11 Amazon Selling Tips You Must need to know

Everyone wants to start an online business and in this article we are going to talk amazon selling tips.This is because they want to be their own boss and escape 9 to 5.

They want to achieve life of financial freedom.Some are doing dropshipping some are selling on amazon.


Some run social media agency some are doing affiliate marketing.

But you know what 99% of the entrepreneurs fail in the online field.

It is not easy to be in the top one percent.You have to do the things that 99% of the people not doing everyday.

This is because they do not know that what they are doing.

They lack with their knowledge and the pain points of their ideal client.

If you are here it is more than likely you want to build amazon selling business online.

So,I am writing this because of you.

What are the basic things you need to know before selling on amazon.

This industry is getting super saturated day by day so you have to stand out of the crowd.

Online businesses fails because they do not have the vision.

They do not see the big picture.I am writing these eleven tips that will really help you to kickoff in this field.

In the end I am going to proof you that it is not a good idea to start amazon fba in 2020 and forward.

Today?s topic is going to be very interesting,so without wasting time let?s talk about it.

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11 Amazon Selling tips

I almost did every online business.From dropshipping,amazon fba and social media marketing.

I am now doing affiliate marketing which I think is the best online business to start in 2020.

So,before writing the tips I want to say you one thing.

If you are new to beastpreneur,I keep repeating my experience about the three terrible online business models online.

These are dropshipping,ecom selling and SMMA.

Not a single one of them provides you passive income.

Not only this but there are many other factors too.Which we are going to cover in the end of this article.

So,here are the tips from my personal experience for you to sell on amazon?

Improve performance

As I said already that it is not passive.It means you have to improve your performance everyday.

Keep close attention to every happening in your business.I mean by this sales rate,return rate and selling rate.

It is more than obvious that your business will not run by its own.

You are competing with others,so improvement is a basic factor here.

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Amazon selling fulfillments

You have to complete the fulfillment for your sellers which will be provided by amazon.

In this it includes many factors.Sometimes followup and delivering lacks.Sometimes execution lacks.

But top of them all is that your sellers satisfy with your services.

I mean that there is a platform from amazon which is called amazon fba.

They do it for you.You can search on google what is fba.

In most of the cases the fees of amazon fba are too high.

Follow Rules

Just follow the simple rules by amazon.Keep an eye on the updates on the privacies and policies.

This is not a rocket science.

I have done that they are simple rules.You just have to follow amazon guide and everything will be ok.

Amazon selling inventory

If you are selling on amazon,manage amazon inventory proactively.

It is a nightmare to sell anything that you do not have physically stoke of.

In this case your account is more than likely will get ban.

If you have product and managing amazon inventory,they will consider it good.

To win buy box items availability is also very important.

Amazon considers everything that how many items you have left and how quickly are they selling.

Customer service

Make customer service your top priority.This is the most important part that every online business owner ignores.

Providing value to your customers is very important.If I personally talk about myself for example.

Than I provide the best content in my articles for my audience.if it take one week to publish just one article,I do it happily.

Because for me quality come before everything in an online business.

For big companies taking care of the customer service means a lot.

This is where FBA is so much important.It deals with everything regarding to the customer service.

Product Reviews

This is the most important tip.When someone buys product online,they see its reviews.It is very important in any business.

Good reviews can take your business to next level.

Same goes with the bad reviews.Good and bad reviews can be make or break of any online business.

I am talking about overall not only amazon fba.

It is observed that in America 87% of the people read reviews before buying any online product.

This is the power of reviews.You will be thinking what if someone leave a bad review on my products.

Well in this case I from my experience want to tell you one thing.

When someone leave a review on my product I politely ask them why it make them to say this.

This is because there are a lot of fake reviews about that.

Buy Box

Try to own the buy box.If you do not know what is buy box,it is the box which is shown on the left corner.

It is very competitive to own it.This is because you are competing with hundreds of sellers selling the same products.

I can not show you how to win it,because there is no clear strategy for it.

But one thing I want to say is that the amazon give you priority if the product have positive review,selling numbers etc.

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Till today I laugh of my this mistake.I started amazon fba.

For images I used to steal other people image and do not have physical product.i do not know that this will make me ban at that time.

If you want to use the pictures of others other than the product,I would recommend pixels have stoke photos which you can use for free


Now coming to the point,images for your product.

I would give advise to make it as professional as you can.You can learn basic photography in  no time.


Take a close look on the pricing.Because most of the mature buyers are looking for comparison.

You are competing with other for the product.

This is why I would recommend you to keep an eye on the price of the product.  

Optimize Products Detail

You may see youtube videos.When you search for rap music of eminem,in recommended videos there will be videos of lil pump.

Same goes with amazon,if a buyer search for headphones they may show earpods,earphones etc.

Now,what I am saying is that you should optimize the product image,color,title and description etc.

Keep that in mind..

Amazon selling integration

If you are going to sell on amazon,than maybe in future you will be selling on ebay and other channels too.

For this you should use integration using ERP or accounting system.

Why I do not like selling on amazon

I have tried every business online.I did almost everything.From dropshipping,amazon selling(fba)smma and other online businesses.

I bought a lot of courses and wasted a lot of money on marketing and other things.

If you are looking to start an online business than I would say that selling on amazon is the worst idea.

At the moment there are three worst business models.It includes dropshipping SMMA and amazon fba.

I personally like affiliate marketing.This is because it is passive.

There is not a single business online which gives you passive income.

This is why I like affiliate marketing.In amazon fba there is a lot of competition.Most of the products you buy don?t even sell.

This is the terrible business model guys.Amazon selling is almost going to be dead.

I spend almost 10 to 15 thousands on courses but in vain.

I like affiliate marketing because it gives you freedom of work.

The thing I am recommending you is you can earn upto $10k commissions.

That is why i love high ticket affiliate marketing.

Also the commissions in amazon fba are too low.

One thing I want to say you is that there is same effort required to sell a $10 product as $10k product.

The knowledge you will get after spending $7 will be amazing.I want you to go with my recommendation.

Because I believe from my heart it will provide massive value to my readers.

The knowledge I got after spending seven dollars are more than any other investments i made on online courses.

I also reviewed amazon fba courses like millionaire millenial,imarketslive and profits unlimited.

Best of Luck CHEERS!!

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