Alison Prince – 0-100K System Review

Today we will be reviewing a program known as 0-100K System. Is 0-100K System legit? Find out in this 0-100K System review.

Working a 9 to 5 job may be draining, especially if you’re aware that you’re underpaid. Because of the epidemic, the job market has become extremely competitive, you won’t be able to just stand up and quit your work.

This implies that even if you wish to seek a new career opportunity, finding one that is a perfect fit for your skill set might be difficult. Besides, even if you find a new position, getting the income you seek might take years, making the search pointless.

Apart from that, you’ve undoubtedly considered finding a means to supplement your income without having to leave your current position. Furthermore, if you continue to work from home, you will most likely be able to find time for a side hustle that you can do in your spare time.

That’s how 0-100K System came to your attention. It’s a course that claims to show you how to generate money from the convenience of your own home. Is the opportunity to learn that it will provide you with the proper match for you?

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this 0-100K System review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with 0-100K System in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is 0-100K System?

0-100K System Review - 0-100K System intro

0-100K is a course designed to teach you about how to start an eCommerce business. It is designed to be finished around 6 weeks, but it is completely up to you whether you want to set that schedule for yourself or learn at your own pace.

The course was created by Alison Prince, who claims that she has around a decade of experience in the field of eCommerce.

Who is Alison Prince?

0-100K System Review - 0-100K System owner

Alison Prince is an online marketer who claims that she has successful build multiple eCommerce stores that make 7 figures. It seems like she seems to know what she is doing, if everything she claims is true.

She also runs an active YouTube channel, and as of writing, she is close to having 26k subscribers. Her videos are mostly about advertising her online courses. Nothing you haven’t seen before, really.

Most of Alison’s students are women, and from what I could see, she seems to be the type who embraces the idea of the girlboss movement. Her sales pages and promotions are mostly targeted towards women, and the community she built aims to empower them.

I think what this means for you is that you have to be aware ahead of the time that the Alison’s community and course is focused on women.

0-100K System Overview

In this section of the 0-100K System review, I will be discussing what the lessons you will be learning every week in the course.

Included in the course are videos, templates, and cheat sheets that can help you set up and manage your business.

These explanations will be brief, as I will only be including the main topics.

Week 1

For your first week, you will be introduced to the eCommerce business model. Since the lessons are pretty much about the basics, here is what you would be learning:

  • Common terms and concepts in eCommerce
  • How to track and manage your product inventory
  • Influencer culture
  • Registering your business
  • Setting your goals within the next few weeks

Week 2

This week is all about branding. Here, you will be learning about finding your niche and looking for the best products that could suit it the best. Create your very own signature packaging is covered here, as well as how you can properly understand your profit margins.

  • Crash course on logos and color hacks
  • Tips on how to maximize your time
  • Tips on how you can properly motivate yourself
  • Identify trends early
  • Learn about importing and shipping
  • Calculate your profit margins
  • Learn how to properly price your products

Week 3

For your third week, you will be learning how to market your shop, as well as how set up and optimize your store for your customers.

  • Product photography and lighting
  • Learn about online shopping carts
  • Choose which platform to sell your products on

Week 4

The fourth week is all about logistics, as well as some strategies which can help you increase your sales.

  • Building and growing your email list
  • How to increase your product sales
  • Marketing ideas to boost sales

Week 5

Week 5 will help you learn how to properly connect with influencers and do collaborations to get your business to grow.

  • Learn about ClickFunnels
  • Learn how to use social media to market your shop
  • Set up lasting and strategic systems

Week 6

For the final week, you will be getting some training sessions which are hosted by experts in the industry. This can potentially help you grow your business even further.

  • Trainings from accountants and lawyers to help your business become on-track with your goals
  • Tutorials on PDF creation, branding, and photography from experts in the creative field
  • Ensure work-life balance with tips from experts

Other Inclusions

Along with the course proper, you also get access to other tools and resources that can supplement what you will learn from the course.

Private Facebook Group

The Facebook group is only available to people who have purchased the course, meaning that the community is filled with like-minded people. In the group, you can engage with others in order to form relationships and promote camaraderie, as well as get answers to your concerns.

You can also ask for help from your fellow members to give your business a much-needed boost.

In the group, you also get access to live coaching sessions that are hosted by Alison herself, or by other experts in the eCommerce field. These sessions are scheduled two times a week, and you can replay them as many times as you wish.

Secret Trend Generator

This can help you speed up your selling process, as it can help you spot trends before other online sellers get on them. You can then sell trendy products and clear your inventory before other sellers can jump on the trend.

The Golden Influencer Formula

This bonus aims to help you grow your business by working with influencers to promote your brand. It can help you identify which influencers you can work with in terms of your niche.

Little Black Book of Manufacturers

This bonus includes a database of potential partners you can work with for your business. It is curated by Alison herself.


