Audiobook Income Academy Review: AIA Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about the Audiobook Income Academy. Is this program effective? Find out in this Audiobook Income Academy review.

Amazon has been one of the leading platforms for online selling today. And this is due to the huge number of visitors to always browse Amazon for their online shopping needs.

The impact of the current pandemic situation has only improved the viability of these online selling platforms, Amazon included. Especially since outside mobility is very limited and several store establishments have closed down.

As a result, buyers and merchants have relied on these online selling platforms even more than the previous years.

Therefore, it’s easy to think that setting up an e-commerce store at Amazon is a good way to earn money, right? Well, yes and no.

Your biggest hurdle here is the intense competition, especially Amazon FBA. Because there will be as many sellers with the same idea as yours, as there will be buyers.

And if you don’t work your hats off or have a unique selling idea, you’ll be severely left behind.

The Audiobook Income Academy is an online educational program that claims to teach you a “new” business idea using Amazon. The question at this point is, how new is this? And is this effective?

So before you enroll in this online course, you should read a fully unbiased Audiobook Income Academy review first. Just like this one.

So that you can judge for yourself if this is the right course for you to take, or not.

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What Is The Audiobook Income Academy?

Audiobook Income Academy

The Audiobook Income Academy is an online course that teaches users how they can leverage the Amazon platform to publish their own books. But the course content goes beyond that.

This course teaches users how they can build their own business, and earn passive income from it.

Despite its name, the Audiobook Income Academy isn’t just suitable for audiobooks. If you’re going to publish printed books, or even ebooks, you can also use the methods taught here.

If you first watch the free webinar for this course, you’ll find that it constantly bills itself as a new way to make money with Amazon. And that is their methods are much better than selling products on Amazon.

Seeing as the Amazon Kindle platform (the platform that you’ll be using here) has been around for quite some time now, it’s very clear that it’s just an exaggeration.

Judging from how comprehensive the course is, maybe it can really help you build a successful business. This is not guaranteed, though. After all, you are still in control of how it will run. All this course can do is guide you.

Besides, this is the Amazon platform that we’re talking about. While there are plenty of potential leads and customers for your products to be purchased, you’ll also have to deal with intense competition.

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Who Created The Audiobook Income Academy?

The Audiobook Income Academy is co-created by a team of twin brothers. They are Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen, known as “The Mikkelsen Twins”.

Audiobook Income Academy - Mikkelsen Twins

Before they were successful in the business of Amazon Kindle publishing, they also were working regular 9-5 day jobs. To be specific, they made their living selling Chinese fast food.

But as with any other stories from various financial gurus, they realized that they’re worth much more. They knew that they could do more than work 9-5 to earn money.

And so they started enrolling in different online courses to find the best method for them to make money online. And even then, they still had several setbacks, including being scammed, losing a lot of their money, etc.

But they never gave up. They persisted. And now, all their efforts are finally paying off.

Now they continuously earn quite a fortune from publishing various audiobooks on Amazon, and through this course, they’re willing to share their secrets of success with you.

Of course, it might not be a credible story. While there’s no question that they’re earning millions using online marketing, it could be because of the sales they get with this online course, not via Amazon Kindle publishing.

In any case, they were featured once, and they also have a YouTube channel with 52.3k subscribers currently.

What’s Inside The Audiobook Income Academy?

The Audiobook Income Academy contains a variety of training materials that aim to teach you all about Amazon Kindle publishing.

What you can expect here are the usual inclusions that you can get from an online training course. Like several training videos that have a timeframe of several weeks, access to a private Facebook group, scripts and templates, plus group coaching.

The main course itself is composed of around 16 modules, plus an additional bonus module. This makes it have a total of 17 modules overall.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from the Audiobook Income Academy

Module 1: The Foundation To Guarantee Success With Publishing And AIA 2.0

This is the introduction module to the course as a whole. Obviously, if you want to know a bit more about what Audiobook Income Academy is all about, tit’s covered in this module.

This section also introduces users to the business model. Like what is Amazon Kindle publishing, the budget that you need to get started, and how much you can earn from it.

