Amazing Selling Machine Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a course known as Amazing Selling Machine. Is Amazing Selling Machine legit? Find out in this Amazing Selling Machine review.

All of us probably expected that things will be back to normal once the two week lockdown is over. Everyone thought that we are going back to enjoying life, worry-free and with no fear whatsoever.

With that in mind, you are probably thinking that the future looks bleak. Well, it does seem like it. Studies show that it will take years before the virus goes away.

On another note, some experts have stated that we are probably going to have to live with the virus. We have to adapt to it, basically.

Here you are, stressed at your job more than ever since you have to adapt to the work-from-home policy. After all, a house is not really a work-conducive element. It is normal to be stressed when you cannot separate your work life from your home life.

You are probably thinking that you can probably make more money, but the problem is that your salary remains the same. Despite the price hike for various commodities, your salary shows no signs of improving anytime soon.

Which is why you thought that hey, maybe you should try a side hustle instead. That is how you found this course, right? You want to learn new skills in order to get started.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Amazing Selling Machine review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Amazing Selling Machine in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine Review - Amazing Selling Machine intro

Amazing Selling Machine is a course that teaches that Amazon FBA business model. It was designed by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

You can expect to learn about the following if you decide to take the course:

  • Product research
  • Finding the right supplier
  • Driving traffic through paid advertising and social media
  • Scaling your business

As an Amazon seller, this course will teach you all you need to know. The Amazon FBA business model will be discussed, along with the processes you would undergo. It also promises that taking it will aid in the success of your company.

Based on how thorough the training is, it may be able to assist you in establishing a profitable business. However, this isn’t a given. After all, you still have complete control over the outcome. This course will just serve as a guide.

Who Are Rich Henderson and Mike McClary?

I will be providing you with a brief background of these people who created the course.

Rich Henderson is an online marketer. He has 15 years of experience, meaning that he is more than qualified to teach a course like this one. Of course, he is very much familiar with concepts like affiliate marketing and SEO. For over six years now, he is running a dropshipping business.

Mike McClary is also an online marketer, who became successful upon taking a dropshipping course, and he used to work an ordinary office job. He now works full-time on his business.

Amazing Seller Machine Overview

The course consists of nine modules. Let me discuss what is included in the modules so you get a glimpse of what you’ll be getting once you purchase it.

Module 0: Introduction

This module will teach you how you can properly set up your Amazon seller account. You will be getting a walkthrough regarding how to navigate the dashboard. Along with that, you will also receive tips in order to not get your account suspended.

Surprisingly, the introductory module is quite long, but to be honest, it is full of filler. Rich is the one talking here, and he just kept repeating how amazing being an Amazon seller is.

I guess the goal of this module is to convince you not to ask for a refund by telling you good things about the business model and how it does wonders.

To me, this just points out a major flaw in the course: How come these two people designed a course and waste their time teaching other people when they are already successful? Shouldn’t they focus on their business instead?

This gives me doubts regarding their intentions, and their main source of income. Are they making more money selling this course or through their respective businesses? I think it is more of the former.

You might be saying that I might just be overthinking, but trust me; I have seen this a couple of times before.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

This module focuses on the branding aspect of your Amazon business. Rich reiterates in here how important it is to build your own brand.

You will be getting tips regarding what products you should sell in your store. You are going to be given a step-by-step process when it comes to choosing the right products.

Aside from that, Rich also talks about the products you should avoid at all costs.

From my observation, the module gives only basic information, which is good if you are a beginner. But if you already know these, then this module is not of much help to you.

Module 2: Products and Sourcing

The focus of this module is just a more technical discussion of the first module. It is about branding, and choosing the right suppliers for your business.

You will be taught how you can source unique products, and to watch out for trends so you can adapt it and bring more profits.

Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory

The module will give a more in-depth discussion when it comes to finding the perfect suppliers to work with.

Rich talks about how you can select the best product samples to post with your product listings. In order to succeed, you need to find a trustworthy supplier who will send quality products to your customers.

You will also learn how to make good product listings, which can make or break your business.

