American Consumer Panel Review – Make Money Testing Products?

Hello and welcome to my american consumer panel review.In this article,we will discuss whether american consumer panel is legit or a scam.

Can you really make money with it and I will tell you my results after diving into this system.

American consumer panel is a consulting firm that says that you can  make money by testing products.

By giving reviews about these products you can earn $30-40/month.But what is the reality?

I personally welcome you to this eye opening review.Let’s talk about it.

First thing first..

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American Consumer Panel Review 

American consumer panel is an online site where you can make money by testing products.Well this is what they say,BUT IT IS A TOTAL SCAM.

There is no way that you can expect to make money with this scam.

They are just scamming people and trying to make some extra money out of it.

Scammers are all over the internet nowadays.

That is why I started my own website to stop internet abuse.I saved hundreds of people from different scams online.

If you are new to bestpreneur then you probably don?t know that I before reviewing any make money online sites,test myself to let you know whether it is legit or a scam.

If you are reading this review then chances are that you came here after career bliss.

This is exactly where I found this scam.It is advertised there.

I am not saying that career bliss is a scam,but one thing that I can say is that american consumer panel is a scam.

The owners of this site should review things before advertising them on your site.

What I am saying is that yes you are making money by advertising sites on your website.

But advertising scams is not something ethical.From now on I can say that I have doubt with the authority of this website on google.

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My Experience With American Consumer Panel

Ok,after seeing the advertisement I said why not give it a check.

So for this reason I want to check this site whether it is a scam or I can make $30/hour with it.

I clicked on the ad and it straight away took me to the sales page.

In that page they told me what I have to do to make money with them in just three simple steps.

On their site you can go and click on any of the job from which you want to make millions.

That page showed me the jobs which I can apply forI clicked on the home usage tester and it took me to a detailed page.

In this detailed page I got to know what I have to do for making money online.

Well,this page is very long with each and every detail one should need to know for making real money online.LOL!

Who in this world does not want to make 30 bucks per hour from doing simple tasks.Well let me ask you one thing.

If you are here and want to know whether american consumer panel is legit or a scam then I am 100% sure that you are a newbie in this industry.

Because it took me 000.1 sec to realize that this is a complete scam.

When I Realize That It?s A Scam?

So,when I realized that it is a scam.

After going and doing each and every thing that they told me to do I reached my conclusion.When I completed my tasks.

What I got?Nothing guys.Instead of giving my money to me they redirected me to another site.

That site was legit though.And that site was telling me to do other things for them to earn money with them.So,I reached my conclusion.Let me explain it..

Ever listened what affiliate marketing is?

The owner is doing affiliate marketing by scamming people just like you.

What is affiliate marketing?

He is redirecting you to other people?s stuff and if you enroll with them,this sh** is going to make money.That?s it!

Nothing more than that.I did almost three tasks and the site owner redirected me towards another site each time.

These sites were legit though.But they were paying in pennies that i think it is a waste of your and mine time to do so.

Can You Make Money Testing Products?

Yes,by american consumer panel,NO.Hope you got my point here.Because that shit is really fake and is a total scam.

They are saying that we can make $30/hour but the reality is that you are not going to make even a single penny with it.

In fact there are some legit sites from which you can make money by testing products.Now come to the point.

Why I do not recommend you to make money by testing products.Guys it is not a real business online.

This is jot the way that you are going to pay your bills right?

In fact it is just a waste of time.

Who is this job for.Well people from the third world can take advantage of these kinds of jobs.Countries in Asia and other under developed countries.

The reason is that they pay you a small amount of money for an hour of work.For example one of these sites pay $1/hour.

Yes,I think that we deserve more than that.Isn?t?

Is American Consumer Panel A Scam?

Yes,it is toal scam and not legit.It looks like some random person is trying to scam you.It does not deserve your time.

If you still think that you can make money with it,go and check it yourself.

I will tell you some red flags that will convince you that it is a scam.

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Who Is The Owner Of Site

Well unfortunately nobody knows the owner of this site.Yes,we are never going to know who is making us rich.

It is the first thing that I watch in every online opportunity.

What is the credibility of the owner of this site.Is he/she is scam or legit.I do a complete research on the owner and after doing it happily invest in it.

I have reviewed more than 300 make money online opportunities.Well this thing is very common with all the scams.

The owner tries to hide his identity to make some extra cash.

I really like to see it in every make money online scheme.It looks like that some random person is trying to scam you with american consumer panel.

That?s what I think..

Trying To Look Legit

Well,here you have to give credit to the scammer.He did all things to look legit.

For example if you go on their site there is mentioned that it is certified by different make money online websites.

But it is not legit and a complete scam.But the truth is that these are fake links.

These are the links that are unapproved.Let me explain it.

For example,if you link to someone on google it helps your ranking.

That’s It.Nothing more than that.

All Pros,Zero Cons

Well here is a big red flag for you guys.

I have read reviews about this company on many sites and other palces.Like glassdoor etc.

All of them are showing positive reviews about this.

For example like this guy.He is saying all good things about american consumer panel.

Here is the other guy who is also giving positive review.And no cons.REALLY?

I have reviewed good companies.They all have its cons and pros.Well not in this cae.And that is why it is a really big red flag for me.

Final Verdict And Alternative

Yes,American consumer plan is a complete scam.Testing products can not make you money.

In fact they are just a waste of time.

And the owner of the site is trying to make honey himself by redirecting you guys to the websites from which he will get paid.

I think FTC should ban this website.

So,what is the alternative if this company.Well I will recommend you to start affiliate marketing from now.

In fact it was the best decision of my life.

I am living life that I ever dreamt of.In fact if you are an action taker,then this is the place you want to be in.I think you are in the right place at the right time.

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So,that?s it from my side.

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Byes from here.