This module also contains various links to claim your free AIA merch (included with your enrollment), a Customer Support Checklist, as well as how to access the private Facebook Group.

More importantly, this module also points out the importance of setting your expectations here.

  • Welcome To Audiobook Income Academy 2.0!
  • Exclusive AIA 2.0 Facebook Group
  • Free Group Coaching Program
  • Our Publishing Journey
  • Mindset To Guarantee Success
  • Setting Expectations
  • AIA Publishing Process Explained
  • Publishing Timeline
  • The Purpose Of Your Publishing Business
  • Publishing Expenses And Budgeting
  • Profitability Of Publishing
  • How To Avoid Account Termination

Module 2: Getting Your Publishing Business Started

Here is where you’ll learn how you can set up and register your own publishing company (LLC). You’ll also learn here how to create your Amazon KDP and ACX accounts, and to get them approved

The purpose of a KDP and ACX account is virtually the same. Both allow you to self-publish your books using the Amazon platform.

The only real difference is that KDP caters to printed books and ebooks, while ACX caters more to audiobooks.

  • Publishing Accounts Overview
  • Forming your Publishing Business (LLC)
  • Setting Up Your KDP Account
  • Setting Up Your ACX Account

Module 3: Keyword Research

This is also known as “finding your niche”. Here, you’re going to learn how to find a niche that’s best suited to you, as well as the keywords that you should include for you to rank.

Usually, you’ll want to go for the niche that you’re most familiar with, to give yourself a good quality end product. But popular opinion states that you should go for the niches/keywords that are mostly in demand. Simply because, they would be the most profitable.

The Audiobook Income Academy also introduces its own method of keyword research. They call it the “SLEEK Method”.

  • Introduction To Keyword Research And The SLEEK Method
  • Niches To Be In & Niches To Avoid
  • Must-Have Tools For Keyword Research
  • S – Scrape For Keywords
  • L – Create A List
  • E – Evaluate Profitability
  • E – Process Of Elimination
  • K – Choosing Your Top Keywords
  • How To Do A Trademark Search On Your Keywords

Module 4: Book Title Creation

As the module title states, this one will focus on creating a title for your book.

Ideally, your book title should also contain some of the keywords that you researched in the previous module. So as your published book can easily rank on search engines.

  • Foundation Of Title Creation
  • How To Find Related Keywords
  • Formulating Your Best-Selling Book Title

Module 5: Getting Your Book Written

Now that you have your keywords ready, it’s time to create your book.

This part of the course will give you some guidelines on how you can write a good and effective book. Here, you’ll learn the importance of quality, using pen names, the length of your book, etc.

This module will also show you where you can find and hire ghostwriters to write the book for you. You’ll also learn here the best methods of working with your ghostwriter to ensure the best mutual work environment for the both of you.

  • Why Quality Is King
  • 5 Elements Of A High-Quality Book
  • Building A Brand
  • Choosing The Right Pen Name For Your Books
  • How Long Should Your Books Be And Why?
  • Do Your Books Need Pictures?
  • How To Get Your Books Written (James Patterson Model)
  • Comparing And Contrasting Top Ghostwriting Companies
  • How To Write The Perfect Book Outline For Your Writer
  • How To Fill Out The AIA Outline Template
  • How To Do In-Depth Research For Your Book Outline
  • How To Place Your Book Order With A Ghostwriting Company
  • How To Find Your Superstar Ghostwriter On Upwork
  • Using Google Docs With Your Writer
  • What To Do While Your Book Is Being Written

Module 6: Writing Your Own Book

If you prefer to do the writing yourself, then this module is for you. It’s basically an extension of the previous module.

Here, you’ll be provided with resources to increase the speed of your book writing, and sources of free, unencumbered audio for your audiobooks to use.

  • How To Publish 100% For FREE And Make Profit On Day 1
  • How To Write Your Own Books FAST
  • Where To Find Copyright-Free Music For Your Audiobooks

Module 7: Best-Selling Book Cover Creation

This module will now talk about creating book covers.

