Apps Without Code Review – TOO Expensive?

Today, we are going to talk about Apps Without Code. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It takes quite a long time to develop an app. As somebody who has dabbled in coding CSS for a personal blog, I know how much work it takes to make sure that the lines of code you input work as intended. I wouldn’t say that I’m skilled at basic coding. But I understand a bit of it to do simple stuff like that.

But with an app, you need to have knowledge with different types of programming languages. Most operating systems do use the same programming languages. Though there are instances where they might have a proprietary language that you have to use for a specific OS. Most of the time, they do have different programs that would help you port over code for a different OS onto theirs.

Sometimes people have an idea for an app that they want to use. But they often don’t have the proper knowledge with how to implement it. There have been a number of different online platforms that offer different programming courses. But sometimes not everyone has the time to learn all of the relevant programming languages. They want something that they could do in just a few simple steps.

So when I found out about Apps Without Code, I was intrigued by it. Is it actually possible to build an app without having to learning all of these different programming languages? But the more that I learned about what exactly you’ll learn from Tara Reed and her company, the more I was interested about it. Still, I had my doubts.

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Apps Without Code Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Apps Without Code
  • Founder: Tara Reed
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: App development
  • Recommendation: While the idea of creating an app from scratch without having the need to code is interesting, it’s not guaranteed that every app idea will attract an audience. It’s great that the barrier for creating an app or even a website has slowly been broken down by these no-code platforms. But you’re still going to spend a bit of money in order to use some of these platforms. It’s still a business after all.

Who Is Tara Reed?

Apps Without Code founder Tara Reed

Tara Reed is the founder of Apps Without Code, a learning platform that teaches people how to create their own apps without having the need to learn different programming languages.

There isn’t really that much that information that you could find about her. Tara was working as a product marketing manager for Microsoft when she had the idea to create her own app. She was somebody who was getting into collecting art. I guess her time working for all of these different tech companies was rubbing off on her. At the point, she was missing the feeling of running a startup. Because she had worked at Foursquare prior to that.

While working at her job at Microsoft, she slowly started to build her app called Kollecto. It’s pretty much just something that helps budding art collectors connect with their own personal art buyer. Tara didn’t really have any experience in creating her own software. But through her research, she was able to learn about the visual programming language called Bubble.

Tara pretty much exhausted every no-code platform she could use in order to build Kollecto from the ground up. She was able to raise almost half a million from a venture capitalist firm for it. But with that kind of system, the investors were expecting that Tara could expand the userbase of it. And it seems that that’s not really what Tara wanted to do. So after two years of running Kollecto, she shifted her sights on running things her own way. And that’s where Apps Without Code comes into play.

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What Is Apps Without Code?

Due to the success of Kollecto, Tara Reed was able to be invited to do a TEDx talk about what she did. She was also writing about the process on her blog. Because she was able to talk about this to other people, it started the ball rolling. Like I mentioned in the previous section, Tara didn’t really want to be beholden by her investors. She still wanted to run a business on her terms. So when the idea to start her own platform where she could teach people exactly how to do what she does, it made the most sense for her. After closing Kollecto, Tara went on to start Apps Without Code.

That sequence of events is pretty much par for the course whenever people such as Tara Reed start their own online course. They managed to build enough a large audience just by talking about how they were able to find success in a certain thing. That kind of success would obviously interest a large amount of people. To the point where they ask those creators to teach them how to do it. And because there’s income opportunity from running your own online course, why not do it?

Apps Without Code is a learning platform where you will basically learn how to create your own app without having the need to learn different programming languages. As I have mentioned in the previous section, one of the possible visual programming languages that you might use is Bubble in order to build those apps. There are a handful of other similar VPLs out there. But it seems that Tara used Bubble exclusively when she was building the structure for Kollecto.

There are many programming courses I have reviewed before which are as following:

Is There Anything Else To Learn from Apps Without Code?

A screenshot of a Good Morning America feature with Apps Without Code founder Tara Reed

Aside from learning how to turn your idea into an app, you will also learn how to market it. Creating an app is one thing. But marketing it is a different beast altogether. People wouldn’t really be able to know about your app if you’re not actively promoting it to them. You can’t just expect to get downloads if people don’t know that your app exists.

And that’s pretty much the extent of what you’ll learn from Apps Without Code. They offer two different packages. The cheapest option available is the “Half Package” which consists of the main 8-week long course on app building and marketing, app templates, access to the Apps Without Code community and a coaching service on how to build a startup. The package costs either a one-time payment worth $1,710 or a six-part installment worth $380 per installment. The total for the installment plan is $2,280. So you’re paying a lot more than the one-time payment, which is actually discounted from the initial $1,900.

There’s also the “Full Package” that consists of all of the contents found in the “Half Package.” The added content is one-on-one tutoring sessions and a done-for-you service where they build the app for you. Of course, it’s going to be more expensive compared to the pricing for the half package. The full package will cost you either a one-time payment worth $4,810 (initially $5,400) or a six-part installment worth $1,080. You’re basically paying $1,670 more than what you would if you chose the one-time payment.

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Final Verdict – Apps Without Code Review

Even though you might gain some new skills and knowledge from the course that Tara Reed offers through Apps Without Code, I don’t really recommend that you do so. While it’s great that you will learn how to build an app from scratch using all of these no-code platforms and visual programming languages, the cost of the packages that they offer might not be for you. The pricing for either packages is sort of par for the course with some similar platforms in the programming niche. But it’s not really something that ordinary people might afford. It’s great that Apps Without Code offers installment plans for their packages. But it’s insane that by the time you’ve paid for the fifth installment for either package, you’ve basically reached the initial price for either of the packages.

While it might be fun to build an app without having to learn how to code, you can never guarantee that your app will get an audience. Especially if your app only appeals to a certain number of people. Running your own app business is a long-term thing. You can’t expect to earn your money back from this venture. It will take you quite a while before you manage to break even. But you will have to consistently work out the kinks on the app as you go along. There’s a need of commitment from you. It’s not just some passive thing that will generate income for you every time somebody downloads it from an app store.

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