Amazon Fba Heroes Review – Derrick Struggle Course

Hello and welcome to my honest amazon fba heroes course.This is a course by Derrick Struggle.

Derrick struggle claims that this course can take anyone from a complete beginner to build a six figure business online.

I recently wrote on is amazon fba worth it.Hope this will help.

There is so much noise about this course online.So,I feel better to write a review about it.

I write whole review on Derrick Struggle and on his course.In this course I am going to cover many things,so this review is going to be very interesting.

I want you to read this full review to know that whether the course is legit or a scam.

Whether you can provided with enough opportunities to build a business online and scale it to six figures online?

So,let?s talk about the Derrick Struggle course amazon fba heroes and why I do not recommend you to buy it.

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Amazon Fba Heroes Review

Amazon Fba is a course created by Derrick struggle.I am also going to talk about this guy in depth.

But let?s first talk about amazon fba heroes.In course you will be teach how to start and scale to a six figure physical product business online.

For this he make four hours long content,where he will guide you from complete beginner to an expert.he did a very good job to put the hard work for his students.

I recently wrote a post on amazon selling tips.I am not a big fan of amazon fba which I am keep on saying on my every second post.

This is because it is a terrible business model.You have to own products physically.Most of them never sells.

I will talk about it in the last paragraph that why I hate this business model.Ok let?s talk about the owner of this course.

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Derrick Struggle

Derrick struggle puts a lot of efforts in this course.He has a solid online presence.

You may seen him showing his money and white lamborghini.It is very necessary to check reviews about everything before buying it.

This is because there is a lot of online scams out there.I recently write reviews on these scams like dropship lifestyle,millionaire millennial and profits unlimited.

So,the question is can you make money with this guidance.One thing I want to make clear is that there is nothing like get rich quick in online industry.

Let me tell you what you will get inside.In the last of this I am going to tell you why I don?t like amazon fba.


The price of amazon fba heroes is $997.You can also make two time payments if you want.It is totally up to you to make choice.

If you make two payments than it will be $597 each.The course seems to be overpriced.

Well you may say that this will be the least price of any online course.

Let me clear you one thing,the hard work you will be going to do is upon you.

It is nothing like you invested a grand in this course and it made you rich.

But i hate this business because you need at least ten thousand dollars to start this business.

So,now I am going to tell you cons and pros of this course.

First talk about the things that I liked in the course.

Things I Liked in Amazon fba heroes

Well there are a lot of things to be liked in this course.I liked many things in this course,let?s talk about it.

Live Seminars

The support inside the course is good.You will attend live seminars every week.

In this you will be allowed to ask questions.

Success stories

Well I can not tell you exactly that it si fake or legit.

But i listened a lot of success stories of students who join the course.

I can not exactly give my final opinion on this point,This is because I reviewed a lot of online courses.

They used fake testimonials and hired actors from fiver.



This course is very good for beginners.I strongly appreciate it because of this.

The course can take you from a complete beginner to an online pro.

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Things I Disliked in Amazon fba heroes

Well being said the things that I loved in the course let?s talk about the things that i disliked.


If I compare this course to the others which provides the same value.

The course seems to be overpriced.I am more than happy to pay two hundred bucks for this course.

There is not a single question of the course whether it is scam or legit.

The course is totally legit.The course i9s overpriced though.

Business model

There are so much weakness in the business model.

I said earlier that amazon fba is a terrible business model to start in 2020.

Yes you read it right.There are a lot of things in this business that can be better.

The course do not talk about them.

It claims to make you rich quickly and this is totally BS.


The course did not tell anything about the amazon niche is getting so much saturated day by day.

It is getting so much competitive day by day.You are competing with other sellers too.

There is a lot of competition in this niche.

The course completely ignores this point to make you stand out of the crowd.


A lot of informations that are i n amazon fba heroes you can find it for free.

There are a lot of videos out there where you can find free stuff and get a lot of knowledge.

This is really a big question that this course worth it or not.

And you are paying thousand dollars for the course.


I have seen a lot of people complaints about amazon fba heroes course and end up on losing their money.

There are a lot of bad reviews of amazon fba heroes.You can find them online.

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Is Amazon Fba heroes course Legit

Yes the course is totally legit.But there are a lot of questions that are still being answered.

Amazon fba course can be a good course for a beginner.I recommend it for you?My answer will be no.

I do not want you to buy amazon fba heroes.

Read this to know the ugly truths that nobody will tell you about it.

Alternative of Amazon Fba Heroes

Well I am in online field for more than three years now.I know every business which exists out there.I tried every business.

It includes amazon fba,drop shipping and SMMA.

These were the terrible business model if you want to start in 2020.

And this is the truth that nobody will tell you.

The reason I hate amazon fba heroes is because you will need at least $10,000 to start amazon fba business.

That is also a reason to not buy the amazon fba heroes course.

You buy products and most of them never sells.

Similar thing goes with dropshipping,you are competing with others and it takes a lot of time to ship products.

In SMMA you have to call hundreds of business owners and convince them that you are best in running ads.

These three are the worst business ideas to start in 2020 and terrible business model too.

The only thing I want is your future to be bright.

I do not want to put affiliate links of this course and say you to buy it.

I believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

It is growing day by day.The industry is $2.4 billion.

The other thing that I like in affiliate marketing is that it give you passive income.

There is not a single business model online which gives you this option.

I know that this will be your best investment of $7.

Believe me this $7 got me the knowledge that most of the online course worth thousand dollar did not.

Join the 14 day challenge.BEST OF LUCK..cheers!!

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