Here, you’ll learn the best qualities to apply when designing the cover for your book, and what qualities to avoid. You’ll also learn here the guidelines on printing a paperback book, and in the case of ebook, how to convert them to ebook formats.


  • Introduction To Creating Best Selling Book Covers
  • Good Vs. Bad Book Covers
  • How To Have Your Book Cover Made By A Professional
  • Converting Your Cover To Ebook Format
  • How To Get Your Paperback Cover Made
  • How To Create A Stunning Book Cover For Free In Canva

Module 8: Editing And Formatting

As the title suggests, this deals with the proper editing and formatting of your work-in-progress books. This doesn’t just apply to ebooks and paperbacks, this can also be useful for audiobooks.

Editing and formatting your book draft before publishing it is essential for spotting any embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes. Not only that, but it also ensures that your work isn’t copied or repackaged from any other sources, so as you won’t be accused of plagiarism.

  • The Importance Of Proofreading And Editing
  • How To Proofread And Edit Your Books
  • How To Edit With Grammarly
  • How To Check Your Book For Plagiarism
  • How To Professionally Format Your Ebook
  • How To Format Your Manuscript For Paperback

Module 9: Building Your Automated Review System

To make this simple, this module will teach you how you can collect leads for your online marketing.

This is where you’ll be taught how to set up your email autoresponder, create a lead magnet graphic, and most importantly, your sales funnel.

  • Introduction To List Building
  • 5 Aspects Of An Irresistible Lead Magnet
  • How To Create Your Own Lead Magnet And Build Custom Graphics In Canva
  • Getting Started With Mailchimp
  • How To Create A Landing Page You Can’t Say No To
  • Creating Your Business Email Account
  • Editing Your Audience Settings
  • Writing Your 5 Day Email Sequence
  • Copy & Paste ARS Email Template For You To Steal
  • Setting Up Your Email Sequence In Mailchimp

Module 10: Book Description That Sells Itself

Some of you may think that the book description isn’t important. But the truth is, it’s extremely important.

A good book description should be able to catch the interest of potential buyers just by reading it. Thus, in this module, they’ll teach you how you can write a good description for your book products.

  • Why Your Book Description Matters
  • How To Write A Book Description That Sells Like Crazy
  • Our Perfect Puppy Parent Book Description
  • Formatting Your Ebook And Paperback Description
  • Formatting Your Description For ACX
  • Outsourcing Your Description To An Expert Copywriter
  • 186 Magnetic Words That Just Make People Buy
  • BONUS LESSON: Copywriting Secrets From An Expert

Module 11: Publishing To KDP

“KDP” stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing”. It’s a platform that lets you self-publish your books through Amazon, and take advantage of its huge customer base to start selling your books immediately.

This module will give you a rundown on how to use KDP to your advantage so you can sell more.

  • KDP Dashboard Walkthrough
  • KDP Select Vs. Going Wide
  • KDP Pricing Strategy For Maximum Earnings
  • How To Best Choose Your Book Categories For Increased Reach
  • How To Properly Fill Out Your 7 Back End Keywords
  • Publishing Your Ebook To KDP
  • How To Run A Free Book Promotion
  • How To Maximize Downloads For Your Free Book Promotion
  • Publishing Your Paperback Book To KDP Print

Module 12: How To Add Gasoline To The Fire With Amazon Advertising

Despite the fancy title, this module simply teaches users how they can market their book using paid advertising.

As this Audiobook Income Academy course relies on Amazon, this module focuses on using Amazon ads. Though there’s also a slight hint on how to use Google ads here as well.

  • Introduction To AA Ads
  • How To Set Up Your US AA Account
  • How To Set Up Your UK AA Account
  • How To Set Up Your CA AA Account
  • AA Dashboard Walkthrough
  • All About AA Keywords
  • How To Find Keywords With KDP Rocket
  • How To Find Keywords With Google Keyword Planner
  • How To Combine Your Keyword Lists And Remove Duplicates
  • How The Amazon Bidding System Works
  • Starting Bid Strategy
  • How To Write Effective Ad Copy FAST
  • How To Set Up An AA Ad Campaign
  • How To Optimize Your AA Campaigns
  • How To Bring Your Ads Back From The Dead

Module 13: Creating Your Professionally Narrated Audiobook

This part of the Audiobook Income Academy course deals with everything about audiobooks.

