Alison J Prince Reviews – Scam Or Legit Guru?

Alison J Prince Reviews - Scam Or Legit Guru?

Today we will be reviewing Alison J. Prince. Is she legit? Find out in this Alison J. Prince review.

Juggling the demands of motherhood and a desire for financial independence, Alison embarked on a journey that would change her life. Faced with the challenges of managing a household, she sought alternative ways to contribute to her family’s income without compromising the precious time spent with her loved ones.

Little did she know that her exploration into online ventures would lead her to a world of opportunities, allowing her to create a sustainable source of income.

And with these discoveries, she aims to help people especially like her, an introvert, everyday mom, to build a path that will help them towards financial freedom.

Check out this review to learn more!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Alison J. Prince in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Alison J. Prince Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Alison J. Prince
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: E-commerce
  • Niche: Online Business
  • Recommendation: It is uncertain if the course is being updated and is relatively expensive. There are other courses out there that provides the same methods that will cost you less or sometimes, no cost at all.

Who is Alison J. Prince?

Alison J Prince Reviews - Scam Or Legit Guru?

Before founding four multimillion-dollar businesses, Alison J. Prince was a public-school teacher managing life with a baby while her husband finished school. Their modest income qualified them for government assistance, prompting careful budgeting with coupons for groceries and second-hand furniture from garage sales.

The turning point came to Alison to venture out in the e-commerce world when she listed leftover vinyl online. To her surprise, the items were quickly sold. This marked the beginning of her journey to turn unused materials, like crafting scraps, into cash from the comfort of her home. The unexpected success, signaled by a series of notification dings, left her emotional and pondering the next steps in her newfound venture.

Over the years, her business thrived, making millions in annual sales. She built a great team, balanced work with family duties, and found joy in managing a lucrative blog. In 2015, Alison started another online store selling pillowcases, proving her ongoing success in e-commerce. In 2016, she taught her daughters, aged 10 and 13, her online selling method, and they reached a six-figure sales milestone within nine months, showcasing the effectiveness of her proven approach.

In 2017, she launched the 0 > 100K System, creating an online community to teach people how to build successful online stores and make money. Alison has achieved substantial success since then. Her original blog is now worth over seven figures, and she continues to thrive as an online entrepreneur, offering various products. The 0 > 100K System is still strong, helping thousands of online sellers build their businesses and achieve financial independence.

Alison Prince’s Workshops

Alison J Prince Reviews - Scam Or Legit Guru?

Recognizing that there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to learning about how to create and market an online business, she had created these workshops.

Find Your Perfect Product

This fast-paced course is for people with little or no online selling experience, aiming to introduce them to e-commerce. The duration of the course is 90 minutes each day for 4 days. It guides participants on key aspects like finding a profitable product, creating effective marketing messages, and choosing the right marketplace or platform for fast sales.

At the time of writing, this workshop is closed. Because of this as well, the price for this course is not indicated.

The Print Sprint

The Print Sprint is an exciting opportunity for both new and experienced entrepreneurs to learn how to create inexpensive products and sell them online at a higher price. This 3-day program takes participants from theory to practical application, equipping them with essential tools to start or grow an online business.

The focus on selling printable products comes with unique benefits such as avoiding inventory management, access to excellent creation and marketing tools, and a fun approach to starting or expanding an online store. Notably, graphic design skills are not required, and with the right strategy, individuals can build a profitable business with just a few hours of weekly work.

The program costs $27 and consists of three 90-minute sessions, each supplemented with hands-on homework for a comprehensive learning experience.

0 > $100K System

Alison J Prince Reviews - Scam Or Legit Guru?

Launched in 2017, the 0-$100K System has attracted over 10,000 students starting their ecommerce journeys. The system helps individuals make their first online dollar, progress to $1,000, and eventually reach six figures in online sales.

The self-paced program lets participants go at their own speed, offering access to videos, documents, and resources. It also includes features like connecting with manufacturers, using the Secret Trend Generator, and applying the Golden Influencer Formula for effective collaboration. They claim that this system teaches best practices for building a profitable online shop, recognizing that success requires effort with limitless potential opportunities.

Additionally, you will also be a part of a private Facebook group that will add support with live trainings and help from coaches and peers.

You can be a part of this program at the cost of $1,497 which can be split into 6 payments of $299.

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My Favorite Program

Profitable Prints Accelerator

In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to sell your products effectively on major marketplaces and boost your earnings. It includes access to the supportive 0-$100K System, complete with a Facebook community, live coaching sessions, and extra resources.

The course features detailed, step-by-step training to guide you smoothly through the learning process. You’ll also get a valuable list of trusted suppliers and printers that Alison has personally worked with. An album of printable product ideas is provided to spark your creativity and help you brainstorm potential creations. This package is designed to give you the tools and guidance for successful online selling in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow manner.

This course costs $1,497 and can also be split into 6 payments of $299.

Next Level

The Next Level program not only provides access to everything in the 0-100K System, including instructional videos, live weekly training, and social support, but it also goes beyond. Next Level students receive a robust onboarding experience with ongoing accountability and support. This comprehensive and intensive training equips you with the tools and knowledge to boost your ecommerce store, applying what you have learned in your business.

They benefit from weekly interactive live trainings, daily Game Changer huddles for focus, live hot seats for tailored answers to questions, and weekly group momentum coaching calls focusing on a growth-oriented entrepreneurial mindset.

Although at the time of writing, this course is currently full. No price indicated as well.

Pros and Cons


Alison provides a comprehensive support package for her course, offering weekly coaching sessions where participants can learn new methods, seek answers to questions, and receive important announcements. Additionally, students gain access to an exclusive community, allowing them to connect with and receive support from fellow entrepreneurs.

She also backs her course with a 14-day no-questions-asked refund policy, providing added assurance. Notably, participants enjoy lifetime access to the course content and any future updates, ensuring ongoing value and resources.

There are also positive feedbacks available on her official website about the effectiveness of her program.


Starting an ecommerce business is tough due to fierce competition in the crowded market. Newcomers struggle to stand out and succeed, requiring innovation and significant effort.

In addition to that, the program’s high cost of $1,497 is a big financial commitment, especially for beginners. Participants might also need upfront money for inventory, making it expensive to start an ecommerce business.

Some testimonials linked to the 0-100K System raise credibility concerns because they are vague and might be made up. This leads to doubts about the program’s authenticity and the truthfulness of its success stories. Furthermore, there are old reviews on Alison’s YouTube channel from 5 to 6 years ago, making it unclear how relevant they are to the current state of the program. This raises questions about the reliability and accuracy of the feedback.

I have also came across a feedback about her on reddit:

Alison J Prince Reviews - Scam Or Legit Guru?

This gives me the “You can’t sit with us” vibe, don’t you think?

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Alison J. Prince Reviews

Alison’s course does provide guidance for people who wanted to start their e-commerce business which can be proven by with the positive reviews found on her website. Although, reality check, not everyone can afford a thousand dollar course to learn how to start a business. As I understand it, Alison identifies items in her home that are in good condition and have few defects, and then sells them online. I don’t think I will need a thousand dollars to learn that. Also, there are courses across the internet that are much cheaper if you really want to have someone teach you how to start an online business.

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