Allie Bloyd Media Review – Local Marketing Mastery Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Allie Bloyd Media. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Marketing plays a role in the success of any kind of business. If you are somebody who is running a business or is just planning to do so, you kind of have to consider marketing into the equation. How are you going to make people aware that your business exists if you don’t market to them?  That’s why investing money into marketing is often a good idea.

Now, marketing comes in a lot of forms. A lot of businesses nowadays often put some focus towards social media marketing. There are people who often live outside of the base of your operations that you want to cater to. And social media is often the place where you can do that. But there is still something great when you try to focus on your immediate surroundings before expanding to other locales.

That’s why there a couple of places that you could find only that have services focused on local marketing. One such place is Allie Bloyd Media, where you can learn how to start your own local marketing agency. But is what Allie Bloyd offering any good? Well, we’re about to find out.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Allie Bloyd and Allie Bloyd Media in any way. This is just an independent review. You are still free to do whatever you want. But I hope that this review shapes your opinion on whether or not you should try this membership program out.

But before we get to the meat of the review…

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Allie Bloyd Media Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Allie Bloyd Media
  • Founder: Allie Bloyd
  • Website:
  • Socials:  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Local marketing, digital marketing
  • Recommendation: Getting into local marketing requires a lot of work. This kind of business model might not be for everyone.

Who Is Allie Bloyd?

Allie Bloyd Media founder and namesake Allie Bloyd

Allie Bloyd is a marketer, entrepreneur, content creator and the founder of the namesake company Allie Bloyd Media.

Her journey into marketing started at a relatively young age. But it wasn’t that straightforward. She mentions in a YouTube video that her mother and step-father had started a real estate investment company when she was in middle school. Allie helped out with the family business in any way that she could.

Being somewhat involved in her parents’ business instilled a work ethic in Allie. That was really the thing that made her want to earn more money when she grew up. Unfortunately, her parents’ business was affected by the 2008 housing crisis. That whole period sort of shaped a bit of Allie’s belief system.

When Allie went to college around that time, she had an intention of working in the medical field. She was two years into getting a pre-med degree. But when she had visited her friend’s mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, Allie realized that maybe working in the medical field wasn’t for her. So Allie decided to take a semester off in order to contemplate on what she actually wanted to pursue as a career.

During that break, Allie decided to try her hand at starting her own business selling dog clothes. And through that entire process, she decided to give graphic design a try. And she became enamored by it. There were still a lot of things and skillsets that she had to learn before she could actually put her business out into the world. And that was when she saw a commercial for a local college that had programs in graphic design and marketing.

So Allie decided to pursue those two programs once she re-enrolled. Allie now had sort of an idea of what she wanted to do and that was start her own creative agency. But with how these things often are, there was bound to be a detour in that journey of hers.

Now Comes the Detour

Around the time of her final year in college, Allie had to do an internship. She decided to intern for a company that published trade magazines for local businesses. Allie pretty much worked as a graphic design intern for that company, as well as a little bit of social media marketing. While she was still an intern there, her boss had told her that the company was planning on starting a brand new magazine focused on jewelry businesses. And her boss kind of suggested that she might be good at selling advertising for clients in that industry.

Allie, obviously, had some apprehensions but decided to still try her hand at it. The potential of earning a commission from selling advertising space in that magazine was what kind of pushed her to do it. I mean, if you’re going to earn a bit of money from it, why not? And it seems that she was really good at that job. She was able to close a few deals.

But it seems that the way that Allie approached her work wasn’t really what the company was used to doing. So she was reprimanded by her boss for doing so. Still, Allie had inkling that what she had started could become something big in the future.

Eventually, Allie left that company. I guess she had graduated by that point. Allie then went on to work as a marketing director of a kitchen and bath remodeling business. She stayed at that joint for about half a decade. And that was kind of where she realized that she could create her own strategies that would help other businesses get more customers.

So Allie decided to start Allie Bloyd Media with that in mind.

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My Favorite Program

What Is Allie Bloyd Media?

Logo for Allie Bloyd Media

Allie Bloyd Media is a company that Allie Bloyd created where she offers services that “can help local business owners and marketing agencies dominate market.”

Now, what Allie offers through her namesake company isn’t really something that is new. There have been a lot of people who also offer similar services for those that want to better how they run their own marketing agencies. Often, local marketing isn’t the primary focus of some of the other marketing-related companies that are out there. It’s usually focused on digital and social media marketing.

There are a couple of different services that Allie Bloyd Media offers. The first is her Local Marketing Mastery program. This is a 12-month mentorship program where you will learn the ropes of how to generate leads for your business or agency.

In case you aren’t aware, lead generation is this method of attracting potential clients or customers to your business. There are steps that you need to do in order to turn those potential clients, the “leads”, into actual paying customers. The problem with lead generation is that there is a likelihood that not every single person that you market to becomes a customer or client.

But with the Local Marketing Mastery program, it seems that you might be able to turn a higher rate of leads into actual customers. In order to be able to join the Local Marketing Mastery program, you have to schedule a call with them. Basically, what Allie Bloyd Media is doing is a form of lead generation. Because you have to input your contact information in order to get to the next part of the process. They also gatekeep the free video behind a contact form.

The website for Allie Bloyd Media

The second service that Allie Bloyd Media offer is the Expert Class Mastermind course.  This course will teach you how to create a passive income stream for your business. It pretty much comes in the form of a training program. There is unfortunately no other information available from the capture page for this program. You will have to input your contact information in order to watch the free video related to this course.

There are also a bunch of do-it-yourself courses that Allie Bloyd Media offers. The price range for these DIY courses goes from $47 to $397 for the individual courses. As for the bundles, it ranges from $1,497 to $2,947. Each of the individual courses focuses on a specific aspect of creating your own lead generation systems for your business.  It seems that more expensive courses, referred to as “snapshots” are meant to be done in tandem with the Ultimate High-Level Masterclass course.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Allie Bloyd Media Review

Allie Bloyd Media offers a lot of different services and programs at varying price points. But there isn’t really anything about the services and programs that they offer that differs from the competition. There’s nothing about the training programs that they offer that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The thing that I dislike about how Allie Bloyd Media presents its services and programs is that they don’t really show it off that much. Sure, there are handful of testimonials from people who have seemingly done the mentorship program. But they don’t really show you what exactly those programs entail. They give you a list of what you’ll be getting and that’s it.

Even the free training videos require a bit more contact information that most other places that I have reviewed in the past. It’s understandable why they might gatekeep that kind of content. But, still, not everyone has a phone number that they can input on those forms. Though that specific piece of information is more valuable compared to an email address.

Before You Leave…

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