Anthony Morrison Review: Why Entrepreneurs Hate Him (Including Us)?

Today, we’re going to check out Anthony Morrison, a so-called “internet marketing guru”. But is he the real deal? Let’s see in this Anthony Morrison review.

Anthony Morrison

Many of you dear readers may already know the name “Anthony Morrison”. But if some of you are only vaguely familiar, then I won’t’ be surprised at all.

Anthony Morrison is one of those “internet marketing gurus” that you may see around. He, like many marketing coaches of his kind, claims that he knows a few “secrets” on how you can enjoy “financial freedom” just like he did.

And he’s ready and willing to teach it to you. For a price, of course.

That’s why he’s been actively promoting himself and his online courses whenever he can. Aside from his large internet presence, he’s also known for holding a few nationwide seminar tours, and his late-night infomercials.

There are claims that Anthony Morrison’s courses are helpful in starting and managing your online business. But there are also claims that Anthony Morrison’s courses are completely basic, and sometimes useless.

And this is what this Anthony Morrison review is aiming to uncover.

In this review, we’re going to discuss who is Anthony Morrison, and what he can offer to you. More importantly, we’ll also determine if Anthony Morrison himself is for real, or he’s just another fake marketing guru.

So stick around in this review for you to find out. And to help your decision if you’re going to try out his programs.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Anthony Morrison review. I’m not affiliated with Anthony Morrison, or any other person or entity, in any way.

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Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Again, if you’re familiar with online businesses and online business coaches, then you should already have an idea who Anthony Morrison is.

However, if you’re just new, then you may have little idea of who he is. Which is alright, as I’m here to tell you.

Anthony Morrison 2

Anthony Morrison is a well-renowned online marketing coach, as well as an internet entrepreneur. He’s also an author, and is the owner of Morrison Publishing, LLC.

According to his bio on his official website, his business venture started in 2005 when he was still 21 years old. During that time, he founded his one-man business operation while attending college full-time.

The turning point of his life came when his family was facing financial ruin. During that time, his one-man business venture gradually turned into his company, Cool Blue Performance.

I’m pretty sure Anthony Morrison will touch on those details of his life at some point during his seminars. This is to serve as an inspiration for the people in attendance, but also serves to reinforce himself as being “legit”.

As he is also an author himself, Anthony Morrison has also published at least two books, The Hidden Millionaire, and Advertising Profits From Home.

Finally, he’s one of the top affiliates on the ClickFunnel affiliate program, having won several awards and earning over several million-dollar commissions on it.

As you can see, Anthony Morrison himself has an impressive list of credentials that makes his claim legitimate. Despite this, however, the quality of some of his courses can be questionable for certain people.

Is Anthony Morrison A Fraud?

To be fair, Anthony Morrison isn’t a fraud marketing guru at all. His accolades are backed up by a solid claim, and his sales record is nothing to be ignored, either.

The fact that he also has enough budget to run these ads around, both online and on television, is a testament to his net worth. His follower count on his social media accounts is also very impressive, to say the least.

However, we also simply can’t ignore that Anthony Morrison’s courses have also received plenty of negative feedback in the past. And it still continues to this day.

While the negative comments about his courses vary from person to person, they all point to the same thought.


Most of the comments that people say about Anthony Morrison’s courses state that most of the things that the coaches teach aren’t worth the price. They’re all very basic, and can be learned elsewhere (some of them are even free).

Another point of complaint that most people have when signing with Anthony Morrison’s courses is that it’s full of upsells.

This is the main reason why most of the coaching here is very basic. Usually, once they’re done with the basic teaching, they would upsell you with other offers to more “advanced” coaching.

But that’s not to say all of Anthony Morrison’s courses are full of complaints. There are some people who have moved forward and claimed their success stories after they enrolled in one of his courses.

However, based on what I’ve seen around, the complaints far outweigh the praises.

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Anthony Morrison’s Courses

Most of the online courses that Anthony Morrison has are offers under his company, Morrison Publishing, LLC.

Here’s a full list of the courses that he offers.

  • Partner With Anthony
  • Email Domination
  • Inbox Inner Circle
  • Fan Page Domination
  • Build Send Profit Live
  • Mastery Funnel Club
  • AE Academy
  • Profit Cycle Blueprint
  • Morrison Ambassador
  • Success With Anthony 3.0
  • Morrison Insider
  • Crypto Masterclass
  • Funnel Hacks Bootcamp
  • Digital Marketing Mastermind
  • Profit Boosters
  • Instagram Mastery
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • Mobile Optin
  • Auto Engage
  • Fan Page Builder
  • Social Lead Sync

As you can see, you can easily tell what some of the courses are teaching, simply by their names. Crypto Masterclass is for cryptocurrency, Fan Page Domination/Builder might be something related to Facebook marketing, and others.

Partner With Anthony is one of the most popular courses that is being promoted from this bunch. In fact, it claims that it’s the perfect course for affiliate marketing newcomers.

But while the most popular, Partner With Anthony still has quite a number of issues that make it highly NOT recommended. If you want to know more, visit my full review of it here.

As for the pricing of these courses, keep in mind that many of these courses aren’t really the most affordable ones. As expected of a high-profile entrepreneur like Anthony Morrison.

Furthermore, their refund policy is also a hit-or-miss. While I’ve seen some feedback that you can cancel your subscription at any time and get your money back…

There are also some feedbacks that claim that they didn’t receive it.

Anthony Morrison Complaints

This is one of the main reasons why most of his students consider his courses a scam. Not only are they aren’t able to get their money back, they now have the customer’s emails.

Which is usually an annoyance as they’re now able to send the promotions to these emails WITHOUT their consent.

Will You Recommend Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison 3

To be honest, it’s rather hard to recommend a marketing guru who already has a record of numerous complaints.

To be fair, though, Anthony Morrison is one of those people who is really good at what he does. Namely, he’s extremely well-versed in marketing himself.

And it’s no surprise that many people, especially affiliate marketing beginners, would join his courses because they wanted to learn from him. They’re hoping that they’re going to be like him.

But that’s the thing about him. When you apply for one of his courses, you’re only going to get some basic ideas about your chosen subject.

While there’s nothing really wrong with the basics, as it makes for a solid foundation in learning advanced lessons later…

Some of you might feel a bit cheated when you found out that some of those lessons are available somewhere else, FOR FREE (sometimes).

And this is where the upselling process will come on. Anthony Morrison will offer you upsells for your courses, in order for you to access his more advanced programs.

So, in my own opinion, I don’t really recommend Anthony Morrison’s courses. The drawbacks of this outweigh the benefits too much.

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Anthony Morrison Review: Final Thoughts

To close off my Anthony Morrison review…

Again, this is not to say that Anthony Morrison isn’t a scammer. The success stories from some of his students aren’t something to be ignored of.

However, what most of his courses lack, is value for your money. To be honest, most of us don’t really mind paying a fair price for a product or service.

As long as in the end, it gives us the value that we need.

Regardless, the decision is still up to you. What are your experiences with Anthony Morrison’s courses? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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