Automatic Clients Review – Robert Neckelius Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Automatic Clients. Is it legit? Find out in this Automatic Clients review.

You may have came across Automatic Clients, a software created by Robert Neckelius, if you’ve been searching for online moneymaking opportunities. However, you may be thinking if this is a legitimate offer or a fraud.

Okay, so don’t worry! Over the years as an internet entrepreneur, I have evaluated a wide variety of services like Automatic Clients.

In order to fill you in, I have spent the previous week researching Robert Neckelius and his program extensively.

It should be made clear that I have zero ties to the aforementioned Robert Neckelius. You can trust that my thoughts are objective because I have nothing to gain monetarily from writing this review.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Automatic Clients review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Automatic Clients in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Automatic Clients Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Automatic Clients
  • Founder: Robert Neckelius
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Internet marketing
  • Recommendation: Being an internet marketer could be quite rewarding, but you should know what you are doing. I don’t think one course can make you successful.

What is Automatic Clients?

Automatic Clients Review - Logo

Although Automatic Clients was created by Robert Neckelius, not much can be found about him on the web. He may have stopped uploading new videos, but his archive is still a wealth of information regarding internet marketing.

If Robert Neckelius is as knowledgeable about web marketing as his sales funnel suggests, he is likely a successful businessman.

His website, Automatic Clients, has an impressively high Alexa Rank (about #139,656). However, keep in mind that the vast majority of the clicks came from sponsored advertisements, which might indicate that Robert Neckelius invests much in marketing.

When working with Automatic Clients, what should you anticipate? Let’s go and see whether this is a money-making program that can work for you.

Automatic Clients Overview

The authors of Automatic Clients guarantee that they can show you how to turn a profit by marketing and selling low-priced digital products. In this article, we’ll examine Automatic Clients in further detail.

After you have spent a few dollars on Automatic Clients, Robert Neckelius will offer you a variety of pricey items as the next step in his sales funnel.

Following the purchase of Automatic Clients, a customer is required to view a sales video before being granted access to the program’s ebook. This is how the sales funnel for the program is structured.

They say that they are preparing your account, and all they want of you is to watch this video until they are finished preparing your account. They are not the ones who are making the account. They only want you to view another video offering an upsell.

The access fee to Robert’s sales funnel is included with the purchase of the upsell product, which is called Rapid Launch Stack and costs $197.

Because it is only an ebook, Automatic Clients may be purchased for a very reasonable price. It has about 300 pages and is broken up into three distinct sections.

In addition to covering the fundamentals of the approach and how to put it into action, this book also includes a few supplementary chapters. In addition to this, there is a video course that goes over the same content that is included in the software.

How it works

Robert Neckelius, the inventor of Automatic Clients, makes the claim that he can assist you in increasing the value of a sale of a $5 ebook to more than $5,000.

The approach taken by the program is not novel and is one that has been utilized by a great number of web marketers.

The plan is to first compile a customer email list, and then use the sales funnel to attempt to upsell those customers to higher-priced items.

According to this line of thinking, it should be simpler to make a sale to a customer who has already done business with your company.

The program resembles Simple WiFi Profits, Matt’s Marketing Blueprint, and Local Marketing Vault.


Automatic Clients can be purchased for only $5, which is an incredible bargain considering the substantial amount of content that it offers.

However, you should be aware that once you make your initial payment, the inventor of the software, Robert Neckelius, will attempt to “upsell” you on other goods. This is an essential point to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, the prices of these things that are offered as upsells are frequently inflated. For instance, the cost of the mentoring program can be several thousand dollars.

Even though the Automatic Clients program by itself is a fantastic offer, I wouldn’t recommend investing any further money on the upsell goods because they aren’t worth it.

The fact that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee is one of the program’s many appealing features. This is a very liberal return policy, especially taking into account how inexpensive the class is.

Therefore, you won’t have any trouble getting your money back if you decide the program isn’t right for you for any reason.

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Is Robert Neckelius Legit?

Automatic Clients Review - Robert Neckelius

The claims made by Robert Neckelius are not fraudulent. There is no evidence to support the claim that he engages in unethical practices as an online marketer.

His sales funnel for Automatic Clients is, in point of fact, rather excellent and well developed.

If you are interested in studying Robert Neckelius’s business strategy, Automatic Clients is absolutely something you should look into because of its reasonable price, which is the nicest aspect of the product.

However, I do not encourage purchasing his upsells.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the business model developed by Robert Neckelius isn’t going to work for everybody. If you are just starting out in the world of internet business and are interested in making some cash, I would not recommend that you follow his recommendations.

It has been attempted by a great number of web marketers, but only a handful have been successful.

To put it another way, I’m not fully certain whether or not it is possible to create a solid income simply by adhering to what Robert Neckelius teaches in Automatic Clients.

In addition to this, you need to be aware of the expenses associated with advertising if you want to use paid advertising tactics. The cost of running advertising on Facebook has steadily increased over the years, and the profit margins that may be achieved are far less than you might imagine.

Obtaining a new lead can now cost a substantial amount of money, and it is probable that it will no longer be viable to break even.

Because the learning curve for Facebook advertisements is also quite high, it is an investment that is fraught with danger for amateurs.

Because of this, I often advise individuals to make use of free traffic methods, which is something that Robert Neckelius does not go into a lot of detail about.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Automatic Clients

Numerous Upsells

The large amount of upsells that you will be presented with is one of the primary sources of customer dissatisfaction with Automatic Clients.

During the course of the training, you are going to be subjected to barrage of advertisements for various supplementary goods and services.

Many individuals get the impression that they are being coerced into spending more money than they had planned on doing, despite the fact that some of these may in fact be helpful.

No Proper Testimonials

The absence of validated success stories contributed by students is one of the characteristics of Automatic Clients that raises the greatest concerns.

There is no concrete proof to support the claims made by the designers of the program that their techniques have been successful for a large number of individuals.

Despite this, the creators of the program may claim that their methods have been very successful.

It is difficult to determine whether or not this is an investment that will be profitable in the absence of any specific instances of people who have really made money using Automatic Clients.

Not Superior to Other Courses

Another disadvantage of using Automatic Clients is that the majority of the information it supplies may be obtained elsewhere for free of charge.

It’s possible that the training materials are well-organized and presented in a way that’s easy to understand, but there’s no assurance that you’ll learn anything genuinely innovative or ground-breaking from them.

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