Here, you’ll be taught how to create your audiobook, and how to market it effectively by adding bonuses. You’ll also be taught here how you can outsource some tasks by hiring a narrator.

Finally, this module will explain the Amazon ACX platform, and how you can use it to publish your audiobooks.

  • Introduction To Audiobooks
  • ACX Dashboard Walkthrough
  • How To Get Your Book On ACX
  • 5 Elements Of High-Quality Narration
  • How To Find The Perfect Narrator
  • How To Add Value To Your Audiobook With Free PDF Bonuses
  • Complete Guide To Narrating Audiobooks Yourself
  • Creating a High-Converting Retail Audio Sample
  • How To Easily Make Your Audiobooks Longer
  • How To Pay Your Narrator
  • What To Do If ACX Rejects Your Audiobook
  • How To Edit Your Audiobook After It Is Published
  • Reviewing Samples And Hiring Our Narrator

Module 14: Getting Reviews For KDP And ACX

Now that your paperback book, ebook, or audiobook is all set up and done, it’s time for the launch day.

And in order for your book to sell well, you’re going to need plenty of legitimate (not sponsored, not biased, not affiliated) reviews. Similar to this Audiobook Income Academy review.

This is so that potential buyers will see you and your product as legitimate. And this module will teach you how you can achieve that.

  • Introduction To Real & Reliable Reviews
  • KDP Reviews And How To Get Them
  • ACX Reviews – Everything You Need To Know
  • How To Assemble Your Launch Team
  • Friends, Family And Your Network
  • ACX Codes For Honest And Legitimate Reviews
  • Adding Your Powerful Book And Audiobook Inserts
  • How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Amazon The Right Way
  • Book Promo & Review Services You Need To Know About

Module 15: Creating Your Epic Bundle

A bundle is, as it says, a bundle. It’s a collection of multiple titles that you would like to package and sell together.

There are several reasons why you may want to sell some of your book titles in a bundle. If one of your books is a best-seller and one isn’t then you can package them together in a bundle and sell them in order to increase the sales of the other.

You may also want a bundle sale for some of your books that have a common theme to each. whatever your reasons may be, selling in a bundle could be a good idea.

A bundle may consist of one or more types of titles. It could be several books of the same type, or even a mix of the three types (paperback + ebook + audiobook).

  • Introduction To The Gift From The Publishing Gods
  • How To Title Your Bundle To Unleash Its Full Potential
  • How To Get An Awesome Cover Made For Your Bundle
  • How To Write The Best Book Description For Your Bundle
  • How To Properly Format Your Bundle’s Manuscript
  • Intros And Outros That You Need For Your Bundle
  • Quick And Easy Retail Audio Sample For Your Bundle
  • How To Upload Your Audiobook Bundle

Module 16: Generating More Passive Income With IngramSpark and Draft2Digital

If for some reason you don’t really like publishing your books to Amazon, there are plenty of alternatives you may use instead. This module is also useful if you plan to increase your reach by self-publishing your books on other platforms.

In addition, you’ll learn here how to set up and register an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your published works.

  • What Is IngramSpark?
  • All About ISBNs
  • How To Register And Set Up Your ISBNs
  • How To Avoid All IngramSpark Fees
  • How To Upload Your Books To IngramSpark
  • How To Upload Your Ebooks To Draft2Digital

Bonus Module

The bonus module just includes various topics that can’t be categorized under some of the previous modules. Most of the educational materials here aren’t really meant for beginners to tackle on.

  • How To Use Author Central To Become A Respected Author
  • How To Get Into 8 Additional Book Categories!
  • How To Calculate Estimated ACX Earnings

Other Inclusions

Aside from the main course, Audiobook Income Academy also contains various resources that may help you in your book publishing.

