Steady Ecom Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’ll be talking about Anthony Del Rio’s Steady Ecom program. Is this a legitimate program? Let’s find out in this Steady Ecom review.

E-commerce has become a very profitable industry, and it has gotten even bigger since online selling has become such a trend today. It has even gotten to the point where most businesses have even closed their physical “brick-and-mortar” stores, in favor of setting it up online.

And out of the e-commerce platforms going around today, Amazon is one of the leading ones.

Therefore, it’s easy to assume that setting up your e-commerce store at Amazon is a good idea to earn money, right? Well, my answer to that is, “Yes and No”.

While building your online business at Amazon is viable, it can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially with the inevitable and intense competition from other sellers with the same idea as yours.

Anthony Del Rio’s Steady Ecom claims to be able to help you with that. It’s an online course that aims to teach you how you can start your own online business on Amazon.

But is Steady Ecom the right online training program for you? And is Amazon dropshipping something the right business model for you? This Steady Ecom review will help you decide.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely independent Steady Ecom review. And it’s based on information publicly available, as well as my own thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with Anthony Del Rio in any way whatsoever.

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Steady Ecom Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Steady Ecom
  • Owner: Anthony Del Rio (Ecomdelrio)
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, Tiktok
  • Type: Online Course
  • Niche: Amazon, Dropshipping
  • Recommended?: While e-commerce is a thriving industry right now, the Amazon platform is still extremely saturated. It’s still very difficult to build sustainable income using this model, unless you’re lucky enough. My advice is that you look for other opportunities which are more guaranteed to make you some decent passive income.

What Is Steady Ecom?

Steady Ecom Banner

At its core, Steady Ecom is an online training program that teaches people how they can start an Amazon dropshipping business. It covers everything, from getting started with Amazon, to setting up your dropshipping business, to marketing your own online store.

It should be noted here, however, that even though Amazon is the focus of this training course, it’s not stated that this is for Amazon FBA. Instead, this is a course that focuses on dropshipping using the Amazon platform.

Don’t be confused, however. While they seem to operate on a similar business model, dropshipping and Amazon FBA are two fundamentally different things. While they both focus on selling products without needing any inventory in stock, the difference between the two lies in who handles storage, shipping, and customer service.

In Amazon FBA, the storage and shipping of your products are handled by Amazon itself (you still need to find a supplier, however). In dropshipping, you, as a seller, purchase the item inventory as needed from a third party (usually a wholesaler or manufacturer), to fulfill orders. After that, you’ll have those items shipped directly to the customer.

The storage and shipping concerns are handled by the dropshipping supplier. Customer service concerns will be handled by yourself, however.

Dropshipping may sound like a good idea. But take note that if you want to start your own dropshipping business, you may have to run into a lot of issues with it.

Because Dropshipping requires a lot of time, and resources, for you to be successful. Besides, people may prefer other methods which are a bit simpler for them, or more suitable for their preference.


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Steady Ecom Personnel

Steady Ecom is founded by Anthony Del Rio, much better known online as “Ecomdelrio”.

Steady Ecom - Anthony Del Rio

As far as information about him goes, there’s not really much that anyone can find about him. It is known that, back then, he was either a high school or a college dropout. But information about it is scarce as well.

It is known that in order to make ends meet, he has to work two jobs simultaneously. He already wanted to start his own business back then, but lack of capital prevents him from doing so.

Then he discovered dropshipping, and has become very successful at doing it since then. If you’ve noticed by now, his story is your typical “rags-to-riches” type of story that is always told by many business gurus out there.

According to the Steady Ecom website, he claims to have helped over 3000 students create their own Amazon stores by teaching them his dropshipping strategies. However, this may just be part of the pitch.

Aside from Ecomdelrio himself, Steady Ecom is also composed of six other coaches working from the program, all coming from different and diverse backgrounds. Many of these coaches were once students of Ecomdelrio himself.

How Much Does Steady Ecom Cost?

As with most online courses, Steady Ecom doesn’t inform beforehand how much their program costs. In fact, it’s not even displayed at all on any part of their website.

The only thing you can find there with regards to enrolling is that you need to first book a “strategy call”, as they say. Aside from the phone charges, they say that this call is totally free.

Though we can assume that this is where you’ll be told of the price of enrolling in Steady Ecom. But based on my previous reviews about dropshipping courses, we can say that it’s going to cost at least a thousand dollars, without any upsells.

Still, a little price transparency wouldn’t hurt. It can only raise even more suspicion if they refuse to reveal the price upfront.

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Is Steady Ecom A Scam?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Steady Ecom is going to scam your money in any form. At the very least, you’ll get the dropshipping education that you can expect from this course.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I would recommend it to you, either. In fact, I have to say that you may as well stay away from spending money to buy this course.

And that’s because of the quality of the training. It may not be the worst, but it’s not going to be a game-breaker, either.

Because most of the material that you can learn from Steady Ecom, you can get somewhere else. And for the most part, they offer those materials for free.

So it doesn’t really make sense why you should spend at least $1,000 for something you may get for free anywhere else.

And this is what some people who have availed of this course are beginning to find out. You can find plenty of those on Reddit.

Some of them even accuse Anthony Del Rio as a scammer. And I can’t really blame them.

But once again, Anthony’s not a scammer at all. But his Steady Ecom online isn’t worth buying.

Steady Ecom Review: Final Thoughts

Let me close off this Steady Ecom review by saying some final thoughts, most notably about the dropshipping business model.

Businesses that engage in dropshipping may be able to make satisfactory profits as a result of the items they sell. The one and only catch with this deal is that you will need to win against the other contenders first.

At the current stage of the game, this particular business model is subject to a substantial amount of competition. In addition to this, you can run across other sellers who are selling items that are practically exactly the same as the ones you are selling.

If you give it some thought, you will realize that you are all getting all of your merchandise from the same suppliers.

Inexperienced dropshippers may have a difficult time establishing their foothold, particularly if they are hoping to sell the majority of their items. This is especially true if the location in question is in China.

You need to decide how much of your own money to invest, which is the most important thing to do. After all, beginning a business in retail or one that is in a comparable line of work is not all that dissimilar to this.

Even if you are successful in maintaining your current level of operations, it is quite likely that you will not be able to turn a profit for quite some time.

When someone tells you that beginning a dropshipping business costs very little or nothing at all, they are just telling you half of the picture. You won’t be able to earn much of a profit under those circumstances, despite the fact that it’s not impossible to do so.

If you ask me, dropshipping is not that profitable anymore. If you do not continue to look for trending items, you will easily get overrun. Also, you can definitely make more money in a business that is less risky than this one.

So what business would I recommend instead of dropshipping. I actually know of one business opportunity that you want to try, and in my opinion, is more effective than this one.

If you want to know more about it, continue reading beyond this Steady Ecom review.

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