In order to get access to the course, you are required to make a payment of $997. If you cannot afford it, then you also can pay through 4 monthly installments of $299 per month. There is also an option to finance it using PayPal for 6 equal monthly payments, with zero interest.

Also, the course claims that you are getting a good deal, as it values itself at $15,000. Well, I am not so sure about that exaggerated value, as most of the bonus inclusions are just supplementary resources and tools anyway which have better alternatives.

I am not so sure if that value is worth it, as the course is not that comprehensive. You get some training in marketing, but that is simply not enough. The secret to success to eCommerce is learning how to drive traffic to your brand, and this course does not provide you information about that.

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Is 0-100K System a Scam?

Nope, I don’t think that this course is a scam. You really will get access to the course as well as the included bonuses after you make your payment. Also, I think Alison has sufficient knowledge in eCommerce and is qualified enough to teach you about it.

However, I simply don’t think that the program offers enough information and strategies that can help you succeed once you have finished the course. The program itself is simply mediocre, and covers no unique strategies.

Also, just like other course owners I have seen before, I think Alison makes most of her money from selling courses. She spends quite a lot of time promoting the course than her actually eCommerce store, which is surprising.

The question is, is she really making 7 figures on her multiple stores, or was all that a lie so she can market her $997 course?

Other than that, she did not discuss the challenging aspects of eCommerce. It seems like she wants you to think that it is the best way to make money online, even if it isn’t.

Is eCommerce Worth Getting Into?


As someone who has reviewed quite a lot of eCommerce courses in the past as well as an avid online shopper, I can tell you one thing. Starting and managing an eCommerce business is not as easy as you may think.

You probably think at first that it is less challenging than owning a brick and mortar store, but in fact, it comes with a lot of challenges.

Let me give you a few reasons as to why I do not recommend getting into eCommerce.

Ads are Expensive

How would people from all over the world know that your business exists? Simple. By running advertisements.

However, one major concern of mine in terms of ads is that they cost way too much. Actually, every year, ad prices are getting more and more expensive.

This means that if you want to run as many ads as possible, you need to shill more money. And doing that will definitely decrease your profits.

If you want customers to keep coming, you need to keep your ads running. Even if you are not making any sales, you need to keep the ads running so that people will notice your brand.

High Financial Risk

Take note that not only ad costs are the ones you should worry about. There are other costs you need to take into consideration. This includes your site hosting, the tools you need for creative work, software licenses, and wages for VAs (if you want to hire some).

Simply put, you are risking a lot of money without a guarantee that you will get it back. It can take you a long time before you can break even, and even longer before you can see profits coming in.

Competitive Market

There are already a lot of people who started an eCommerce business. In fact, you are just going to be one drop in a vast ocean of online sellers.

If you are planning to sell items that are being sold by other bigger and more established brands, then good luck to you. You cannot expect yourself to be noticed with competition like that.

Another issue with this is that you will also be competing with these brands for ad space. Since established brands can afford more ads, that leaves you in the dust.

Not a One Man Job

Some people found success on eCommerce by working alone. Most don’t.

This is because running an eCommerce business requires you to attend to a lot of tedious everyday tasks. Before you can even get your store running, you need to work hard to design and optimize it properly.

If you have no knowledge in website creation and creative work, then you would have to hire people to take care of those matters for you. If you want better service, then you should be prepared to pay more.

Once you get your website up and running, you need to know how to manage it. If you have a full-time job, you cannot simply take a step back from that and attend to this. You need an assistant that can help you and keep you updated everyday.

All these people you need to pay will definitely put a dent to your profits.

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My Favorite Program

Why I Don’t Recommend 0-100K System Review

The main reason why I don’t recommend 0-100K System is simply because it is too expensive. $997 is no small amount, especially if you are someone already struggling to make ends meet. Sure, you have the option to pay with installments, but that does not make it better.

The information included in the course is very mediocre, and you can easily find the course content for free online. It is very simple to look for free resources online nowadays anyway, so you need not pay that much for a course like this one.

Also, the course is simply not comprehensive enough. It will not teach you how to market your shop using organic traffic, which is free compared to having to pay for ads. You also get no special techniques and strategies that you can use in order to succeed.

Overall, I don’t think the course is worth it. Getting into eCommerce is also not a good side hustle I can recommend.

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Final Verdict – 0-100K System Review

Before I end this 0-100K System review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Making money in eCommerce is not easy. In fact, like I said previously, it can take you quite some time before you can even get your investment back.

Running an eCommerce business is not cheap. There are a lot of things you need to pay for and spend on. Even if your business is not doing well, you need to keep paying them.

Basically, it is a side hustle that is very tedious, and requires a lot of time and money. I simply cannot recommend it.

When I think about a good side hustle, I think of something that is easy to do and would not require a huge amount of money to start. eCommerce is definitely not it.

In fact, I know of a side hustle that can make you money, and it is inexpensive and easy to start. If you want to know more about it, then I suggest you read the next section.

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