Amz Champions Review – Trevin Peterson Scam?

Today, we will be reviewing an online course called Amz Champions. Is it legit? Find out in my review of Trevin Peterson’s Amz Champions.

If you’re one of the people who wanted to try the world of ecommerce or already have experience but couldn’t find success in it, then you must have heard about Trevin Peterson and his Amz Champions course, which is now on its version 4.0.

In the vast landscape of Amazon FBA, private labeling stands out as a strategic business model that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their brand identity.

And when you enroll it together with Amazon FBA, it’s like having a business partner that handles all the logistical headaches for you. And Amz Champions will teach you all the right processes to find success in Amazon FBA, selling Private Label brands.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Amz Champions nor with Trevin Peterson. This is solely an unbiased review of his course.

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Amz Champions Review: Quick Details

Name: Amz Champions

Founder: Trevin Peterson


Socials: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Type: Amazon FBA course

Niche: Ecommerce, Private Label

Recommendation: As I scourged into different websites trying to learn more about Amz Champions and Trevin Peterson, the course has the value for its price but the world of ecommerce is saturated enough if you’re just planning to start, do so with caution.

Who is Trevin Peterson?

Trevin Peterson

He’s Trevin Peterson, born in Utah, United States and is a full-time, seven-figure Amazon seller for 6 years now. Like any other personalities out there in the ecommerce industry, Trevin is a college dropout, and the only way for him to make money to continue living is by looking for something that he can do at home, with a laptop and a stable connection.

Yeah sure, he found out about ecommerce, but he failed at Shopify dropshipping. Eager to reach the end of the line, with countless trials and errors is when he truly found the potential lying within. Trevin found success not with some dud product that you can literally see anywhere, but with private labeling.

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What is “Amz Champions”?

Amz Champions 4.0

Amz Champions is an online training course, focusing on how to start your online ecommerce business by using private labels with Amazon FBA.

Private label on Amazon FBA is your shortcut to being a brand boss without getting bogged down by the shipping and packing mess. It’s like slapping your name on a product, sending it to Amazon and letting them handle the heavy lifting to let you focus more on the bigger picture, which is growing your brand and scaling your business.

And now, Amz Champions is now on its version 4.0, hoping that from other versions, this one is more optimized and updated. So, let’s see what’s inside.

What’s Inside the Amz Champion Program?

Inside the Amz Champion program are 13 modules that can be taken anytime, anywhere, no restrictions, just do it at your own pace.

Module 1: Understanding Amazon FBA

The foundations for your journey into the exciting realm of Amazon FBA lies here. Understanding the basic key concepts is paramount as you embark on a learning adventure that could transform your life for the better.

Breaking down of Amazon FBA components that makes it a game-changer for entrepreneurs, advantages and how you will earn from it are all included in this first module.

Module 2: Seller Central Account Setup

In here, you’ll discuss how important establishing your own LLC is, an overview of taxes and Amazon’s Marketplace Facilitator Legislation. 

Amazon seller account is your gateway to the vast marketplace of one of the most popular online ecommerce platforms in the world, Amazon. From registration to understanding account types, they ensure that you’ll be perfectly ready to make your mark in this journey.

Module 3: Creating a Legitimate Brand

A successful brand creation process not only distinguishes a business from its competitors but also builds trust and loyalty among consumers. From your personalized logo to customized packaging, images and slogans, Trevin did a great job explaining how important each component is and encourages you why you need one for your store.

Module 4: Understanding Product Research

In my opinion, this should be made first before the brand creation but let’s just get into it. A thorough product research is needed so that you can also properly decide on the visual aspects of your brand like logo and slogans. Trevin 8 criterias to be looked into when choosing for the right product to sell:

  • Demand
  • Competition
  • Patents & trademarks
  • Gated category or restricted product
  • Profit margins
  • Number of sellers
  • Reviews
  • How to be unique from others

Even more, he’ll also let you in with products that are best to sell all throughout the year, not the products that are seasonal. This way, you’re expected to have sales everyday, week, month or year without having to worry about the season changing.

