American Online Jobs(AOJ) Review – Scam Exposed Or Legit?

American Online Jobs(AOJ) Review.

In this article we are going to discuss is AOJ legit or scam.

First of all before diving into this topic I want to take time and appreciate you for reading this review.

I have came across this site called american jobs online(AOJ).

This site is very famous now a days.Lots of people asked me to do a review of this site.

In this review I am going to talk about my personal experience with american online jobs.

If you are newbie than it is more than likely that you are going to fall for scams.

This is because it takes time to know the reality of making money online.

Ok,without wasting time let?s talk about this money making site.

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American Online Jobs(AOJ) Review

American online jobs(AOJ) is a complete scam.There is no way that you are going to make money with this site.

Yes,unfortunately american online jobs is another scam.BBB must ban these kinds of websites.

This is because a lot of websites are wasting people?s time.Remember time is the most important thing one can have.

I know hundreds if not thousands of people who wasted months and months in these kind of fake scams.

We are going to discuss red flags of this website.These are red flags that I always saw in any site before reviewing it.

Ok,after a lot of requests from you people to review this site I noticed a lot of red flags.

Actually they claim that you can make $500 a day.Which is impossible in this online industry.I am making money online from 2015.And with my three years of experience I can say that it is impossible to make $500 a day with this site.

Yes you can make even $5000 a day.ut it requires time and consistency.

Also you have to work hard for it.They saying that you can make big bucks with surveys company that they are referring you to.

I have reviewed hundreds of survey sites and one thing I noticed is that.

If the survey company is legit than you can expect to make $5 in a day.

Yes,earning potential is as less as this.

In 2014 I participated in survey sites and wasted a lot of time.I earned $3 in two weeks.

After this I gave up.LOL.Now,in 2020 nothing new you guys.But how you are going to make bank with this website?Let;s reveal it.

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How You Will Make Money With It

There are two ways that you are supposed to make money with american online jobs(AOJ).

1 – The first way that you are going to make money with american online jobs(AOJ) is to participate in the surveys.

As I said that income potential doing surveys is so low.

You are going to waste a lot of time doing surveys and after all this hard work,what you will get?

Just $2 to $5.Why not job at mcdonalds.Seems to be very better choice than this.

2 – Second way is that if you promote the survey sites listed in american online jobs(AOJ).

Yes you can make money with it.But it requires at least two to three months if you know marketing.

Basically it is called affiliate marketing.And in affiliate marketing,marketing is the pillar of it.

So,you are not going to execute this business.Also it is not a long term business.

If you want to make passive income.For this you have to consider this thing long term.

Both ways to make money with this site are old and do not worth your effort or time.

This is why I think that american online jobs(AOJ) do not worth your time and effort.

If you want to really make big money online than must read my last paragraph of it.

I want to talk about the second way to make money with this site.To make it even clarify for you.

In second way as I said that it will take two three or maybe four months to reach $100 month.

This is because SEO takes time.

This is the same american online jobs did.

Red Flags?

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Fake Listings Of Online Jobs

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs that are listed in american online jobs site.

These are all scams and fake,It is not possible realistically to make $40/hour with data entry job.

I also hired data entry job worker on upwork for only $5/hour on upwork.

Why people will throw their $40/hour on you while they can hire people from upwork and fiver.

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs there for you.Nobody knows who listed them.

You are not going to know the person who is going to make you rich.

Yes it?s sad but unfortunately we do not know the owner of this site.

Usually all the scam sites online do not have an owner.

Do not waste time in these jos.If you really want to make $5 an hour than for this you can go and make an account on freelancer sites.

Like upwork,fiver,freelance or somewhere else.The jobs listed on their front page is of different types.

It includes customer services,data entry,email services,product reviewers and call center work.

You can apply any of these without any results or experience.As I said that it is total scam.

You are not going to get work in this website.This is all fake I think they listed them to fool people.

That people may think this as legit and fall for their website.

This is called marketing tactics.They are just trying to scam people with different things.

So,what I am trying to say you is this is a scam and they are all fake sites and reviews there are also not legit.

If you saw reviews and testimonials than they are scams too.

The owner of the company hired actors from upwork to do this testimonial for you.It is total BS.And they are not legit.

Even you can hire people from upwork and fiver to do these kind of testimonials for you.

There are many more red flags that I look in this company and straight away thought they are scammers.

The other red flag is that on their site you will see names of big companies.Another marketing gimmick.AHH!!!

They are using big companies name like CNN as their sponsor.

This is a straight lie.I know many websites who have authority too,not like this spammy site.They are all trying to get backlink from big companies like cnn,foxx and ibn.

