Ascend CapVentures Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Ascend CapVentures. Is it legit? Find out in this Ascend CapVentures review.

Being able to make money online is quite an interesting opportunity, if you know what you are doing. Being able to establish your very own online business is quite nice, as this can definitely set you on your way to financial freedom.

Managing an eCommerce business is no easy feat. Sure, you can definitely make it a lot easier by starting with dropshipping, but even that can be challenging to manage.

That is why some programs promise that they will be able to help you with managing your very own eCommerce store. Sounds tempting, right?

Well, you will learn that it can set you back thousands of dollars if your business does not do good. That and other things.

Ascend CapVentures promises to help you manage your eCommerce business. So, is it legit or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Ascend CapVentures review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ascend CapVentures in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Ascend CapVentures Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ascend CapVentures
  • Founder: Will Basta and Jeremy Leung
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Business solutions
  • Niche: Done-For-You eCommerce
  • Recommendation: The Amazon marketplace is oversaturated with sellers already, so I suggest you do not join the fray since your store will most likely be ignored.

What is Ascend CapVentures?

Ascend CapVentures is a dynamic logistics enterprise founded by the visionary duo of Will Basta and Jeremy Leung. This innovative company specializes in delivering a comprehensive 100% “done-for-you” e-commerce service that empowers individuals to diversify their investments.

Will and Jeremy are the driving forces behind Ascend CapVentures, offering a compelling proposition that includes wholesale distribution services and expert management of e-commerce platforms, with a particular focus on prominent marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

The allure of Ascend CapVentures lies in its ability to simplify entry into the competitive e-commerce arena.

Here’s how it works: you provide the capital, and Ascend CapVentures takes the reins, meticulously constructing and operating your Amazon or Walmart business on your behalf. This approach eliminates the complexities and hassles typically associated with launching and managing an e-commerce venture.

Ascend CapVentures distinguishes itself as one of the foremost players in the realm of automation companies, boasting a reputation for excellence in delivering “done-for-you” services to its discerning clientele.

Their forte revolves around harnessing the vast potential of renowned online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart.

Key to their offering is the strategic assistance provided in establishing and nurturing your seller account on these digital giants, ensuring that it thrives in line with your financial aspirations.

Furthermore, Ascend CapVentures leverages its extensive ten-year experience in the online retail sphere, underpinned by a streamlined onboarding process and a well-tested infrastructure.

At its core, Ascend CapVentures is driven by a singular mission: to empower their clients to triumph in the world of e-commerce, facilitating the generation of a passive online income.

Throughout your journey with them, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to seek guidance and answers from their dedicated support team, ensuring the seamless operation of your online store.

Ascend CapVentures Overview

Ascend CapVentures distinguishes itself as a company dedicated to providing comprehensive “done-for-you” services primarily tailored for Amazon sellers.

Founded by the visionary duo of Jeremy Leung and Will Basta, this logistics enterprise has carved a niche as a prominent player in the realm of automated e-commerce platforms.

One of the central pillars of Ascend CapVentures’ mission is to support entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

They achieve this by offering a suite of services that encompass product distribution and adept management of e-commerce endeavors on major market platforms, with a particular focus on retail giants like Walmart and Amazon.

Operating from strategically located offices in key U.S. states, including Florida, California, Michigan, New York, and Texas, Ascend Capventures has steadily earned its online reputation since its inception in 2019.

This robust presence has resulted in an expanding client base, bolstered by positive reviews and client testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of the program and the quality of services offered.

When you embark on your journey with Ascend CapVentures, you can look forward to a hassle-free experience in running your e-commerce store.

Your primary responsibility is to provide the initial capital, while the company assumes the bulk of the operational tasks, enabling you to focus on sales generation.

With Ascend CapVentures guiding the creation and operation of your store within the expansive Walmart and Amazon markets, the program opens the door to the potential maximization of your business earnings, making it an appealing option for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

What services do they provide?

Adoption of the Hybrid (FBM) Model

The program’s expertise extends to the incorporation and nurturing of your wholesale selling account, guiding it towards reaching a state of maturity.

To facilitate this growth, Ascend CapVentures introduces a direct-to-end customer approach, creating a hybrid FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) model.

This strategic shift equips your e-commerce store with the capacity to source a wider array of products, while the program actively manages order fulfillment. This approach opens doors for sales to non-prime customers, enhancing your market reach.

Direct Wholesale Engagement with Manufacturers

Once the program successfully establishes seller access to your e-commerce platform, the next step involves gaining access to the products stocked in your store.

Ascend CapVentures undertakes this task by directly liaising with manufacturers and partners. This strategic approach empowers you to unlock the potential of selling millions of dollars’ worth of products through your store.

The volume of your sales is set to soar, translating into substantial profits due to the high margins achieved.

Ascend CapVentures makes wholesale purchases under its umbrella, allowing traders to benefit from volume discounts without the burden of meeting prohibitively high minimum order quantities.

Privatization of Product Lines

Ascend CapVentures offers a unique service that enables you to establish your own brand. Leveraging partnerships with manufacturers in Latin America, Canada, Asia, and the US, the program collaborates with these entities to construct a comprehensive product line for your store.

This service encompasses the entire spectrum, starting from the ground up and culminating in the sale of products under your store’s exclusive brand name.

Private label products, in particular, boast some of the most substantial profit margins, occasionally reaching an impressive net margin of up to 60%.

These products also enjoy a distinct advantage in the marketplace, notably on platforms like Amazon, as they face minimal direct competition.

