American Superpower Checks Review – Scam Or Legit?

So,you are looking to make money from investing in american superpower checks.

I personally welcome you to my american superpower checks review.

Wandering whether it is legit or a scam?

There is a lot of hype of this investing opportunity.I reviewed a lot of investing opportunities like american superpower checks.

They were Freedom Checks,federal rent checks and insurance rent checks.

Founder of american superpower checks claims that he helped hundreds of people to make $1000 through a government scheme.

I came across this after a regular visitor of beastpreneur requested me to write a review on it.He was thinking to invest in it.

Superpower checks is a very good name in my opinion.

But it is a good investment like the name.Let’s review IT!.

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American Superpower Checks Review

This is the most detailed review of american superpower checks on google.

Because if you are a regular visitor of beastpreneur you would know that before reviewing any thing on my site,I make sure to provide my best opinion on that investment.

I reviewed very less newsletter like american superpower checks on this site.

This maybe my third review on something like this.

American superpower checks is a new offer by american government.

They launched this program specifically by Trump just for us.

To get more people rich.But there is another twist in the tail.

People that will be getting these checks are still a secret.Because they will make draw for this.

 And who are the lucky ones that are going to make investment and get these checks for free a still a myth.


If you have seen their website it looks like they put jus random numbers their.That you can get checks up to $8993 and $9920 etc.

First impression is that why are they going to give you this money for free?

“Thanks to the government that a lot of people got $1000 checks from this program.”

These are the lines that are written on the landing page of their newsletter.

They are lying because there is not a single person who got paid from this program.

You maybe thinking that there are testimonials of people that got money from this investment program.Than what is this all about?

People Getting Paid?

People getting paid from this newsletter than why I am saying that this is totally fake.

A lot of people are getting paid,you can also watch people who are saying that they are getting paid from this newsletter without doing anything.

Well these are all fake testimonials.

The owner of this newsletter hired people from freelancing sites like fiverr and upwork.

You can also hire them to do a fake testimonial for them.They will charge you just $5 for a single testimonials.

So,these are all fake testimonials.

I reviewed a lot of newsletter like I told you before.So,what is the agenda american superpower checks are promoting to people.

They are selling the idea of American energy needs.

Yes,it is true that

Government need people in this sector too.

But they are saying that you have to invest money in it.


How much money it is not clear.These little things are really a big red flag for me to invest in this Program.

Who is behind this company or Idea.Or we can call it a newsletter.

They are saying that the government made a special budget in which they specify $270 billion dollars for us.

No one tells who give this news to them.

I searched for this online but did not get anything out of it.

There is not a single place on the internet that says that this news is legit.

Is American Superpower Checks A Scam?

The question is that whether American Superpower checks is scam or legit.Well,in my opinion it is not a scam.

American superpower checks can be legit.But there are lots of red flags for me that says that this can be a scam.

For example,Why they are using fake testimonials.

Why they are hiring fake actors from freelancing sites.

If this newsletter is not a scam then they have to be confident in front of us.

You may be thinking that who is the owner of american superpower checks.

Well the owner of american superpower checks also looks like a hired actor from freelancing sites.

In my opinion it is noT a good investment for you.

What are the things you look for before investing in something.

How much ROI it will give you.Is it legit or a scam.What is your future with this company.

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before diving into this some investing into any program.

These are the proven marketing strategies or not.Will it make you rich or not.Can you believe in the process.

Does it worth your time.How you want to see yourself after two or three years.

For this most of the newsletter hired actors from freelancing sites lol!!!

I think one of the few red flags is that their landing page looks very shiny.Anybody can fall for it.

They are looking to make us make money so easy with them.Which is of course not the case.



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