Module 5: How To Destroy Your Competition

Trevin has what he calls the “Alibaba Supplier Hack” which claims that it can help you increase your profit margins and be unique against your competitors in the niche and product that you chose. 

And he will also share with you some other insider information that you can leverage to your advantage, like Amazon’s free 2-day prime shipping and fulfillment and many more.

Module 6: Product Research Tools

While writing so many review articles about ecommerce businesses and courses, I already stumbled upon Helium 10, which Trevin also introduces in this module.

Helium 10 is a robust suite of tools designed for Amazon sellers to enhance their ecommerce efforts. It offers a variety of features to assist sellers at different stages of their Amazon FBA journey including:

  • Product research
  • Keyword research
  • Listing optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Inventory management

And many more. Third-party applications like Helium 10 can be a great help for your ecommerce journey especially when you’re just starting out.

Module 7: Verifying Products

This is just an extension of the product research module. Included in this are the criteria he proposed in module 4. When verifying products, you need to know whether it’s in demand, state of competition, profit margins, and reviews. 

It’s like the last stop to help you make a firm decision on the product that you choose, and you’re good to go when everything checks out.

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Module 8: Finding Suppliers and Making First Order

Here, Alibaba is Trevin’s main product supplier for most of the clients he handles in this course. But when in doubt, he also encourages you to find other suppliers where you can have assurance and build trust so that your store will be good for the long run.

He will also discuss different modes of transportation and advantages and disadvantages of each of them, especially air and sea shipping. 

Module 9: How to Create Effective Product Listing

In this module, you’ll dive deep into the heart of a successful ecommerce which is product listing. Creating an effective product listing is not just about describing a product, it’s also about telling a story that captivates potential buyers and compels them to take action.

  • Attention grabbing titles
  • High-quality engaging images
  • Keywords optimization
  • Highlight benefits and address potential concerns

You’ll also create teasers, mini-video of your product that can give boost when you’re on your way of launching your product.

Module 10: Amazon FBA Champion Product Launch

The time that you’ve all been waiting for, launching your product to the Amazon marketplace. To amplify your product launch, you should make use of product coupons to garner positive reviews.

Together with this, you can build, little by little, a lasting impression, which in time builds relationships with your customers.

Module 11: Mastering & Understanding Amazon PPC

You’ll learn how to create well-organized campaigns with clear ad groups, focusing on similar products or themes. And it is also important to allocate your budget wisely, considering the profitability of each campaign.

Module 12: Marketing and Advertising

Aside from PPC, you can also find influencers and bloggers from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, to promote your product. 

Module 13: Scaling to 6-7 Figures

From your first try, you’ll be able to pinpoint which works and which doesn’t. From there, you can optimize, remove, add, and everything in between for the success of your ecommerce business.

Replicating that success, learning what competitors successfully do and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the ecommerce space will give your business a huge boost.

Bonus contents of the online course are as follows:

Amz Champions Bonus Content

The Amz Champion program costs $1,497 with a 14-day refund policy given that you only completed less than 25% of the modules without skipping, have not asked Trevin for 1-on-1 mentorship, and have purchased the course through a promotion or a discount.

There are many Amazon FBA courses I have reviewed on this website, some of them are as below:

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


For the price, you’ll be having lifetime access to all past, present and future contents of the program, which is a huge plus for me. Trevin also regularly updates the contents so that you won’t get left behind in the ecommerce space. He is hands-on with everything that he does, giving you assurance that he’s giving full-time support to you and your store. 


Disadvantages are more clear with the business model itself. Amazon FBA is already a saturated market nowadays so planning to start anew with this venture will take time to see actual improvements on the store itself. In addition to this, even if the course is a one-time payment, take note of the advertisement fees that when you add them all up, you’ll see a significant amount of money going into it.

Final Verdict – Amz Champions Review

A lifetime access for a course is hard to find nowadays, especially one where they’re updating constantly and consistently to help you cope with the ever-changing ecommerce landscape. 

The only drawback with the ecommerce business like Amazon FBA is its low profit margins. Cost with advertisements plus the cut of Amazon’s fulfillment services might bring you negative rather than positive revenue.

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