Amazon Automation Review – Cost And Concerns

In today’s Amazon Automation review, we’re going to talk about Amazon automation, what it is, and if it’s something that you may want to do.

Online selling and e-commerce have become such a big industry today. And it has experienced steady growth now that almost everyone prefers to shop online, instead of going through physical stores.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs have been building their stores online. And out of the e-commerce platforms going around today, Amazon is one of the leading ones.

But despite the potentially high earnings that you can get from building an Amazon online store, it’s also coupled with a lot of work. Especially in setting up the store itself, marketing it, managing inventory, etc.

To solve this, some vendors have been offering what they call “Amazon automation”. The pitch for this is that with Amazon automation, you’ll be getting the benefits of earning lots of money from Amazon, without the hassle of setting up and managing your own online store by yourself.

But what exactly is Amazon automation? How does it work? How much does it cost? And is it worth availing of these kinds of services?

This Amazon automation review will provide all the information you’ll need, so as to help you out in deciding for yourself.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully-independent Amazon automation review, and it’s based on my extensive research, coupled with my own opinions. I’m not affiliated with any online course or program in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Amazon Automation?

“Amazon automation” is really just a fancy name for outsourcing your Amazon business to an agency, or even software. By availing of these Amazon automation services, you don’t have to be hands-on all the time in managing your Amazon store, because the automation company will do it for you.

This means that you’ll be employing virtual assistants to do all the work for you. They’ll take care of setting up your store, sourcing the products that you’re selling, and even marketing it. You almost don’t have to touch anything.

Normally, when you’re setting up your own Amazon store, you’re going to do a lot of work. Setting it up is just the beginning.

You also have to do product research, optimize your product listings, manage your ads (Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc), and even customer service. All of this can will sure take a lot of work and your own time.

Amazon automation services promise to take off a huge amount of workload for you. Basically, they’re going to do all that work for you, while you just sit and relax. They’ll even take care of restocking, adding new inventory, and expanding the business for you.

All you have to do to get started is to set up your Amazon account, pay the required fee for the service, and that’s it. You wouldn’t need to do much afterwards, and just take the role of a silent investor.

And the only time you’ll even touch your Amazon account is when you’re going to collect your earnings. Of course, all of these conveniences come with a price. A high one, that is.

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Examples Of Amazon Automation Services

A few examples of individuals, or a group of individuals, that offer Amazon automation services are Kevin David and David Arnett’s AMZ Automation, and Raphael Vargas’ Real Ecom. I’ve made a review of these Amazon automation services before, so if you want to know more about them, you can check them out below.

Other companies and individuals that offer Amazon automation services are VP Ecom, and Tommy Rodriguez. Again, I’ve written a review about them if you wish to learn more.

Based on the confusion that some people still have when the term “Amazon automation” comes to mind, it’s safe to say that not many people are still aware of it. However, as time goes on, people are now becoming aware of it due to the increasing number of companies that offer e-commerce automation.

Advantages of Amazon Automation

Drastically Reduced Workload

Perhaps the single most important reason why Amazon automation services are attractive is the dramatically reduced workload that it can bring to the store owner.

As stated before, setting up and managing your Amazon store takes too much work. Since you’ll be handling the product inventory, research, marketing, optimizing your lists, and most importantly, after-sales customer service.

At first, handling all of these can be easy. But as your business grows and you’re getting more buyers, that’s where the workload will substantially increase.

Amazon automation services can take care of the menial tasks that come with running your own store. This will greatly reduce the work for your store, allowing you to divest your time and energy into either expanding your business, or even something else.

Passive Income Possibility

With an Amazon automation service, you can turn your Amazon store into something that can generate passive income without you even laying a finger on it.

That’s because you’re not necessarily doing hands-on work on your store anymore. You can rest easy and do any other tasks while the Amazon automation agency does all the work for you.

In fact, the only time that you’ll ever have an interaction with your store at this point is when you’re going to collect the earnings that you made from your sales. Or if you want to make some minor tweaks to your Amazon store.

