then, he has the heart and passion of an entrepreneur.

His extensive experience in ecommerce spans for more than two decades and is still counting. His background includes building online stores with his wife, since as early as 2000 (2004), teaching ecommerce to a global audience and mentoring numerous Amazon resellers in the US and Canada.

With over 5 years of experience selling on Amazon and a diverse range of profitable strategies, Tim brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. Joining the ALGO Team as the lead instructor of ALGO Online Retail further amplifies his expertise, a testament to his commitment to supporting both new and experienced Amazon business owners.

They also have a YouTube channel where they post contents about running and managing an online business with Amazon FBA and other similar contents regarding the ecommerce space.

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The Amazon FBA Course

ALGO's Amazon FBA Course

Just like any other Amazon FBA course, with the normal product arbitrage system, Tim and ALGO Online Retail serve these components to the table.


Starting your very first Amazon FBA business can be daunting and ALGO Online Retail is here to give you a walkthrough of the processes needed to be accomplished in setting up an Amazon Seller Account. 

An introduction to the Amazon Seller Central and how to navigate it, policy and compliance guidelines so that you can avoid getting banned in the Amazon platform, and account optimization tips for better visibility and performance.


In this section, you’ll be learning about the intricacies of market research, emphasizing the identification of lucrative opportunities within the realm of brand name products. You’ll learn how to discern market trends, analyze competitors, and leverage tools to pinpoint high-demand niches sourced from authorized US-based suppliers.

And once you’re done with this, it’s time to pick the product that you think is best to sell for a start-up Amazon online business like yours. They will provide you with actionable insights into evaluating product viability, considering factors such as brand reputation, demand and competition. 

Having a keen eye for products with optimal sales potential is a plus also, ensuring that the sourced items align with both market demands and the stringent standards set by authorized suppliers.


The course will guide you through the process of building trustworthy relationships with authorized US-based suppliers. Key factors included are:

  • Learning the art of negotiation
  • Understanding minimum order quantities
  • Mastering payment terms

Learn about sourcing tactics that will help you find suppliers who fit your requirements for dependability and high-quality products, both domestically and internationally.


They have both proprietary and recommended tools and software that you can use for automation and strategy building to fast track your online business with just a few clicks. This way, you can focus more on scaling your business and let the combination of software and tools handle all the technology stuff.


Tim and his team will guide you through a seamless process of sending your products to Amazon’s FBA warehouses. Explore the subtleties of coordinating with suppliers for direct shipment, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s shipping guidelines.

Learn how to navigate potential challenges and optimize the shipping process for efficiency so that there won’t be any delay when it’s time to deliver the product to anyone who ordered it. 

It also covers inventory management, allowing you to confidently send your products to FBA warehouses with precision and ease, removing the burden of stock outs or overstocking.


With Amazon FBA, you can also have access to their logistics operations which are renowned for their scale and efficiency. They have developed a sophisticated and intricate logistics network to manage the flow of products from suppliers to customers. This system involves a combination of advanced technology, strategic partnerships and a vast network of fulfillment centers. 

From fulfillment centers, to sorting centers, delivery stations, Amazon Prime Air, Amazon Flex, robotics and automation, data analytics, and Amazon Freight, you’ll be able to get information to each and everything included so that you’ll know the gaps to be filled, in order to further improve your business.


Once you’re earning consistent income from your online store, it’s time to add more flavor into it. Instead of relying heavily on a single product, having a portfolio of complementary items in different categories can help maintain sales stability.

Furthermore, extending your reach for a global audience, selling your products to other marketplace is also an option. Explore additional channels for sales like eBay, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. You can also build your own website if you want to, as long as you can operate and maintain it.

Lastly, advertising and marketing strategies can greatly boost your sales. Paid advertising, influencer partnerships, content marketing, and social media marketing are just some of the many possibilities you can do so that your business isn’t reliant on one method to drive traffic and sales.

Bonuses include:

  • 24 Hour Email Support have all your questions answered within 24-hours, 365 days a year, by their team of experts which are also US-based Amazon business owners.
  • Access to Resource Library – Templates, scripts, manuals and training videos for the software that you will use and many more are included in this resource library.
  • List of Tools and Softwares – Once you have studied each and everything of it, it’s time to make use of the knowledge that you learn into practice. 
  • Vetting Suppliers Training – the art of choosing reliable and ethical partners who can meet the specific needs and standards of your online retail business.

How Much Does It Cost? Refund Policy?

ALGO Online Retail Cost and Refund Policy

ALGO’s Amazon FBA course costs a one-time payment of $1,997 or a 5-part payment of $397/MONTH. This is the first time where paying monthly costs less than paying one-time (paying $397 for 5 months will just cost you $1,985 in total, saving you $12 in the process).

They have a 30-day ACTION-BASED refund policy meaning you are only subject to a full refund if you have checked all the criteria that they will give you. The criteria needed to be fulfilled is as follows:

  • You have watched all the course contents
  • Have created an Amazon Seller account
  • Have set up a business entity
  • Have researched inventory from at least one supplier

This is their way of knowing whether you have absorbed all of the teachings that he has done and it’s still not working for you. It proves to show that ALGO Online Retail is not for everyone.

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My Favorite Program

Is It Worth It?

ALGO Online Retail, led by Tim Hellbusch is a comprehensive resource for individuals and small business owners entering the world of ecommerce. The fact that he has profited from various Amazon selling strategies suggests a practical understanding of the dynamics within the ecommerce marketplace.

However, due to the nature and condition of the ecommerce space, especially Amazon FBA which is now overly saturated, the profit margins might not be as big as when Tim started his. The competition is also wild in that regard, countless people keep on starting their own online businesses each and every single day. 

In addition to that, costs for advertising, marketing and fulfillment fees of Amazon FBA itself will also affect your profit margins, which might also lead you to have a negative revenue instead of a positive one.

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