But they got nothing out of it.Why?Because CNN is a very big name and they are not selling backlink like other websites.

If you do not know what backlink is.It is for SEO.Website owners like me use it for building the authority of their site.

Also it increases their listings on google and get more traffic.So,this is another big scam.So,stay away form it.

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How To Apply For It

Now how can you apply to get big checks from this website lol.

They are running this scam or business according to them under different domains like..


These are all the sites that are running by the same person.And above of this is that nobody knows this.

So,that is why I recommend my visitor to always read the reviews of the product before wasting time on it.

This is very common.Why they do it?Because if many people came to know about a site,whether it is legit or scam.

They report the site on different platforms like BBB.Sometime,FTC close that website.

This is why they ought different websites and running their scam under those different names.

If one closes they have other one on the backend.You notice one thing?Scammers are getting smart day by day but people don?t.

Now every site of this owner have different way to get so called jobs.

Some of the websites are giving online jobs work(which is of course not true).The other websites are referring people to surveys.

It seems that this is legit.As I said that you can make money with surveys but the potential is very low.

This is not online business.At least not the one I am going to recommend you.Business is something that gives you freedom.

That gives you financial freedom.That let you live life that you ever dreamt of.This is what we called an online business.

How To Make Money With All These Sites

Let?s talk about the first website called american online jobs(AOJ).COM.

We are going to talk about these four websites from the same owner.Ad look if is it possible to make money with it.

First of all I want to tell you about

If you go through their website it is no different than other four websites.

Basically in all of these websites the owner of the company is going to refer you to survey sites and want to make money himself.

It is called affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is the best possible way to make money online.

Yes,affiliate marketing is to promote other people product.And in return you will get a commission.

That is what the owner of these websites is doing.He is making money by referring you to these money making sites.

It is as simple as that.

The concept of all these websites are same.And as I said that it is total madness to spend time in this review.

  • Opinion city
  • Survey Voices
  • Toluna
  • E-poll
  • Pinecone Research
  • Lifepoint city
  • Inbox dollars

The owner of these sites referring all people to these websites and making money of it.

These survey sites are total legit.But the owner of these sites I mean american online jobs(AOJ) doing unethical marketing.

It is very unethical to trap people agree to buy your product without telling them the actual truth.

So,the next question is that can you really make money with this company.My answer will be no.

NO,you can not expect to make money with them.there are lots of reason of this.

But the main is that it does not worth your time and earning potential is very low in it.

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American Online Jobs(AOJ) LEGIT OR SCAM

American online jobs(AOJ) is the last online business you will be doing in 2020.They are saying that you will make money with them.

Up to $40/hour which is impossible.It is impossible to earn this money as a newbie.

You can expect to make money but if you are beginner than you can not make even a single penny.

And for the sake, you maybe thinking how much can you earn.

The earning potential is as low as $5/day after working for whole day.This is not what we called a legit online business.

It does not worth your efforts and time.

As I mention above that there are two ways that you are going to make money with them.

Affiliate Marketing

First one is affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing you are supposed to make good amount of money up to$10k/month.But by promoting these scammers you are going nowhere.

This is very unethical marketing.

If you are working let?s say survey company inbox dollars than your intention must be to promote this company with pride.

Not to spam their affiliate marketing program and made their outlook dirty.

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Second way is if you participate in surveys.Now there are lots of ways to participate in surveys.

Also there are thousands of survey sites out there.It is very difficult to check whether they are legit or like american online jobs.

I want you to read reviews before participating in any of these site.I recommend it or not?

No I do not want you to participate in surveys and earn tiny commissions.Have big goals in life.Let?s talk about it.

Alternative Of American Online Jobs(AOJ)

I do not want to you go their and waste a lot of time.As I said earlier that time is the most important thing one can have.

And if you want to make big out of life than spend it wisely.

Now I am going to talk about in-depth of the best way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

As the owner of these crappy websites is doing.I know a lot of business owners who are doing these kind of marketing tactics.

These are totally crap and not legit way to make money online.If you want to make money online than you have to work for it.

Remember making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.

Most of the people who fell for these kind of scams is because they want quick bucks from here and there.But you are not here for that.RIGHT?

You are here for the best possible way to make money online.

That will change your life.That will give you financial freedom.

I want you to go with my number one recommendation to make money online.It will serve you for a long time.

This product will change your life.

If you do not know about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way and the only business that provides with the opportunity to give people passive income.

Passive income means that if you do not work for months and when open your laptop the money remains the same as of last month.

Work once and it will serve you for long run.

Ok,go with my number one recommendation and unlock your financial freedom right now.

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Best Of Luck