Otherwise, your Amazon store basically becomes a set-and-forget type of thing with a good Amazon automation service.

No Training Needed

Anyone can start their own Amazon online store. But if you want to make it very successful and sustainable, you’ll need to have some education and training, which you can get by enrolling in an online course.

It can potentially be a time-consuming process since usually, these online courses can last for months. But if you invest in Amazon automation, you don’t need to enroll in such a course.

Most of the people who are already running the Amazon automation program are already well-trained and educated in the Amazon platform. So you can be assured that you build a sustainable Amazon business, without having to learn anything about Amazon FBA or dropshipping first.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

An Amazon automation service will also usually delegate personnel in charge of various tasks in the online store. One for product research, one for marketing campaigns, and most importantly, one for customer service.

By having personnel be assigned to do a specific task, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of order processing errors that you may encounter. This is much better compared to doing all of these by yourself.

And with lesser errors, customer satisfaction is almost guaranteed. And even if a customer has some concerns that need to be dealt with, the agency can handle them for you.

Disadvantages Of Amazon Automation

Very Expensive

In exchange for the convenience that these Amazon automation agencies bring, you’ll be faced with a very high price if you want to avail of their services.

The price that each agency charges can vary. But it’s not uncommon for them to charge around $10,000 or even more for their service. Which, ironically, can be significantly more expensive than enrolling in an Amazon e-commerce online store.

And to add further to the cost, some agencies also charge their ad spending on you. Meaning that for every PPC campaign, or Facebook/Google ad that they run, the cost of running these ads will be charged to you.

Reduced Earnings Due To Cuts

Some agencies may not charge very high (though still somewhat expensive) prices for their Amazon automation services. But instead, they would take a cut out of your profits from your Amazon sales, thereby reducing the amount that you can take home.

Again, this can also depend on the agency in question. But the usual amount is 50% of your earnings.

But more often than not, agencies usually do both, having a very high initial cost for their Amazon automation services, while taking a cut out of your profits.

Account Suspension Risk

It’s really clear why this happens, but yes. When you avail of an Amazon automation service, there’s a risk that Amazon itself will suspend your account and shut down your store.

And it’s not an uncommon event, either. This usually happens when the Amazon automation agency you availed of uses dropshipping as their business model. When Amazon suspends your account, you won’t be able to collect your earnings for at least 3 months since the suspension.

No Refund Policy

Despite the high price, most Amazon automation agencies don’t even offer a refund policy for their services. So if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the results, regardless of how short you have used their services, then you won’t get your money back at all.

Tendency To Overpromise

Many of these Amazon automation agencies always claim that once you use their services, you’ll be able to earn back your invested money (plus profits) even in as early as 1-3 months of sales.

Well, it’s not always the case. The saturated market of Amazon nowadays means that it’s going to take you quite a long time before you start making actual profits, especially if you’re a new seller.

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Amazon Automation Review: Final Verdict

So to close off this Amazon automation review, allow me to give my verdict: Is Amazon automation worth it, or not?

After weighing both the pros and cons of hiring an Amazon automation agency, I would just say that it’s not worth the price at all.

Sure, the convenience of having an entire agency build and manage your own Amazon online store can be very attractive. But the very high price, coupled with profit cuts, and the risk that your account may be banned, isn’t worth it in the long run.

It might be beneficial if you’ve already established a good brand on Amazon, and if you’re already consistently making multiple figures of sales each month. But at this point, you may not even need it at all.

You’re better off hiring virtual assistants if you want to ease up on the workload in your Amazon online store. At the very least, it would be cheaper in the long run, and you only have to worry about their salaries instead of paying a high price and having your sales profits cut.

Besides, Amazon is a very saturated market right now. If what you’re after is a business model that has the potential to give you passive income, there are better business models out there.

Not only are they cheaper to set up, but you don’t even have to worry about any kind of profit-sharing whatsoever. All the profits that you gain will be all yours.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, continue reading this Amazon automation review.

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