Module 4: Product Launch

The module will teach you how to have a successful product launch. It revolves around building a social media presence for your brand.

Unfortunately, what this module lacks are actual strategies which could help you grow a following on social media, which is detrimental to your success in this competitive market.

This module needs a major overhaul, because in my opinion, it is quite useless. You do not learn anything useful, and you aren’t even provided strategies which can help you grow your brand. What a bummer.

Module 5: Product Listings

The module talks about how you can make a product selling that will surely drive customers over to you.

From the product name, the description, and the sample photo, everything should be perfect. Remember that there are different types of customers, so make sure that the listings you make can appeal to everyone.

The processes that are involved in making the perfect product listing is to researching the right keywords to use, writing a good title to drive traffic to your listing, and calculating the correct pricing so that you can entice customers with a good deal and earn some decent profit.

Module 6: A Successful Launch

This module is hosted by Mike. In here, you will be taught how to get your products to the top of the search list. After all, you will be competing with other sellers, so being on top can help your brand get as many customers as possible.

Mike also provides you with a checklist that can help you execute a successful product launch. The three steps include launch, blitz, and rank.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

The module will prepare you for all the tasks that you need to do in order to  e successful with your business.

Remember that selling on Amazon entails you with a lot of daily tasks that require your attention. This means that running your business means that you need to spend a lot of hours per day just doing said tasks.

Of course, you will also learn how to make your ads better in order to market your brand better.

Module 8: Scaling Your Business

This is the shortest module in the course. You will be thought how to expand your business once you are ready to do so.

Both Rich and Mike are the hosts here. The module talks about how to set business goals and how to have the proper mindset of a business owner.

Amazing Selling Machine Cost

This is one of the most expensive courses I found online that teaches Amazon FBA, and I am utterly shocked at the price. It will cost you $5k, and there are no discounts available.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee though, but still, for a course that isn’t really in-depth, it is asking way too much money. Also, I have no idea if you need to meet some type of conditions to get your refund.

This is why I do not recommend this course at all. It is way too expensive, and you don’t even know if you can refund your money if you think it is not worth it.

There are a lot of other courses out there which charge less than $100, and you can even find a lot of free resources online that can teach you the basics. I suggest looking for those instead.

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Does Amazing Selling Machine Work?

This course will go over the methods that the duo believes are most beneficial to you. This means that it is a question of personal circumstances and situation whether or not it will work for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that finishing this course does not guarantee your success in business. Furthermore, just because you’ll be taught techniques doesn’t imply you’ll be able to put them all into practice.

It depends entirely on the niche you want to enter and the items you want to offer. It’s likely that what worked for someone else will fail to work for you.

Even if this is correct, this course is not in-depth enough to cover a wide range of topics. The destiny of your business is still in your control.

Yes, you get to learn how to launch your very own Amazon store, but that is basically it. This course does not go in-depth into important things like how to build a social media presence. Take note that social media now plays a major role when it comes to marketing.

The course could work for you, but take note that you need more in-depth training and knowledge to supplement it. Unfortunately, the cost of it simply does not justify what you get, which is why I do not recommend it.

Also, I found out that the course offers an affiliate program. Let’s discuss that next.

Affiliate Program

You may be thinking that this is just one of the thousands of courses you can find in the internet, but trust me, it is a lot shadier than those.

The reason for this is the dubious affiliate program that they are pushing. Actually, you can join it without enrolling in the course yourself, making it quite suspicious.

Well, why would anyone want to be an affiliate of this course without enrolling anyway?

Simple. Like I previously said, the course costs $5k, right? Well, affiliates who are promoting it can get a 50% commission for every sale they make, meaning that they get $2,500 per sale.

I guess that’s why people are more than willing to go the extra mile to be an affiliate. That is a lot of money.

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FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Explained


Because this is a very simple concept, I believe a brief description of the business strategy would suffice. This part of the Amazing Selling Machine review will tell you all you need to know about it.

This is how FBA works. You contact a supplier to obtain the things you want, and then have the products transported to an Amazon warehouse. The online hub allows you to track and manage your inventory.