Safety Net with Buy Back Guarantee

While the program is committed to fostering its clients’ success, it acknowledges that not every venture will achieve immediate results.

In the event that your Amazon seller account fails to generate sales within a span of 90 days, Ascend CapVentures offers a buyback option.

Under this buyback provision, the program acquires your store, allowing you to recoup your initial investment. This safety net ensures that your investment remains secure, even in the absence of a traditional money-back guarantee service.

Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support

Despite not primarily functioning as an educational program, Ascend CapVentures places a strong emphasis on providing exemplary customer support.

Clients are regarded as partners, and the company maintains open channels of communication to engage with clients effectively.

Each client account is assigned a dedicated relationship manager, ensuring that clients receive personalized and responsive support round the clock.

This commitment underscores Ascend CapVentures’ dedication to its clients’ success and satisfaction.

How does it work?

Step 1: Consultation with Expert Guidance

The initial stride on your journey with Ascend CapVentures involves initiating a valuable consultation with their team of experts. This essential consultation is offered free of charge, enabling you to explore the possibilities.

Upon approval, you gain the privilege of selecting a package that aligns with your aspirations, marking the initiation of your partnership with Ascend.

Following this, once the payment to establish your business with Ascend is settled, the company efficiently takes charge of the subsequent steps.

Step 2: Seamless Onboarding Experience

You need not possess prior experience in navigating seller platforms, business development, LLCs, or the intricacies of documentation. Ascend CapVentures’ dedicated team ensures a smooth and uncomplicated onboarding process.

Their unwavering support accompanies you at every juncture, making the entire experience not only straightforward but also enjoyable, as attested by many satisfied clients.

Step 3: Swift and Effective Store Establishment

In as little as a mere two weeks, you will have ownership of your very own e-commerce store, positioned on the world’s largest online platform, ready to commence sales.

Ascend CapVentures harnesses an arsenal of tools, including proprietary software, AI-driven research, and their wealth of expertise to meticulously research and source products.

They collaborate with established and beloved brands, and the intrinsic value of your store appreciates significantly with the inaugural sale.

Step 4: Store Expansion and Sales Success

Ascend CapVentures orchestrates the scaling of your store and embarks on proactive sourcing initiatives. They offer versatile fulfillment models encompassing wholesale FBA, private label, and FBM.

You gain real-time visibility into sales and profit metrics through the Amazon Seller app, with payments flowing directly from Amazon to your account every two weeks.

This seamless system ensures that you can easily monitor your store’s performance and enjoy the fruits of your e-commerce venture.


The initial cost of embarking on your business journey with Ascend CapVentures is set at $35,000, a sum that secures your entry into the program and ownership of your chosen package.

It’s important to note that this amount has the potential to increase, potentially reaching up to $100,000.

The final figure hinges on your specific inventory business preferences, a detail that is elucidated during your consultation call with the company.

To ascertain your precise minimum pricing, it is advisable to book a call and engage with their supportive team, who can provide tailored guidance.

This fee comprehensively covers the charges associated with the company’s services and the support of their operational team on the platform, ensuring the delivery of top-notch service quality.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that this initial investment does not encompass your inventory outlay for your business, necessitating the allocation of additional funds.

The program establishes the inventory investment amount according to your business requirements, which is an additional component to be factored in alongside the initial capital.

By combining the initial working capital and the inventory investment, you arrive at the total amount required to successfully operate your store business in collaboration with the program.

It’s noteworthy that Ascend CapVentures does not offer a traditional refund policy to its clients. Consequently, there is no provision for reclaiming your investment capital if you decide to discontinue your participation in the program.

However, the program does provide an alternative avenue to assist clients who may not achieve success in their online stores.

Under this option, Ascend CapVentures extends the offer to repurchase your store in the event that it fails to generate sales within a two-year timeframe, offering a degree of assurance to clients facing unforeseen challenges.

Final Verdict – Ascend CapVentures Review

While Ascend CapVentures offers a seemingly attractive package for those looking to venture into the world of eCommerce through platforms like Amazon and Walmart, there are significant concerns that potential clients should be aware of before investing.

Firstly, the initial investment required is substantial, starting at $35,000 and potentially rising to $100,000. This cost is exclusive of additional funds needed for inventory, potentially pushing the total financial commitment even higher.

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, this amount represents a significant financial risk, especially considering the uncertain nature of eCommerce success.

Secondly, while Ascend CapVentures promotes its “done-for-you” model as a hassle-free path to eCommerce success, the reality of online retail is far more complex. Dependence on a third-party service for the entirety of your business operations can result in a lack of personal understanding and control over your business.

This could be detrimental in the long term, as the business owner may not develop the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing eCommerce landscape.

Moreover, the promise of a buyback guarantee in case of failure to generate sales within a specified period, while offering some security, should not be the primary safety net for investors. The criteria and conditions for this buyback are not entirely clear, and the actual benefit of such a guarantee can be questionable.

Furthermore, the absence of a traditional refund policy is a significant red flag. It suggests a lack of confidence in the program’s ability to deliver results, leaving clients with little recourse if they are dissatisfied with the service or outcomes.

Lastly, the reliance on positive reviews and testimonials should be approached with caution. While these can provide insight into customer experiences, they are not always a reliable indicator of future success or the overall quality of the service.

In light of these concerns, potential clients of Ascend CapVentures should exercise due diligence and thoroughly consider the risks involved.

Investing in such a high-cost program without a guaranteed return, and with limited control over the business operations, might not be the best approach for everyone, particularly those new to the world of eCommerce.

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