You’ll also have access to various scripts and templates that you can simply copy-paste. Finally, you can also playback some of the earlier group coaching calls that have happened before, in case you missed them out, as well as some case studies about this system.

How Much Does The Audiobook Income Academy Cost?

It costs around $1,497 to enroll in the Audiobook Income Academy.

There’s also a refund policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with the course. To qualify for it, you must first satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have to complete all the video lessons featured here.
  • You have to attend a total of two 1-on-1 coaching call sessions.
  • Publish 1 audiobook first and have it live on Audible.

If you’re done all this, and you still haven’t earned a total of $5,000 on audiobook sales within 180 days, then they’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Some people may find the price worth it, since, on the surface, it looks justified. But personally, since Amazon itself is a rather saturated platform to do business on, it’s not really worth it, especially if you’re not really an author.

Take note that the price stated will only cover the cost of enrollment. You must also consider other costs if you want to do this business method, such as paid ads, registration, etc.

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Pros & Cons Of The Audiobook Income Academy


  • The course itself is very comprehensive. While its primary focus is on teaching you how to sell audiobooks, the same idea can also be used when you want to publish just about any written material that you have authored.
  • Their refund policy can be a bit strange, but seems to be quite fair. It’s still unknown if anyone has ever got their money-back after satisfying their conditions, though…
  • The community is quite helpful and friendly.


  • The business method it teaches can only work if you’re an aspiring author, and want to publish your works to a greater audience. Other than that, it may not work for you.
  • It’s quite expensive. The cost to enroll is one thing. But you also have to take note of the costs associated with paid ads, and most especially, outsourcing (something that this program is heavily reliant on).
  • The course creators are known for their deceptive and unethical marketing to promote this course (more on this later).
  • The Amazon platform itself is too saturated. Like Amazon FBA, there’s no guarantee of success if you decided to do this business method (despite the claims of the course creators).

Is The Audiobook Income Academy A Scam? Will You Recommend This?

Earlier, I said before that the Mikkelsen Twins, AKA the creators of the Audiobook Income Academy, have engaged in several unethical marketing to promote this course.

Basically, they’re promoting this as a “get-rich-quick” kind of business method. And they’re even saying that this is a new and very easy way to make tons of money online. So much, that even a 15-year old can do this.

And to top this all off, there is also no posted business address or contact information on their website. Which is a very big irony considering that one of their lessons requires that you provide this.

In truth, all of these claims are quite false, due to the market saturation of Amazon. No business method can make you rich quickly in just a short amount of time. Any business model takes a lot of work and dedication to succeed.

One more thing. The creators are also accused of deleting any negative reviews that their course receives on various social media platforms.

So, does this qualify them as a scam? I still don’t think they are. I think the business method they present is very much legit.

However, it’s not something I could just recommend to anyone. Especially for beginners since there’s going to be quite a lot of money involved in outsourcing your business.

Audiobook Income Academy Review: Final Thoughts

Before I end this Audiobook Income Academy review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I don’t recommend this business model at all, as it is a lot of work. If you want to focus on this, then you have to quit your full-time job and focus on it entirely. It is not as simple as selling on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

It may be a different story for you if you’re someone who is passionate about writing their own book or not. But if not, then this won’t work for you.

Selling on Amazon requires a lot of time and effort. You have tasks you need to do every day. All of those tasks cannot be handled by one person, which is why it is strongly advised for sellers to recruit a team.

Even though you are not making any sales, you still have to continue paying for advertising and outsourcing. This business is simply not for people who do not have the capital for it.

It would not work as a side hustle. It would be hard to focus on this if you are working full-time.

But if you really like this business model, still, you don’t need this course. Most of the material that can be found in this, can also be found somewhere else. And the best part is, some of them are more affordable, or even free to take.

Otherwise, there are better opportunities out there. In fact, I’m also here to offer you just that. And this one’s perfect for just about anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

If you want to know more about it, continue reading this Audiobook Income Academy review.

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