When someone places an order for a product you’ve listed, Amazon fulfills it by removing the goods from your warehouse inventory and shipping them straight to your customer. Easy as that.

What’s great about this business concept is that you don’t have to find and rent a warehouse yourself. You also save money on logistics because Amazon handles the shipment for you.

Why I Don’t Recommend Amazon FBA

According to my research, the average profit margin for Amazon merchants is barely 10%. Keep in mind that these are experienced vendors, so the figure for new sellers would be much lower.

Prepare yourself because it appears that you will be up against a large number of competitors. To distinguish yourself from your competitors, you will need to put in a lot of effort and dedication.

In this section of my Amazing Selling Machine review, you may learn why I don’t support the company model.

Even better, I advocate creating a side business that requires very minimum work on your part.

Low Profit Margin

There isn’t a lot of money to be made in this industry. If you want to make money, you must work really hard, yet success is not guaranteed.

Furthermore, despite the money you may save, dropshipping is not a lucrative business plan.

High Financial Risk

Dropshipping may allow you to save a significant amount of money on items like production and storage. There are a lot of expenses to consider even if you will not be maintaining your store’s inventory personally.

These services include advertising, branding, shipping, and packaging. Even if no one buys from you, you must maintain your costly ad efforts.

Little Quality Control

Whether you want to outsource your items, you won’t be able to inspect them to see if they meet quality standards. Is there any sort of harm associated with the materials they are made from? Are the products durable? Is the price you set for the items justified in terms of quality?

The poor quality of mass-produced commodities, particularly those made in China, is very common. Keep in mind that low-cost items are often produced quickly, making quality assurance difficult.

Also, bear in mind that if your supplier provides you defective or malfunctioning items, they will almost probably request a refund and will most likely leave a poor review. That’s not good for the image of your brand

Long Startup Time

Before you can start selling and earning money, you must first overcome a number of stages. You must focus your efforts on opening your business, acquiring suppliers, and running marketing efforts. It might take months, if not a year, to start earning a decent profit.

Saturated Market

There are already far too many vendors competing for clients on Amazon’s marketplace. The products you intend to offer are definitely already available for purchase from other sellers.

As a consequence, your store will most likely go overlooked by people you want to buy from you.

Even before you start selling, the odds are stacked against you. It’s tough to stand out on a marketplace with a lot of seasoned sellers, and tapping into a niche that isn’t well-known is practically impossible, in my opinion.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Amazing Selling Machine

The main disadvantage of this course is that it does not provide anything fresh or distinctive. Topics covered in this course are also covered in other FBA courses.

To be fair, you can learn about this business concept without investing a single penny. A few minutes of investigation can lead you to some free, in-depth, and comprehensive resources.

You will not receive the help featured here if you go that route, but if you are still on the fence about launching an Amazon store, you are better off studying from free sources for the time being.

The expense of this course is no laughing matter, too. I mean, I get that the author wants to earn money. I simply don’t believe the average Joe is willing to spend nearly five thousand dollars on a course if he is still undecided.

Actually, I was anticipating some hidden tactics for that amount, but it appears that you will not receive anything like that here.

Final Verdict – Amazing Selling Machine

Before I end this Amazing Selling Machine review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I can’t advocate Amazon FBA as a business model for several reasons, which I’m sure I’ve explained. This business is not as simple as you may imagine, and you must be willing to learn a lot before you begin.

It takes a long time to be able to sell on Amazon. It’s not only about listing your products on Amazon and finding a distributor. A one-man team isn’t really suggested because there are so many everyday chores to attend to.

Even if you do not actively handle your items, you will need cash because you will be running various adverts. And ads, especially on social media, aren’t cheap.

The return on investment is so low that it isn’t worth the time and effort. It’s simply not worth it as a side venture. It’s more of a full-time position.

In my opinion, a good side business is something you can do in your spare time. This isn’t the greatest of the bunch.

However, I know of a fantastic side hustle that doesn’t require a lot of effort or money. It also does not need knowledge of a number of complex methods. This is covered in further detail in the next section.

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